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2017 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 to Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Event #3: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo BOUNTY

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  • Buy-in: €1,100
  • Prizepool: €214,337
  • Entries: 325
  • Remaining: 0
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10/25/17 04:05:36 PM PDT
Phil Hellmuth Eliminated in 11th Place (€2,554)

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth raised to 77,000 from early position and John Racener in the small blind announced all in. Once the action was back on Hellmuth, he called and the cards were turned over.

Phil Hellmuth:   
John Racener:   

The board came       and Hellmuth was eliminated in 11th place for €2,554, missing out on the unofficial final table.

John Racener450,00070,000
Phil Hellmuth0-200,000
10/25/17 04:04:12 PM PDT
Tobias Schaaf Eliminated in 12th Place (€2,554)

Tobias Schaaf moved all in for around 200,000 and Mike Leah called from the small blind.

Tobias Schaaf:   
Mike Leah:   

The board of       failed to improve Schaaf and he busted in 12th place for €2,554.

Mike Leah600,0000
Tobias Schaaf0-280,000
10/25/17 04:00:08 PM PDT
Jan Mach Eliminated in 13th Place (€2,072)

Jan Mach

Philipp Caranica raised to 60,000 and Jan Mach moved all in from the small blind. After giving it a lot of consideration, Caranica called with a near identical stack and the cards were turned over.

Jan Mach:   
Philipp Caranica:   

The board ran out       and the stacks were counted. Carania had 664,000 and Mach was covered by one big blind to join the rail in 13th place.

Philipp Caranica1,300,000610,000
Jan Mach0-555,000
10/25/17 03:54:19 PM PDT
Dominik Desset Eliminated in 14th Place (€2,072)

Dominik Desset

Dominik Desset shoved from the cutoff for the 130,000 he still had behind. Liran Twito, in the small blind, also shoved.

Liran Twito:   
Dominik Desset:   

The board ran out       - no help for Desset as he has been eliminated.

Liran Twito750,000375,000
Dominik Desset0-160,000
10/25/17 03:53:23 PM PDT
Trading Pots

Philipp Caranica raised to 60,000 and Martin Kabrhel called in the big blind. On the     flop, Kabrhel checked and called a bet of 75,000 before checking again the   turn. Caranica bet 110,000 and that won the pot.

Tobias Schaaf raised to 60,000 from the hijack and Salvatore Camarda three-bet to 130,000 on the button, which Schaaf called. Both checked the     flop and Schaaf check-called a bet worth 100,000 on the   turn. The   river was checked and Schaaf showed   , Camarda won the pot with   .

Martin Kabrhel1,070,00095,000
Salvatore Camarda730,000140,000
Philipp Caranica690,000110,000
John Racener380,000160,000
Tobias Schaaf280,000-175,000
Phil Hellmuth200,0000
10/25/17 03:51:19 PM PDT
Romain Follet Eliminated in 15th Place (€2,072)

Romain Follet

John Racener was all in and called by Romain Follet who had less than Racener.

John Racener:   
Romain Follet:   

The board ran out       - no danger for Racener and he eliminated Follet from the tournament.

Romain Follet0-110,000
10/25/17 03:50:20 PM PDT
Ante Varnica Eliminated in 16th Place (€1,726)

Ante Varnica shoved all in for his remaining 126,000 from the small blind and was called by Martin Kabrhel in the big blind

Martin Kabrhel:   
Ante Varnica:   

The board ran out       - kings for Kabrhel and he took all Varnica's chips and the €300 bounty on his head.

Martin Kabrhel1,300,000325,000
Ante Varnica0-135,000
10/25/17 03:40:20 PM PDT
Hellmuth Doubles Up

Phil Hellmuth moved all in for about 60,000 from mid-position. Bernd Gleissner, in the cutoff, also shoved all in for more. Everyone else folded.

Phil Hellmuth:   
Bernd Gleissner:   

The board ran out       to give Hellmuth a straight on the turn and the double up.

Bernd Gleissner350,000-70,000
Phil Hellmuth200,00090,000
10/25/17 03:31:27 PM PDT
Robert Auer Eliminated in 17th Place (€1,726)

Martin Kabrhel moved all in for 308,000 and Robert Auer reshoved with a slightly superior stack from two seats over. Philipp Caranica moved all in over the top and had both opponents covered.

Martin Kabrhel:   
Robert Auer:   
Philipp Caranica:   

The board of       gave Kabrhel a straight and he tripled up, while Caranica won the small side pot and the €300 Bounty for eliminating Auer in 17th place.

Martin Kabrhel975,000695,000
Philipp Caranica580,000-220,000
Robert Auer0-390,000
10/25/17 03:31:20 PM PDT
Camilla Reventlow Eliminated in 18th Place (€1,726)

Camilla Reventlow

Camilla Reventlow shoved from the under-the-gun position for about 161,000. Action folded to Salvatore Camarda in the big blind who called.

Salvatore Camarda:   
Camilla Reventlow:   

The board ran out       - a pair of threes was enough for Camarda to eliminate Reventlow from the tournament and take her €300 bounty.

