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2018 49th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Friday, June 22, 2018 to Saturday, June 23, 2018

Event #45: Big Blind Antes $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (30 minute levels)

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $1,540,800
  • Entries: 1,712
  • Remaining: 0
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06/23/18 06:30:18 PM PDT
Mario Prats Garcia Wins Event #45: Big Blind Antes $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (30 Minute Levels) For $258,255

Mario Prats Garcia

Mario Prats Garcia is the newest WSOP gold bracelet winner after taking down Event #45: Big Blind Antes $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (30 minute levels). Prats Garcia ended up at the top after only 87 hands at the final table. Day 2 lasted less than seven hours in total.

The Spanish bracelet winner had a second-place finish at last year's WSOP and upped it this year by taking down a bracelet. When asked how he felt about winning the tournament, he said the following: "Super excited, I'm super happy. I thought I could never get back here and the FT was hard. I sucked out a couple of guys and I got all the chips! I'm super excited and nervous."

In regard to his second-place finish last year: "I just tried to stay confident and positive. Any result that would come, that would be good for me. If I played good and that is what happened."

Mario Prats Garcia
Mario Prats Garcia

The entire tournament took place over just two days over at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. 1,712 hopefuls registered the tournament with the dream of becoming a World Series of Poker champion. 41 players started Day 2 of the tournament and the final table was reached within just four hours of play.

Final Table Results

1Mario Prats GarciaSpain$258,255
2Matthew HuntUnited Kingdom$159,532
3Sebastian DornbrachtGermany$114,909
4Michael WangUnited States$83,663
5Mark SchluterUnited States$61,580
6Gregory WornerUnited States$45,828
7DJ MacKinnonUnited States$34,486
8Martin StaszkoCzech Republic$26,245
9Lander LijoSpain$20,202
Final 9 Players
Final 9 Players

Today's Action

Some of the players who did make it to Day 2, but couldn't make it to the final table include Justin Oliver (37th - $5,376), Manig Loeser (33rd - $6,505), Conor Beresford (32nd - $6,505), Esther Taylor (21st - $7,967), Joseph Cheong (19th - $7,967), Kathy Liebert (18th - $9,877), and Athanasios Polychronopoulos (11th - $15,730).

It took 14 hands to get the first elimination once the official final table was reached. Lander Lijo was the first to exit the final table after he got his ace-deuce in the middle against the ace-queen of Michael Wang. Wang had established a big chip lead at this point and got an even stronger position once he sent Lijo to the rail.

Martin Staszko was the next player to exit the tournament. He pushed all in while he was holding king-queen on the turn for king-high and Mario Prats Garcia snap-called with top set. Staszko got his money in the middle while he was drawing dead. That was the first moment Prats Garcia got into the lead at the final table and he managed to stay at the top throughout almost the entire final table.

It only took six more hands to lose DJ MacKinnon from the final table in seventh place. MacKinnon was in rough shape when he got his king-seven all in against the pair of sevens of Matthew Hunt. MacKinnon didn't manage to beat his record finish in a WSOP event. He got fifth in 2013 in a $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event and this time he wasn't able to close the tournament out either.

Six-handed play went on for a while and players didn't seem to want to risk it all. The average chip stack eventually dropped below the 14 big blinds mark and that was the point where the tournament finished within minutes. Gregory Worner got a bad beat when he lost all his chips with ace-seven against ace-deuce. The dealer spread out the flop and it had a deuce in there. Worner wasn't able to catch up and all of his chips went to Prats Garcia.

Two hands later, Prats Garcia sent another player to the rail. This time his victim was Mark Schluter, who had been grinding a short stack all final table. Schluter had to settle for fifth place. Prats Garcia was holding ace-ten and just had to fade an eight against the ten-eight of Schluter. Prats Garcia won more chips and that propelled him into the chip lead and a commanding position at the table.

Prats Garcia made even more use of his chips when he sent Wang to the rail in fourth place. At that point, Prats Garcia had more than 50% of all the chips in play in front of him. Prats Garcia had ace-king suited and won against the pair of treys of Wang. Wang had a big chip lead at one point of the final table, but after the king on the flop, Wang had to leave the tournament just shy of a podium finish.

Sebastian Dornbracht ended up in third place after running into the same big stack bully as the other players at the table. Dornbracht found a dream spot where Prats Garcia pushed all in and he woke up with kings. He had to hold against the ace-four of his opponent, but he wasn't up to the task after the dealer dealt a wheel to the Spanish chip leader. Dornbracht was eliminated in third place and Prats Garcia had a huge chip lead going into the heads-up play.

Mario Prats Garcia_Matthew Hunt
Mario Prats Garcia_Matthew Hunt

The heads-up battle only took three hands. Matthew Hunt raised and won the pot in the first one, he doubled up in the second one, but he lost the tournament after hitting a straight on the river with ten-six on the five-four-seven-nine-eight board while Prats Garcia had a flush with queen-six of diamonds.

