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2012 43rd Annual World Series of Poker

Saturday, July 07, 2012 to Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Event #61: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $62,031,385
  • Entries: 6,598
  • Remaining: 0
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10/31/12 03:09:39 AM PDT

Greg Merson had the button, and raised to four million. Jesse Sylvia called.

The flop fell    , and both players checked.

The turn was the  , Sylvia led for 4.6 million, Merson folded.

10/31/12 03:07:37 AM PDT

Jesse Sylvia started this hand with the button. He gave Greg Merson a walk.

10/31/12 03:06:56 AM PDT

Greg Merson had the button, and gave Jesse Sylvia a walk.

10/31/12 03:06:44 AM PDT

The cards are in the air for heads-up play. Remember, last year heads-up play lasted for six hours, so we could be in for a long one. Get that coffee brewing and thanks for following along!

10/31/12 02:53:22 AM PDT

There is a short break while everything gets set up for heads-up play.

10/31/12 02:50:19 AM PDT
Greg Merson117,600,00024,900,000
Jesse Sylvia80,600,000-4,300,000
Jake Balsiger0-20,600,000
10/31/12 02:50:13 AM PDT

Jake Balsiger - 3rd Place

Hand #382:

Jesse Sylvia had the button. He raised to to four million, and Jake Balsiger reraised all in from the small blind for 20.3 million. Greg Merson requested a count on Balsiger's stack from the big blind, and the dealer and World Series of Poker Tournament Director Jack Effel counted it down. Then, Merson called. Sylvia folded.

Merson showed the    to dominate the    for Balsiger. Balsiger was behind, but still had a flop, turn and river to win the pot.

The flop came down    , and Merson's hand held up so far. After the   landed on the turn, Balsiger was down to just one more card.

The river card was the  , and that officially ended Balsiger's tournament in third place. He left with a shake of his opponents' hands and a standing ovation from everyone in the Penn & teller Theatre. With his elimination, Joe Cada's record as the youngest Main Event winner has held strong, and Merson is now heads up with Sylvia for the title.

10/31/12 02:44:49 AM PDT
Greg Merson92,700,000-5,100,000
Jesse Sylvia84,900,00010,500,000
Jake Balsiger20,600,000-5,400,000
10/31/12 02:44:26 AM PDT

Greg Merson had the button, and folded. Jesse Sylvia moved all in for effectively 21.8 million from the small blind, and Jake Balsiger folded.

10/31/12 02:42:43 AM PDT

Jake Balsiger had the button to begin this hand. Jesse Sylvia got a walk in the big blind.

10/31/12 02:42:02 AM PDT

Jesse Sylvia started the hand with the button, and folded. Jake Balsiger folded as well, and Greg Merson received a walk.

10/31/12 02:40:59 AM PDT

Greg Merson had the button and raised it up to four million. Jesse Sylvia studied from the small blind, then called. Jake Balsiger folded.

The flop came down    , and Sylvia checked. Merson checked behind to see the   come out on the turn. Sylvia checked, and Merson checked behind again.

The river was the   to pair the board. Sylvia bet 4.7 million, and Merson gave it up.

10/31/12 02:36:54 AM PDT
Greg Merson97,800,000-3,900,000
Jesse Sylvia74,400,000-3,900,000
Jake Balsiger26,000,0007,800,000
10/31/12 02:36:17 AM PDT

Jake Balsiger had the button, and moved all in for 22.1 million. Jesse Sylvia tank-folded, and Balsiger picked up the pot.

10/31/12 02:33:39 AM PDT

Jesse Sylvia had the button and folded before Jake Balsiger shoved from the small blind to win the pot.

10/31/12 02:32:28 AM PDT

Back in July, Merson spoke about his experience throughout the WSOP Main Event, and how he was planning to spend his lead up to this huge moment in his life.

10/31/12 02:32:13 AM PDT

Greg Merson started the hand with the button, and he folded. Jesse Sylvia walked as well, and Jake Balsiger received a walk.

10/31/12 02:31:39 AM PDT
Greg Merson101,700,00020,000,000
Jesse Sylvia78,300,000-17,000,000
Jake Balsiger18,200,000-3,000,000
10/31/12 02:31:05 AM PDT

Jake Balsiger had the button to start this hand. He folded, and Greg Merson limped from the small blind. Jesse Sylvia raised to 4.2 million, and Merson made the call to take a flop.

The     fell, and Merson fired 6.2 million. Sylvia took his time, then put in a raise to 14.4 million in all. Merson jammed all in, and Sylvia quickly folded his hand.

10/31/12 02:27:16 AM PDT

Jesse Sylvia had the button, and raised to 3.2 million. Greg Merson defended his big blind, and the flop fell    . Both players checked.

The turn brought the  , Merson led out for four million, and Sylvia folded.