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2017 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, October 19, 2017 to Monday, October 23, 2017

Event #1: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK

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  • Buy-in: €1,100
  • Prizepool: €538,280
  • Entries: 561
  • Remaining: 0
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10/23/17 08:04:26 AM PDT
Danis Hits an Ace from Space

Sergio Fernandez raised to 110,000 from the hijack and Serge Danis ripped all-in for 240,000 from the cutoff. Fernandez instantly called and the cards were tabled.

Serge Danis:   
Sergio Fernandez:   

The flop came     and Fernandez was still poised to finally eliminate a player. The turn was the   and the river brought the  . Danis hit a miracle ace on the river to double through Fernandez.

Sergio Fernandez2,880,000-310,000
Serge Danis560,000240,000
10/23/17 07:51:46 AM PDT
Another Double Up

Viliyan Petleshkov raised to 115,000 from the hijack, Walter Treccarichi was next to act and shoved all in. Peter Bstieler, in the big blind, asked how much the all-in was for. The dealer counted the chips and confirmed that Treccarichi still had 275,000 in front of him. After some careful consideration by Bstieler, he decided to fold. Petleshkov called.

Walter Treccarichi:   
Viliyan Petleshkov:   

The board ran out       - Treccarichi's queens stay alive and he doubled up.

Viliyan Petleshkov1,540,000350,000
Walter Treccarichi675,000205,000
10/23/17 07:41:21 AM PDT
Two More Double Ups

Oleksandr Shcherbak shipped all-in for 350,000 and was called by Peter Bstieler. Shcherbak tabled    and Bstieler showed   . The board ran out       and Shcherbak doubled up leaving Bstieler as the short stack.

In the next hand, Bstieler moved all-in for 335,000 from middle position and Sergio Fernandez shipped all-in over the top from the small blind. Serge Danis was in the big blind and folded   . Bstieler turned over    and was up against the    of Fernandez. The board ran out       and Bstieler doubled up to where he was in the previous hand.

Sergio Fernandez2,950,000-370,000
Oleksandr Shcherbak765,000300,000
Peter Bstieler710,000110,000
10/23/17 07:37:05 AM PDT
Savinelli Takes From Bojang

Carlo Savinelli raised to 100,000 from the button and was called by Ismael Bojang in the big blind. The flop came    , Bojang check-called the 65,000 bet of Savinelli.

The turn brought them the  , now Bojang check-called the 250,000 bet of Savinelli.

The   on the river completed the board and the flush draw and now Bojang check-folded the all-in shove of Savinelli.

Carlo Savinelli2,250,000520,000
Ismael Bojang490,000-510,000
10/23/17 07:29:42 AM PDT
Bstieler's Turn to Double Up

Peter Bstieler

Carlo Savinelli raised to 100,000 from under the gun and the action was folded around to Peter Bstieler in the big blind who moved his last 265,000 into the pot. Savinelli wasted no time in calling and the cards were tabled.

Peter Bstieler:   
Carlo Savinelli:   

The dealer fanned the flop of     and Bstieler out-flopped Savinelli making two pair. The turn brought the   and the river was the  . Another short stack found a way to double up and the unofficial final table continues.

Carlo Savinelli1,730,000-285,000
Peter Bstieler600,000195,000
10/23/17 07:23:17 AM PDT
Level 27 started
Level: 27 Blinds: 25000/50000 Ante: 5000
10/23/17 07:17:10 AM PDT
Quick Break in the Action

There is currently a scheduled 15-minute break, but all the players have agreed to take a shorter break since there was a pause in the action before the final table.

10/23/17 07:10:14 AM PDT
Shcherbak Rivers a Flush to Triple Up

The action was folded to Oleksandr Shcherbak who moved all-in for his last 160,000. Ali Sameeian called from the small blind and Ismael Bojang called in the big blind.

The flop came     and both players checked to the   on the turn. Sameeian checked again and Bojang bet 125,000. Sameeian folded and Bojang turned over   . Shcherbak tabled his    and would need to hit a spade on the river to stay alive.

