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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, July 02, 2018 to Saturday, July 14, 2018

Event #65: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $74,015,600
  • Entries: 7,874
  • Remaining: 0
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07/11/18 09:08:09 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #148-149: Miles Takes from Dyer

Hand #148: Tony Miles opened in middle position to 1,100,000 and Michael Dyer called in the hijack as the flop landed    .

Miles led out for 1,750,000, and Dyer quickly mucked.

Hand #149: The action folded to Antoine Labat in the cutoff, and he raised to 1,150,000 and picked up the blinds and antes.

Michael Dyer88,700,000-1,300,000
John Cynn58,700,000-600,000
Antoine Labat49,600,0001,300,000
Alex Lynskey45,400,000-100,000
Nicolas Manion44,200,000-100,000
Yueqi Zhu26,500,000-400,000
Joe Cada24,500,000-200,000
Aram Zobian21,300,000-100,000
Artem Metalidi19,000,000-900,000
Tony Miles15,900,0002,400,000
07/11/18 09:04:12 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #146-147: Miles Puts His Tournament Life on the Line

Hand #146: The action folded around to Joe Cada who limped in from the small blind and Antoine Labat raised to 2,600,000 in the big blind. Cada mucked his hand and Labat dragged in the pot.

Hand #147: Alex Lynskey opened to 1,050,000 from early position and Tony Miles three-bet jammed all in for 10,900,000 directly to his left. Yueqi Zhu asked for a count in the big blind but elected to lay his hand down and Lynskey's cards hit the muck as well.

Michael Dyer90,000,000-100,000
John Cynn59,300,000-200,000
Antoine Labat48,300,0001,900,000
Alex Lynskey45,500,000-2,200,000
Nicolas Manion44,300,000-200,000
Yueqi Zhu26,900,000-700,000
Joe Cada24,700,000-600,000
Aram Zobian21,400,000-200,000
Artem Metalidi19,900,000-200,000
Tony Miles13,500,0002,400,000
07/11/18 08:57:59 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #144-145: One for Cada, One for Lynskey

Hand #144: Joe Cada opened to 1,150,000 from under the gun and Alex Lynskey called from the hijack as the flop landed    .

Both players checked as the turn landed the  . Cada led out for 1,500,000, and Lynskey folded.

Hand #145: Alex Lynskey raised to 1,050,000 from middle position and collected the blinds and antes.

Michael Dyer90,100,000-900,000
John Cynn59,500,000-100,000
Alex Lynskey47,700,0001,200,000
Antoine Labat46,400,000-1,200,000
Nicolas Manion44,500,000-100,000
Yueqi Zhu27,600,000-100,000
Joe Cada25,300,0002,000,000
Aram Zobian21,600,000-400,000
Artem Metalidi20,100,000-100,000
Tony Miles11,100,000-100,000
07/11/18 08:53:53 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #142-143: Two for Dyer

Hand #142: Michael Dyer opened to 1,000,000 from early position but could not find any action.

Hand #143: Dyer raised to 1,000,000 from under the gun and Tony Miles called from the button. The flop came     and Dyer led out for 925,000. Miles quickly folded and Dyer raked in another pot.

Michael Dyer91,000,0003,850,000
John Cynn59,600,000-200,000
Antoine Labat47,600,000-200,000
Alex Lynskey46,500,000-500,000
Nicolas Manion44,600,000-1,000,000
Yueqi Zhu27,700,000-200,000
Joe Cada23,300,000-200,000
Aram Zobian22,000,000-700,000
Artem Metalidi20,200,000-200,000
Tony Miles11,200,000-1,400,000
07/11/18 08:48:32 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #140-141: Lynskey Wins Battle of the Blinds, Miles Shoves on Cada

Hand #140: The action folded to John Cynn in the small blind, and he limped in as Alex Lynskey checked his option.

The flop landed     and Cynn checked to Lynskey who bet 500,000. Cynn folded, and Lynskey collected the pot.

Hand #141: Joe Cada opened to 1,150,000 in middle position and Tony Miles moved all in for 10,500,000 from the big blind.

After the count was confirmed by the dealer, Cada deliberated for close to two minutes before folding.

Michael Dyer87,150,000-150,000
John Cynn59,800,000-600,000
Antoine Labat47,800,000-100,000
Alex Lynskey47,000,0001,200,000
Nicolas Manion45,600,000-100,000
Yueqi Zhu27,900,000-100,000
Joe Cada23,500,000-1,300,000
Aram Zobian22,700,000-100,000
Artem Metalidi20,400,000-100,000
Tony Miles12,600,0002,000,000
07/11/18 08:42:11 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #138-139: Two Hands, Two All-Ins

There is 1 hour and 14 minutes remaining in Level 32.