Prats Garcia won the fourth Big Blind Ante tournament at the WSOP, which also happens to be a 30-minute levels tournament. When asked about the structure, he said: "I love it, I would like to see all events with Big Blind Antes. It's easier and faster, I love it. I think the structure is an advantage for online players. I think a lot of recreational players haven't studied the shove and call ranges for short stacks and as we play a lot of turbos online, we have studied it a bit more so we have a bit more of an edge I think."

Prats Garcia's bracelet ceremony is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Sunday, June 24, during the first break of Event #48B: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK which he is planning to play too.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be here to provide you with all the updates from the floor from start till end of every tournament here at the WSOP.

06/23/18 05:54:45 PM PDT
Matthew Hunt Eliminated in 2nd place ($159,532)

Matthew Hunt

Hand #87: Matthew Hunt limped in the small blind. Mario Prats Garcia checked.

A flop of     was dealt. Garcia checked. Hunt bet 130,000. Garcia check-called.

The turn brought the   and was checked through to the   river. Garcia bet 400,000. Hunt moved all in for 3,170,000. Garcia snap-called. Hunt showed    for a straight but that wasn't good enough as Garcia tabled    for a queen-high flush to win the tournament for $258,255 along with his first WSOP gold bracelet

Mario Prats Garcia8,560,0003,300,000
Matthew Hunt0-3,300,000
06/23/18 05:46:35 PM PDT
Hunt Doubles Up

Hand #86: Mario Prats Garcia moved all in in the small blind. Matthew Hunt, in the big blind, quickly called, putting at risk his last 1,600,000.

Mario Prats Garcia:   
Matthew Hunt:   

The board ran       and Hunt doubled up.

Mario Prats Garcia5,260,000-2,240,000
Matthew Hunt3,300,0002,300,000
06/23/18 05:43:14 PM PDT
Hand #85: Raise and Take it

Hand #85: Matthew Hunt raised from the big blind and Mario Prats Garcia folded.

06/23/18 05:41:34 PM PDT
Level 32 started
Level: 32 Blinds: 60000/120000 Ante: 120000
06/23/18 05:41:16 PM PDT
Sebastian Dornbracht Eliminated in 3rd Place ($114,909)

Sebastian Dornbracht

Hand #84: Mario Prats Garcia moved all in on his two opponents and Sebastian Dornbracht found an exceptionally good hand to call with.

Dornbracht had    and was well ahead of Prast Garcia his   .

The flop was     and Prats Garcia's rail started to shout for a deuce to come down. The turn was the   and Prats Garcia hit his gutshot to have the best hand and the   came down to complete the board.

Dornbracht was eliminated in third place.

Mario Prats Garcia7,500,0001,900,000
Matthew Hunt1,000,000-1,010,000
Sebastian Dornbracht0-1,310,000
06/23/18 05:37:50 PM PDT
Michael Wang Eliminated in 4th Place ($61,580)

Michael Wang

Hand #83: Michael Wang shoved all in from the button for about 1,150,000 and Mario Prats Garcia called in the small blind.

Michael Wang:   
Mario Prats Garcia:   

The board ran out       to give Prats Garcia a pair of kings on the flop to eliminate Wang in fourth place for $61,580.

Mario Prats Garcia5,600,0002,900,000
Michael Wang0-1,920,000
06/23/18 05:34:29 PM PDT
Hands #77-82: Garcia Applying Pressure

Hand #77: Mario Prats Garcia raised to 200,000 under the gun. Everyone folded.

Hand #78: Matthew Hunt limped on the cutoff. Michael Wang, in the small blind, limped as well. Garcia, in the big blind, shoved for 2,900,000. Hunt and Wang gave up their hands.

Hand #79: Garcia shoved from the small blind for 3,200,000. Hunt folded.

Hand #80: Wang raised to 250,000 under the gun. Garcia, on the button, moved all in for 3,400,000. Wang folded.

Hand #81: Parcia raised to 200,000 under the gun. He got no action.

Hand #82: Sebastian Dornbracht shoved on the button. Everyone folded.

06/23/18 05:32:16 PM PDT
Mark Schluter Eliminated in 5th Place ($61,580)

Mark Schluter

Hand #76: Mark Schluter pushed all in and Mario Prats Garcia did the same thing after asking how much Sebastian Dornbracht was still playing. Schluter had some catching up to do after he saw his    had to win from Prats Garcia's   .

The flop was     and Schluter was behind even more. He couldn't win anymore on the   turn and the   river was a courtesy. Schluter was eliminated in fifth place.

Mario Prats Garcia2,700,000400,000
Mark Schluter0-645,000
06/23/18 05:26:49 PM PDT
Hand #75: Dornbracht Wins One

Hand #75: Sebastian Dornbracht raised from the under-the-gun position to 230,000 and Matthew Hunt was the only player to call from the big blind.

The flop came down     and Hunt checked to Dornbracht. Dornbracht proceeded to bet out 200,000 and that won him the pot after Hunt threw his cards in the muck.