Sure enough, the   completed the board and Shcherbak earned himself a triple up to remain ten-handed.

Ali Sameeian1,310,000-230,000
Ismael Bojang1,000,000-270,000
Oleksandr Shcherbak465,000185,000
10/23/17 07:04:14 AM PDT
Treccarichi Doubles Through Shcherbak

Walter Treccarichi shoved all in for his remaining 180,000 from the under-the-gun position. Oleksandr Shcherbak, in mid-position, also shoved all in, having Treccarichi covered. All the other players folded.

Walter Treccarichi:   
Oleksandr Shcherbak:   

The board ran out       - even though Shcherbak hit an ace on the flop, the fourth heart on the turn gave Treccarichi a flush and the better hand to double up with.

Walter Treccarichi470,000275,000
Oleksandr Shcherbak280,000-150,000
10/23/17 06:58:04 AM PDT
Chip Leaders Collide

Carlo Savinelli raised to 80,000 from the cutoff and Sergio Fernandez called from the big blind. The flop came     and Fernandez checked to Savinelli who bet 80,000. Fernandez called and the   peeled off on the turn.

Both players checked to the   on the river. Fernandez led out for 265,000, sending Savinelli into the tank for over two minutes. He eventually announced a fold and showed the table the   .

"I can not show you, but I promise I will tell you what I have after," Fernandez said.

Sergio Fernandez3,025,000825,000
Carlo Savinelli2,015,0000
Ali Sameeian1,540,000180,000
Ismael Bojang1,270,000150,000
Viliyan Petleshkov1,190,00050,000
Alexandre Viard780,000-510,000
Serge Danis485,000-35,000
Oleksandr Shcherbak430,000-255,000
Peter Bstieler405,000-275,000
Walter Treccarichi195,000-225,000
10/23/17 06:36:44 AM PDT
Sameeian Takes One

Carlo Savinelli completed from the small blind and Ali Sameeian opted to check his big blind.

They both checked through the     on the flop and the   on the turn.

The   on the river completed the board, Savinelli check-called the 75,000 bet of Sameeian. Sameeian showed    for two pair, jacks and sixes which was strong enough for Savinelli to muck his hand.

Carlo Savinelli2,015,000115,000
Ali Sameeian1,360,000120,000
10/23/17 06:24:25 AM PDT
Savinelli Doubles Up Viard

Alexandre Viard shoved all in from early position and action folded to Carlo Savinelli in late position. Savinelli asked for a count and the dealer counted Viard's stack. She confirmed the total amount was 590,000. Savinelli called.

Alexandre Viard:   
Carlo Savinelli:   

The board ran out       - Viard doubles up as his pocket eights hold.

Carlo Savinelli1,900,000-565,000
Alexandre Viard1,290,000605,000
10/23/17 06:19:49 AM PDT
Danis Doubles Through Shcherbak

Serge Danis got his remaining 235,000 in the middle from the big blind against Oleksandr Shcherbak. Danis turned over    against the    of Shcherbak.

The flop came     and Danis picked up a flush draw to go with his two live cards. The turn was the   and Danis made his flush to leave Shcherbak drawing dead to the   on the river.

Oleksandr Shcherbak685,000-250,000
Serge Danis520,000180,000
10/23/17 06:04:10 AM PDT
Unofficial Final Table Seat Draw
TableSeatPlayerChip CountCountryBig Blinds
FT1Sergio Fernandez2,215,000Spain74
FT2Serge Danis340,000Switzerland11
FT3Viliyan Petleshkov1,140,000Bulgaria38
FT4Walter Treccarichi420,000Italy14
FT5Alexandre Viard685,000France23
FT6Oleksandr Shcherbak935,000Ukraine31
FT7Peter Bstieler680,000Germany23
FT8Carlo Savinelli2,460,000Italy82
FT9Ali Sameeian1,240,000Germany41
FT10Ismael Bojang1,120,000Austria37
10/23/17 05:55:05 AM PDT
Pierre Neuville Eliminated in 11th Place (€5,936)

Pierre Neuville

Sergio Fernandez raised to 65,000 from under the gun and Pierre Neuville stuck in his last 35,000 chips. Viliyan Petelshkov called from the small blind and Oleksandr Shcherbak called from the big blind.