Hand #138: With the button starting in seat 10, Alex Lynskey raised to 1,050,000 from early position and Michael Dyer called from the hijack. Yueqi Zhu shipped all in for 24,800,000 in the small blind and both Lynskey and Dyer laid their hands down.

Hand #139: Aram Zobian opened to 1,200,000 in middle position and Dyer three-bet to 3,425,000 directly to his left. The action folded back to Zobian who called to see a flop of    . Zobian checked to Dyer who bet 2,225,000 and Zobian check-raised all in for 12,200,000. Dyer let his hand go and Zobian raked in the pot.

Michael Dyer87,300,000-6,875,000
John Cynn60,400,000-450,000
Antoine Labat47,900,000-100,000
Alex Lynskey45,800,000-1,225,000
Nicolas Manion45,700,000-125,000
Yueqi Zhu28,000,0003,175,000
Joe Cada24,800,000-125,000
Aram Zobian22,800,0007,050,000
Artem Metalidi20,500,000-925,000
Tony Miles10,600,000-175,000
07/11/18 08:29:08 PM PDT
WSOP Main Event Unofficial Final Table

ESPN TV Table Set

SeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Yueqi ZhuChina24,825,00050
2Artem MetalidiUkraine21,425,00043
3John CynnUnited States60,850,000122
4Alex LynskeyAustralia47,025,00094
5Tony MilesUnited States10,775,00022
6Nicolas ManionUnited States45,825,00092
7Aram ZobianUnited States15,750,00032
8Michael DyerUnited States94,175,000188
9Joe CadaUnited States24,925,00050
10Antoine LabatFrance48,000,00096
ESPN TV Table Set
ESPN TV Table Set
Michael Dyer94,175,000-925,000
John Cynn60,850,000-250,000
Antoine Labat48,000,0000
Alex Lynskey47,025,0003,825,000
Nicolas Manion45,825,00025,000
Joe Cada24,925,0003,525,000
Yueqi Zhu24,825,000-4,875,000
Artem Metalidi21,425,00025,000
Aram Zobian15,750,000-50,000
Tony Miles10,775,000-1,625,000
07/11/18 08:16:16 PM PDT
Ryan Phan Eliminated in 11th Place ($725,000)

Ryan Phan

Secondary Table Hand #123: Artem Metalidi limped in from the hijack and Ryan Phan moved all in for 5,975,000 on the button. The blinds got out of the way and Metalidi snap-called.

Ryan Phan:   
Artem Metalidi:   

Phan's rail asked for a five ball, but the     flop changed nothing whatsoever. The   turn was a blank, too, and Phan's run in the Main Event came to an end with the   on the river. Phan collected $725,000 for his efforts and the remaining 10 players will now combine for the unofficial final table before bagging up their chips once the field has been whittled down to the last nine.

Artem Metalidi21,400,0006,400,000
Ryan Phan0-6,000,000
07/11/18 08:13:17 PM PDT
Secondary Table Hands #120-122: Labat Takes From Metalidi

Hand #120: A walk for Aram Zobian.

Hand #121: Antoine Labat raised to 1,100,000 first to act and Artem Metalidi called on the button, the duo headed to the     flop. Labat made it 900,000 to go and Metalidi called. The   followed on the turn and both players checked. On the   river, Labat bet once more, making it 2,600,000 to go, and Metalidi folded.

Hand #122: Nicolas Manion raised it up to 1,300,000 in the hijack and that won the blinds and antes.

John Cynn61,100,000-800,000
Antoine Labat48,000,0002,000,000
Nicolas Manion45,800,000900,000
Aram Zobian15,800,000200,000
Artem Metalidi15,000,000-1,800,000
Ryan Phan6,000,000-1,000,000
07/11/18 08:12:54 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #134-137: Cada Takes Three-Bet Pot

Hand #134: From the button, Alex Lynskey raised to 1,050,000 and Yueqi Zhu called in the small blind. Tony Miles came along in the big for the     flop. Action checked to Lynskey and he bet 1,750,000. He won the pot.

Hand #135: Michael Dyer raised to 1 million under the gun. Lynskey made it 3,050,000 in the next seat. He won the pot.

Hand #136: Dyer got a walk.

Hand #137: Zhu opened for 1.1 million under the gun. Joe Cada made it 3.5 million on the button. Zhu peeled and they saw a     flop. Cada bet 4 million and won the pot.

07/11/18 08:08:08 PM PDT
Bobby's Room and Brian Rast's Legacy

Brian Rast is a legend in the poker world, but what's next for the pro? David Tuchman talks legacy, wild games at Bobby's Room, and Rast's love to solve the unsolvable on their way to Naked Fish.

