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2015 46th Annual World Series of Poker

Monday, June 13, 2016 to Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Event #20: $10,000 Razz Championship

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  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $940,000
  • Entries: 100
  • Remaining: 0
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06/15/16 03:12:58 PM PDT
Level: 22
Limits: 20k/40k Bring-in: 5k Ante: 5k
06/15/16 03:11:50 PM PDT

Bart Hanson:     /      /  
Brian Hastings:     /      /  

Short stack Bart Hanson (pictured) completes with a  , Brian Hastings raises with a   of his own, and Hanson raises all in for 43,000 total. Hastings calls to put him at risk.

Hanson starts with    /  , while Hastings reveals    /  .

Hastings'   on sixth street leaves his opponent drawing dead to seventh, and Hanson is eliminated in seventh place.

Brian Hastings - 450,000 (15 BB)
Bart Hanson - Eliminated in 7th place ($34,251)

06/15/16 03:05:24 PM PDT

Jason Mercier:     /      /  
Brian Hastings:     /      /  

Jason Mercier completes with  , Brian Hastings raises with a  , and Mercier calls.

Mercier bets his lead on fourth street, and Hastings calls. The lead changes hands on fifth street, and Hastings check-calls a bet from Mercier. That action repeats on sixth street, and Hastings checks again on seventh. Mercier bets, and Hastings folds.

Jason Mercier - 2,365,000 (79 BB)
Brian Hastings - 395,000 (13 BB)

06/15/16 03:02:05 PM PDT


Jason Mercier:     /      /  
John Racener:     /      /  
Ray Dehkhargani:     /      (fold)

Jason Mercier completes on third street, John Racener calls, and Ray Dehkhargani defends his bring in. Racener has the on-board lead on third street and checks, Dehkhargani checks as well, Mercier bets, and both opponent calls to see fifth street.

Racener bets with the on-board lead, both opponents call, and Mercier seizes the on-board lead on sixth street and bets. Racener raises, Dehkhargani folds, and Mercier calls.

On seventh street, Mercier check-calls Racener's bet.

"Nine," says Racener, showing     for a 9-5-4-3-2 low. Mercier, though, tables downcards of     for an 8-7-6-3-A to win the pot and increase his chip lead.

Jason Mercier - 2,300,000 (77 BB)
John Racener - 590,000 (20 BB)

06/15/16 02:52:30 PM PDT

Brian Hastings:     /    (fold)
John Racener:     /      /  
Robert Campbell:     /     (fold)
Jason Mercier:     /      /  

Brian Hastings brings it in with a  . John Racener calls with a  , as does Robert Campbell with the same door card, and Jason Mercier completes with a  . Hastings, Racener, and Campbell all call.

Mercier bets his lead on fourth street, Hastings folds, and Racener and Campbell call. Racener takes the lead on fifth street and bets. Campbell folds, Mercier calls, and it's heads up to sixth street. Racener bets again, and Mercier calls. Both players check seventh street.

"Ten," Racener announces.

"Ten-what?" Mercier asks.

"Ten-eight," comes the reply.



"Ten-eight-seven-what?" Mercier tries again.

"Ten-eight-seven-five," Racener answers.

Mercier is happy to hear that news. He proudly tables    , winning the pot with a ten-eight-seven-four. Racener shows his barely inferior     before mucking, and Mercier collects another pot.

Jason Mercier - 2,040,000 (68 BB)
John Racener - 775,000 (26 BB)

06/15/16 02:42:21 PM PDT

Bart Hanson:     /      /   
Jason Mercier:     /      /  

Bart Hanson completes on third street and Jason Mercier defends his bring in. Both players check on fourth street, Hanson bets both fifth and sixth street and Mercier calls both bets.

Hanson check-calls a bet form Mercier on seventh street, but mucks when Mercier tables downcards of     for an 8-7-6-5-A low to win the pot.

Jason Mercier - 1,930,000 (64 BB)
Bart Hanson - 47,000 (1.5 BB)

06/15/16 02:35:16 PM PDT

Jason Mercier:     /      /  
Yueqi Zhu:     /      /  

Bart Hanson brings it in with a  , Jason Mercier completes, and Yueqi Zhu calls. Hanson folds.