Salvatore Camarda590,000140,000
Camilla Reventlow0-95,000
10/25/17 03:27:40 PM PDT
Redraw of the Last Two Tables
TableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
TableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
151John RacenerUnited States220,000
152Viktor KovachevBulgaria310,000
153Ante VarnicaCroatia135,000
154Martin KabrhelCzech Republic280,000
155Romain FolletFrance110,000
156Robert AuerGermany390,000
157Jan MachCzech Republic555,000
158Georgios KoliofotisGermany385,000
159Philipp CaranicaGermany800,000
181Tobias SchaafGermany455,000
182Bernd GleissnerGermany420,000
183Salvatore CamardaItaly450,000
184Camilla ReventlowDenmark95,000
185Dominik DessetSlovakia160,000
186Mike LeahCanada600,000
187Liran TwitoIsrael375,000
188Phil HellmuthUnited States110,000
189Yves KupfermunzBelgium445,000
Philipp Caranica800,0000
Mike Leah600,000310,000
Jan Mach555,000-45,000
Tobias Schaaf455,000-45,000
Salvatore Camarda450,000170,000
Yves Kupfermunz445,000205,000
Bernd Gleissner420,00020,000
Robert Auer390,000-10,000
Georgios Koliofotis385,000-15,000
Liran Twito375,000-125,000
Viktor Kovachev310,000240,000
Martin Kabrhel280,000100,000
John Racener220,000-40,000
Dominik Desset160,000-10,000
Ante Varnica135,000-95,000
Romain Follet110,000-130,000
Phil Hellmuth110,000-45,000
Camilla Reventlow95,000-95,000
10/25/17 03:23:59 PM PDT
MacDonnell Runs Out of Chips

Marc MacDonnell

Dominik Desset and Marc MacDonnell put their short stacks in the middle and were called by Bernd Gleissner.

Dominik Desset:   
Marc MacDonnell:   
Bernd Gleissner:   

The board ran out       and Desset tripled while MacDonnell had to settle for 19th place. All remaining 18 players will redraw to the last two tables shortly.

Bernd Gleissner400,000240,000
Dominik Desset170,000-160,000
Marc MacDonnell0-30,000
10/25/17 03:17:33 PM PDT
Cormier Falls to Caranica

Jeff Cormier

Jeff Cormier had pushed several times without being able to run up his stack, and the last all in was one too many. Cormier put his hopes on    and Philipp Caranica called with the   . The board came       and the Canadian was eliminated in 20th place.

Philipp Caranica800,000220,000
Jeff Cormier0-300,000
10/25/17 03:15:20 PM PDT
Marinelli Busts to Schaaf

Tobias Schaaf moved all in for around 240,000, having previously doubled through Jan Mach, and Dario Marinelli called all in for around 170,000 from one seat over.

Dario Marinelli:   
Tobias Schaaf:   

The board ran out       and Schaaf rivered the king to knock out Marinelli.

Jan Mach600,000-200,000
Tobias Schaaf500,000350,000
Dario Marinelli0-85,000
10/25/17 03:10:19 PM PDT
Camarda Doubles Through MacDonnell

Marc MacDonnell shoved for around 270,000 and the action reached Salvatore Camarda in the big blind. He checked the stack of the Irishman and called all in for less.

Marc MacDonnell:   
Salvatore Camarda:   

The board came       and Camarda hit the flush on the river to double for 219,000.

Salvatore Camarda280,00020,000
Marc MacDonnell30,000-160,000
10/25/17 03:07:23 PM PDT
Auer Beats Sklenicka

The board read       and Michael Sklenicka was walking away from the table already. He apparently had    but Robert Auer had him beat with   .

Robert Auer400,00040,000
Michael Sklenicka0-110,000
10/25/17 03:04:53 PM PDT
Schaaf Still In It

All in for just 57,000, Tobias Schaaf turned over the    after the call of Jan Mach in the big blind. The chip leader turned over    and almost got there on a board of      .

Jan Mach800,00020,000
Tobias Schaaf150,000100,000
10/25/17 02:58:43 PM PDT
Felipe Ramos Eliminated

Philipp Caranica raised to 35,000 and Felipe Ramos moved all in for 121,000, which Liran Twito called and Caranica folded.

Felipe Ramos:   
Liran Twito:   

The board of       gave Twito top pair and Ramos was eliminated.

Liran Twito500,000150,000
Felipe Ramos0-155,000
10/25/17 02:56:32 PM PDT
Twito Doubles Through Follet; Reventlow Through MacDonnell

Philipp Caranica raised to 35,000 and Romain Follet called on the button before Liran Twito moved in for 155,000 from the big blind. Caranica folded and Follet called.

Liran Twito:   
Romain Follet:   

The board came       and the kicker played to let Twito double.

Camilla Reventlow shoved for 87,000 from the small blind with the    and Marc MacDonnell called with the    in the big blind. The board came       and Reventlow doubled her short stack.

Philipp Caranica580,000-65,000
Liran Twito350,000100,000
Romain Follet240,000-10,000
Camilla Reventlow190,00080,000
Marc MacDonnell190,000-140,000
10/25/17 02:54:03 PM PDT
Koliofotis Doubles

Georgios Koliofotis shoved for 192,000 from the button with the    and Tobias Schaaf reluctantly called from the big blind for most of his stack with   . The board came       and Koliofotis doubled. Schaaf was left with next to no chips and doubled thast soon after against Robert Auer.

Georgios Koliofotis400,000210,000
Tobias Schaaf50,000-140,000
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