07/11/18 08:03:37 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #132-133: Miles Doubles Through Zhu

Hand #132: Joe Cada limped the button, and Michael Dyer completed from the small blind as Alex Lynskey checked.

The flop landed     and action checked round to see the   fall on the turn. Action checked through, and the   completed the board on the river.

Dyer bet out 850,000, Lynskey called, and Cada called. Dyer tabled his    to win the pot.

Hand #133: Tony Miles moved all in for 5,875,000 from under the gun and Yueqi Zhu called in the big blind.


Miles was at risk, but in the lead as the dealer spread a     flop to keep Miles in the lead, but give backdoor straight outs to Zhu.

The turn of the   was one of those backdoor outs, and now Miles would need to fade a six or five to stay alive.

The dealer burned and turned the   on the river, and Miles doubled to over 12 million in chips.

Michael Dyer95,100,000-1,500,000
Alex Lynskey43,200,000-3,500,000
Yueqi Zhu29,700,000-6,000,000
Joe Cada21,400,0004,100,000
Tony Miles12,400,0004,700,000
07/11/18 08:01:27 PM PDT
Tony Miles Relying on Optimism and Aggression as the Final Table Approaches

Tony Miles

An avid dancer and Seattle Seahawks fan, Tony Miles brought his infectious enthusiasm all the way from Jacksonville, Florida. He's been playing tournaments since August 2011 and had two modest scores this summer in The Colossus (for $2,358) and the Millionaire Maker (for $4,038). But his summer really caught fire when he entered the Main Event.

"I got off to a pretty slow start," Miles said on Day 1. "But, as players know, this tournament is a marathon, not a sprint, and I'm not worried at all."

Indeed, Miles had little reason to be worried.

By dinner break on Day 3, Miles had amassed 790,000 chips, well above chip average. He was fortunate enough to run his aces into an opponent's kings, opening the door for an aggressive gameplan. "I'm going to try to apply some pressure to people, using my stack and the money bubble to my advantage," he said. Miles would do just that, bagging 996,000 chips and paving the path for a deep run.

On Day 4, Miles competed on the ESPN Feature Table alongside 2012 Big One for One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari. In one notable hand, he raised to 23,000 from middle position and Esfandiari called from the big blind. Both players checked the     flop. On the   turn, Esfandiari check-called Miles's 19,000 bet, and checked again on the   river. When Miles bet 32,000, Esfandiari check-raised to 79,000 and Miles paid him off. Esfandiari held a king for a full house and collected the pot.

Miles, however, was unfazed. Soon he faced another tough pro, David Kitai, who raised 35,000 under the gun. Miles three-bet to 115,000, Kitai shoved all-in for about 350,000, and Miles snap-called with two aces. Kitai's two queens couldn't catch up, and the Frenchman was eliminated. In the meantime, Miles bagged Day 4 with 2.358,000 in chips and kept up the pace, day after day, as the field dwindled.


Coming into today, Miles planned to stay aggressive. "People are going to be folding a lot more than they normally would," he said. "The pay jumps are significant. I don't blame them for playing that way, but I'm looking to exploit that."

It's a strategy that, so far, is working. A few hours ago, as his family clustered around him on dinner break, laughing and posing for pictures, Miles expressed gratitude and excitement.

"It's a dream come true, man," he said. "This is what we play for."

Tony Miles
Tony Miles
07/11/18 07:57:31 PM PDT
Secondary Table Hands #115-119: Zobian Shoves Over Labat; Cynn Continues Growing

Hand #115: Artem Metalidi limped in for 500,000 from the button. In the big blind, Ryan Phan checked.

The flop was     and Phan checked. Metalidi put out a bet of 500,000 and Phan called.

On the   turn, Phan checked again. Metalidi put out a bet of 1,200,000. Phan folded and Metalidi took down the pot.

Hand #116: Ryan Phan limped in the small blind and Antoine Labat checked in the big blind.

The flop was     and Phan checked to Labat who bet 500,000. Phan called to see the   on the turn.

On the turn, Phan checked again. Labat checked back and the   came on the river. Phan decided to check. Labat checked behind. Phan showed    for a pair of tens but it was no good against Labat's    for a pair of jacks.

Hand #117: Action folded to the small blind where Antoine Labat folded and John Cynn received a walk in the big blind.

Hand #118: Aram Zobian opened from early position to 1,150,000. On the button, Antoine Labat made it 2,780,000. Zobian moved all in over the top for 11,700,000 and Labat quickly folded.

Hand #119: John Cynn opened to 1,100,000 on the button. In the big blind Artem Metalidi called.