The flop fell     and the action was checked to Fernandez who bet 60,000. Both Petleshkov and Shcherbak folded and the remaining hands were tabled.

Sergio Fernandez:   
Pierre Neuville:   

Neuville was in a tough spot after Fernandez flopped top pair with the nut flush draw. The turn was the   and the river landed the  . Neuville was eliminated in 11th place and they are now down to the unofficial final table.

Sergio Fernandez2,200,000735,000
Pierre Neuville0-165,000
10/23/17 05:51:59 AM PDT
Savage Savinelli Hits a Set

Serge Danis raised to 70,000 from the hijack and was called by Carlo Savinelli in the cutoff.

They both checked through the     on the flop. The   came on the turn and Danis opened to 100,000. Savinelli called.

The   on the river completed the board and Danis continuation-bet another 100,000. Savinelli raised to 350,000 and Danis called.
Savinelli showed    for a set of tens on the flop and the chiplead.

Carlo Savinelli2,465,000715,000
Serge Danis365,000-440,000
10/23/17 05:48:14 AM PDT
Shcherbak Building Up a Stack

Oleksandr Shcherbak raised to 60,000 under the gun and was called by Sergio Fernandez in the cutoff, Pierre Neuville in the small blind, Viliyan Petleshkov in the big blind. The flop came     and the action was checked to Shcherbak who continued for 125,000. Fernandez called while Neuville and Petleshkov folded.

The turn was the   and Shcherbak bet another 250,000. Fernandez thought for a moment but elected to fold.

"Good fold," Shcherbak confirmed for Fernandez.

Neuville was had a rough start to the day, now with under 10 big blinds.

Sergio Fernandez1,465,00015,000
Oleksandr Shcherbak1,300,000520,000
Pierre Neuville165,000-185,000
10/23/17 05:37:28 AM PDT
Georgios Zisimopoulos Eliminated in 12th Place (€5,936)

Georgios Zisimopoulos

Georgios Zisimopoulos limped in from the hijack and Viliyan Petleshkov was next to act. After looking at his chips he decided to shove all in. Zisimopoulos called.

Viliyan Petleshkov:   
Georgios Zisimopoulos:   

The board ran out       - no help for Zisimopoulos and he was eliminated.

Viliyan Petleshkov990,000110,000
Georgios Zisimopoulos0-775,000
10/23/17 05:29:54 AM PDT
You Never Know with Savinelli

The action was folded to Serge Danis in the small blind who raised to 60,000. Carlo Savinelli defended his big blind and the flop came    . Danis continued for 50,000 and Savinelli made the call.

The   landed on the turn and Danis checked to Savinelli who pushed forward a bet of 115,000. Danis called and the   hit the river. Danis checked again and Savinelli reached back for a bet of 205,000. Danis tanked for a couple of minutes before finally folding.

"You can pick one card," Savinelli said. Danis turned over the  .

"I had a feeling you had nothing," Danis said as he shook his head.

"You never know. Maybe king-three," Savinelli responded.

Carlo Savinelli1,750,000410,000
Serge Danis805,000-385,000
10/23/17 05:15:41 AM PDT
Fernandez Off to a Quick Start

Sergio Fernandez raised to 65,000 from the hijack and was called by Pierre Neuville on the button and Viliyan Petleshkov in the big blind. The flop came     and the action was checked around to the   on the turn.

Petleshkov led out for 135,000 and Fernandez called, while Neuville folded. The river landed the   and Petleshkov checked with four cards to a straight on the board. Fernandez fired a bet of 240,000 and Petleshkov tossed his cards to the muck.

Sergio Fernandez1,200,000220,000
Viliyan Petleshkov880,000-155,000
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