06/23/18 05:24:38 PM PDT
Gregory Worner Eliminated in 6th Place ($45,828)

Gregory Worner

Hand #74: Mario Prats Garcia shoved all in from the small blind and Gregory Worner looked at his cards and his stack. Worner called with the slightly shorter stack.

Gregory Worner:   
Mario Prats Garcia:   

The board ran out       to give Prats Garcia a pair of deuces on the flop, eliminating Worner in sixth place for $45,828.

Mario Prats Garcia2,300,000585,000
Gregory Worner0-940,000
06/23/18 05:22:03 PM PDT
Hands #68-73: Limps and Folds

Hand #68: Mario Prats Garcia limped in the small blind. Gregory Worner, in the big blind, shoved for 940,000. Garcia folded.

Hand #69: Michael Wang moved all in from the hijack for 1,920,000. Everyone folded.

Hand #70: Matthew Hunt limped in the small blind. Sebastian Dornbracht, in the big blind, moved all for 2,000,000. Hunt folded.

Hand #71: Wang got a walk.

Hand #72: Hunt raised to 250,000 on the cutoff. He got no action.

Hand #73: Dornbracht shoved on the cutoff. He got no action.

06/23/18 05:13:57 PM PDT
Hands #63-67: No Post-Flop Action

Hand #63: Mark Schluter shoved all in from the cutoff and he won the blinds and ante after everyone in the hand folded.

Hand #64: Gregory Worner pushed all in when it folded to him on the button. The blinds folded and Worner raked in the pot.

Hand #65: Sebastian Dornbracht shoved all in from the small blind and Michael Wang folded his big blind.

Hand #66: Matthew Hunt raised to 210,000 and that won him the pot.

Hand #67: Dornbracht pushed all in and won the pot after everyone folded.

06/23/18 05:03:37 PM PDT
Level 31 started
Level: 31 Blinds: 50000/100000 Ante: 100000
06/23/18 04:49:04 PM PDT

Players are on a 15-minute break.

06/23/18 04:48:48 PM PDT
Hands #56-62: Hunt Into the Lead

Hand #56: Mark Schluter shoved on the button and got no calls.

Hand #57: Mario Prats Garcia raised to 200,000 from the button and Matthew Hunt called in the big blind. They both checked through the     on the flop to the   on the turn. Hunt bet 230,000 and Prats Garcia folded.

Hand #58: Michael Wang raised to 170,000 from under the gun and the rest folded.

Hand #59: Hunt shoved on the button and got no action.

Hand #60: Sebastian Dornbracht shoved on the button and nobody called.

Hand #61: Wang raised to 170,000 and got no callers.

Hand #62: Wang raised to 170,000 again but now from the cutoff and nobody called again.

Matthew Hunt2,010,000610,000
Michael Wang1,920,000510,000
Mario Prats Garcia1,715,000-685,000
Sebastian Dornbracht1,310,000330,000
Gregory Worner940,000-510,000
Mark Schluter645,000-355,000
06/23/18 04:45:07 PM PDT
Hands #51-55: No Action

Hand #51: Sebastian Dornbracht moved all in under the gun for 850,000. He got no action.

Hand #52: Michael Wang opened to 170,000 under the gun. Sebastian Dornbracht, in the big blind, three-bet shoved for 900,000. Wang folded.

Hand #53: Matthew Hunt limped on the button. Wang, in the big blind, shoved for 1,200,000. Hunt quickly folded.

Hand #54: Wang shoved in the small blind for 1,420,000. Mark Schluter, in the big blind, folded.

Hand #55: Hunt opened to 165,000 from the hijack. Mario Prats Garcia, in the big blind, called. The flop came    . Garcia checked. Hunt bet 150,000, enough to win the pot.

06/23/18 04:34:38 PM PDT
Hands #48-50: Wang Doubles Through Prats Garcia

Michael Wang

Hand #48: Matthew Hunt shoved from the cutoff and nobody called.

Hand #49: Mark Schluter shoved from the small blind and Mario Prats Garcia didn't want to call.

Hand #50: Michael Wang shoved from the cutoff for 625,000 in total and Prats Garcia also shoved in the small blind with the bigger stack. Gregory Worner folded his big blind.

Michael Wang:   
Mario Prats Garcia:   

Mario Prats Garcia2,400,000-635,000
Michael Wang1,410,000735,000
06/23/18 04:32:02 PM PDT
Hands #46-47: Two Double-Ups

Hand #46: It folded to Matthew Hunt in the small blind and he pushed all in. The player in the big blind called, being covered by Hunt.

Matthew Hunt:   
Sebastian Dornbracht:   

The board came down       and the German doubled up.

Hand #47: Gregory Worner pushed all in from the cutoff and Michael Wang called. Wang had the best hand with    and had to hold against the    of Worner.

The dealer dealt a       board and Worner doubled up, leaving Wang short.

Gregory Worner1,450,000750,000
Matthew Hunt1,400,000-300,000
Sebastian Dornbracht980,000300,000
Michael Wang675,000-725,000
06/23/18 04:30:54 PM PDT
Level 30 started
Level: 30 Blinds: 40000/80000 Ante: 80000