The flop was     and Metalidi checked. Cynn bet 1,000,000 and Metalidi called.

The turn was the   and both players checked to the   on the turn. There, Metalidi led out with a bet of 3,200,000. Cynn called after some thought. Metalidi showed down his    but it was not good against Cynn's   , so Cynn scooped the pot.

John Cynn61,900,0006,125,000
Antoine Labat46,000,000-1,900,000
Nicolas Manion44,900,000-1,150,000
Artem Metalidi16,800,000-3,975,000
Aram Zobian15,600,0003,350,000
Ryan Phan7,000,000-2,400,000
07/11/18 07:56:44 PM PDT
Frederik Brink Eliminated in 12th Place ($575,000)

Frederik Brink

Feature Table Hand #131: Yueqi Zhu raised to 1 million and Frederik Brink jammed for 4.1 million in the cutoff. Zhu called with    and had a slight lead against   . The     missed both players. The   turn likewise. The board harmlessly paired with a   river and that ended Brink's run.

Yueqi Zhu35,700,0003,100,000
Frederik Brink0-5,300,000
07/11/18 07:55:15 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #127-130: Dyer Active

Hand #127: Michael Dyer raised to 1 million on the button and won the pot.

Hand #128: Joe Cada raised to 1.1 million second to act. Alex Lynskey gave him action in the cutoff and they checked to a board of     . Cada bet 1.7 million and took it down.

Hand #129: Dyer opened for 1 million second to act. Yueqi Zhu called on the button and Tony Miles came along from the big blind. The flop came monotone:    . Dyer won with a bet of 1,175,000.

Hand #130: Dyer opened again to 1 million and took it down without a fight this time.

Michael Dyer96,600,0003,900,000
07/11/18 07:43:23 PM PDT
Feature Table Hands #125-126: Cada Shoves the River on Lynskey

Hand #125: Alex Lynskey opened to 1,050,000 from under the gun and Michael Dyer called in the big blind to see a     flop.

Both players checked as the   landed on the turn. Dyer checked, Lynskey checked, and the river landed the  .

Dyer tabled his   , but it would be Lynskey's    that would earn him the pot.

Hand #126: Joe Cada opened to 1,100,000 on the button and Alex Lynskey called in the big blind.

The flop fell     and Lynskey checked to Cada who bet 1,000,000. Lynskey called as the   rolled off on the turn and he checked again.

Cada bet out 2,600,000 and Lynskey called as the   completed the board on the river.

Lynskey checked for a third time, and Cada announced he was all in for 7,150,000. Lynskey went deep into the tank for several minutes before eventually deciding upon a fold.

Michael Dyer92,700,000-1,125,000
Alex Lynskey46,700,000-3,100,000
Yueqi Zhu32,600,000-75,000
Joe Cada17,300,0005,050,000
Tony Miles7,700,000-100,000
Frederik Brink5,300,000-75,000
07/11/18 07:32:41 PM PDT
Play Resumes

The cards are back in the air for Level 35, and there is 1 hour and 52 minutes remaining in the level.

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Feature1Tony MilesUnited States7,800,000--
Feature2Joe CadaUnited States12,250,00025
Feature3Michael DyerUnited States93,825,000188
Feature4-- empty — ------
Feature5Alex LynskeyAustralia49,800,000100
Feature6-- empty — ------
Feature7-- empty — ------
Feature8Yueqi ZhuChina32,675,00065
Feature9Frederik BrinkDenmark5,375,00011
Secondary1Ryan PhanUnited States9,400,00019
Secondary2Antoine LabatFrance47,900,00096
Secondary3John CynnUnited States55,775,000112
Secondary4-- empty — ------
Secondary5-- empty — ------
Secondary6Nicolas ManionUnited States46,050,00092
Secondary7Artem MetalidiUkraine20,775,00042
Secondary8Aram ZobianUnited States12,250,00025
Secondary9-- empty — ------
Michael Dyer93,825,0004,125,000
John Cynn55,775,000-125,000
Alex Lynskey49,800,000-2,100,000
Antoine Labat47,900,0002,400,000
Nicolas Manion46,050,000-50,000
Yueqi Zhu32,675,000-125,000
Artem Metalidi20,775,000-325,000
Joe Cada12,250,000-750,000
Aram Zobian12,250,000-550,000
Ryan Phan9,400,000-1,200,000
Tony Miles7,800,000-900,000
Frederik Brink5,375,000-425,000
07/11/18 07:13:41 PM PDT
Break Time

The remaining players are heading on an impromptu break until 8:25 p.m. (PDT) due to a switch between PokerGO and the ESPN crew.