Zhu bets his lead on fourth and fifth streets, with Mercier calling both bets. That action reverses for the last two streets, with Mercier betting and Zhu calling both.

Mercier shows    , winning the pot with an eighty-six. He now has well over one third of the chips with seven players remaining.

Jason Mercier - 1,790,000 (60 BB)
Yueqi Zhu - 355,000 (12 BB)

06/15/16 02:31:22 PM PDT

John Racener:     /      /   
Ray Dehkharghani:     /      /  

John Racener completes the bet on third street, Ray Dehkharghani raises, and Racener calls. Both players catch paint on fourth street and check. Racener bets fifth street and Dehkharghani calls. On sixth street Racener check-calls a bet from Dehkharghani, and he does the same on seventh street.

Dehkharghani shows down cards of     for a wheel, Racener mucks, and Dehkharghani wins the pot.

Ray Dehkharghani - 1,000,000 (33 BB)
John Racener - 930,000 (31 BB)

06/15/16 02:23:17 PM PDT

Yueqi Zhu:     /      /  
Jyri Merivirta:     /      /  
Robert Campbell:     /    (fold)

Jason Mercier brings it in with a  . Yueqi Zhu completes with a  , Jyri Merivirta (pictured) calls with a  , and Robert Campbell calls with a   of his own. Mercier folds.

Zhu bets his lead on fourth street, Merivirta calls, and Campbell folds to leave the other two heads up. Zhu bets fifth street too, and Merivirta calls again. The lead changes hands on sixth street, and Merivirta bets all in for 22,000.

"I know you rarely bluff, but..." Zhu trails off. He eventually calls to put Merivirta at risk.

Merivirta shows    for a made nine and a draw to a six. Zhu tables   , behind but drawing to an eight-low. He makes that low with a   on seventh street. Merivirta pairs his   to end with that inferior ninety-six, and he's eliminated in eighth place.

Yueqi Zhu - 485,000
Jyri Merivirta - Eliminated in 8th place ($27,499)

06/15/16 02:14:18 PM PDT

Ray Dehkharghani:     /   (fold)
Brian Hastings:     /     
John Racener:     /     

Ray Dehkharghani completes on third street, Brian Hastings raises, John Racener reraises, Dehkharghani folds, and Hastings calls. Hastings proceeds to bet fourth, fifth, and sixth street with the on-board lead, and Racener folds on sixth.

Brian Hastings - 450,000 (15 BB)
John Racener - 1,030,000 (34 BB)

06/15/16 02:03:07 PM PDT

The players have been introduced, the starting words have been uttered, and the cards are in the air at the Razz Championship final table.

06/15/16 01:58:08 PM PDT
Level: 21
Limits: 15k/30k Bring-in: 5k Ante: 3k
06/15/16 09:12:57 AM PDT

Welcome to Day 3 coverage of Event #20: $10,000 Razz Championship.

The starting field of 100 players is down to the final table of eight, each looking to capture a coveted WSOP bracelet, as well as the first-place prize of $273,338. On top of the chip counts is none other than Jason Mercier with 1,595,000. A win would put Mercier in the company of just 23 other five-bracelet winners.

Second in chips is John Racener with 1,174,000. Still searching for that elusive first bracelet, Racener is among the best in the game yet to have captured WSOP hardware. This marks Racener's 12th WSOP final table.

Together, Mercier and Racener hold more than 55% of the chips in play. The rest of the final table will have their work cut out for them to overtake the chip leaders. Here is a look at the lineup:

Seat 1: Bart Hanson - 246,000 (8 BB)
Seat 2: Jyri Merivirta - 109,000 (4 BB)
Seat 3: Ray Dehkharghani - 838,000 (28 BB)
Seat 4: Robert Campbell - 360,000 (12 BB)
Seat 5: Jason Mercier - 1,595,000 (53 BB)
Seat 6: Brian Hastings - 367,000 (12 BB)
Seat 7: Yueqi Zhu - 312,000 (10 BB)
Seat 8: John Racener - 1,174,000 (39 BB)

Play resumes at 2 p.m., so be sure to keep it here for live updates on all of the action.