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2015 46th Annual World Series of Poker

Sunday, June 12, 2016 to Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Event #17: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

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  • Buy-in: $1,000
  • Prizepool: $2,017,800
  • Entries: 2,242
  • Remaining: 0
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06/14/16 07:44:34 PM PDT
With nine players now remaining, the official final table has been reached. Hand for hand reporting will follow.
06/14/16 07:43:31 PM PDT

  Matt Schreiber Eliminated 10th Place ($20,460)

Chase Bianchi raises and Matt Schreiber moves all in for about 350,000; Bianchi calls.


The board runs out       and Schreiber is eliminated in 10th place.

Chase Bianchi - 3,400,000 (68 bb)
Matt Schreiber - Eliminated

06/14/16 07:16:33 PM PDT
Level:27  Blinds:25000/50000  Ante:5000
06/14/16 06:15:54 PM PDT
The players are now on a one-hour dinner break. Play will resume at around 7:15 pm local time.
06/14/16 06:06:11 PM PDT

Chase Bianchi raises to 80,000 from middle position. Chris Leong calls from the button and Felix Morin Dutil calls from the small blind. Charles Carragher raises to 365,000 from the big blind and Bianchi moves all in. Leong and Dutil both fold and Carragher snap calls for 1,055,000.

Charles Carragher:   
Chase Bianchi:   

The board runs out      , safe for Carragher's kings and he doubles up.

Charles Carragher - 2,275,000 (57 bb)
Chase Binachi - 1,900,000 (47 bb)

06/14/16 05:26:25 PM PDT

Roberto Romanello

Roberto Romanello raises to 75,000 and Matt Schreiber reraises to 175,000. Romanello moves all in for 675,000 and Shreiber calls.


The board runs out       and Romanello doubles up through Schreiber.

Roberto Romanello - 1,400,000 (35 bb)
Matt Schreiber - 875,000 (22 bb)

06/14/16 05:18:40 PM PDT
Level:26  Blinds:20000/40000  Ante:5000
06/14/16 05:18:22 PM PDT

Christopher Leong raises to 70,000 and Charles Carragher calls. James Alexander makes it 180,000; Leong folds and Carragher moves 670,000 all in, Alexander calls.


The board runs out       and Carragher doubles up.

Charles Carragher - 1,435,000 (48 bb)
James Alexander - 505,000 (16 bb)

06/14/16 04:58:25 PM PDT

The 10-handed unofficial final table seating:

1: Felix Morin Dutil - 1,755,000 (58 bb)
2: Charles Carragher - 790,000 (26 bb)
3: James Alexander - 1,270,000 (42 bb)
4: Paul Nunez - 690,000 (23 bb)
5: Erik Silberman - 300,000 (10 bb)
6: Chase Bianchi - 2,220,000 (74 bb)
7: Roberto Romanello - 710,000 (23 bb)
8: Cameron Rezaie - 595,000 (19 bb)
9: Matt Schreiber - 1,600,000 (53 bb)
10: Christopher Leong - 1,150,000 (38 bb)

06/14/16 04:57:40 PM PDT

Anuj Dahl out in 11th

Charles Carragher moves all in and is called by Anuj Dahl from the blinds.


The board runs out       and Carragher covers Dahl by 5,000 chips and eliminates him in 11th place. We are now at the unofficial final table of ten. The redraw will be posted shortly.

Charles Carragher - 750,000 (25 bb)
Anuj Dahl - Eliminated in 11th place for $20,460
06/14/16 04:56:15 PM PDT

Koray Aldemir eliminated in 12th

Chris Leong raises to 65,000 under the gun and Koray Aldemir moves all in for 260,000 from the cutoff. Felix Morin Dutil calls from the button. Leong folds and Aldemir is at risk.


The board runs out       and Aldemire doesn't improve and hits the rail.

Felix Morin Dutil - 1,750,000 (58 bb)
Koray Aldemir - Eliminated in 12th place for $20,460

06/14/16 04:55:14 PM PDT

James Chen Eliminated in 13th

Matt Schreiber raises to 65,000 from middle position and James Chen moves all in for 440,000 in late position. Chase Bianchi reships covering both and Schreiber folds.


The board runs out [Qs.6h.5s.9h.6s] and Bianchi stays in front to eliminate James Chen in 13th.

Chase Bianchi - 2,2350,000 (78 bb)
James Chen - Eliminated in 13th place for $20,460

06/14/16 04:49:06 PM PDT


After two hands back-to-back where Danny Wong doubled his opponents, he is now all-in for his tournament life and Felix Morin Dutil calls.


The board runs out   4c]   and Wong has gone from a million in chips to zero in three hands.

Felix Morin Dutil - 1,400,000 (46 bb)
Danny Wong - Eliminated in 14th place

06/14/16 04:43:48 PM PDT

Cameron Rezaie moves all in for 225,000 and Danny Wong calls.


The board comes       to give Rezaie a straight and a double up.

Cameron Rezaie - 500,000 (16 bb)
Danny Wong - 345,000 (17 bb)

06/14/16 04:41:16 PM PDT

Matt Schreiber raises to 60,000, Danny Wong calls, and Christopher Leong moves his last 645,000 all-in,. Schreiber folds, and Wong calls.


The board runs out       and Leong doubles.

Christopher Leong - 1,355,000 (45 bb)
Danny Wong - 575,000 (19 bb)

06/14/16 04:33:42 PM PDT

Anuj Bahl shoved all in from the small blind for a little over 100,00 and Chris Leong calls from the big blind.


The borad runs out       and Leong doubles up with his kings.

Chris Leong - 650,000 (22 bb)
Anuj Bahl - 230,000 (8 bb)

06/14/16 04:30:52 PM PDT

James Mackey Eliminated in 15th

Paul Nunez raises to 70,000 and Chase Bianchi reraises to 180,000 from middle position. James Mackey puts in his last 25,000 from the small blind and Nunez folds.


The board runs out       and Bianchi eliminates Mackey in 15th place.

Chase Bianchi - 1,300,000
James Mackey - Eliminated in 15th place for $16,079

06/14/16 04:25:08 PM PDT

James Chen moves all in for 235,000 from the cutoff and James Mackey calls in the big blind to put him at risk.


The flop is    . "There's always a sweat." says tablemate James Alexander, referencing that Mackey flopped a flush draw to Chen's top pair. The turn is the   and the river is the  , however, which means Chen gets the double up. Mackey is left with only a big blind remaining.

James Chen - 535,000 (17 bb)
James Mackey - 30,000 (1 bb)

06/14/16 04:07:02 PM PDT
Level:25  Blinds:15000/30000  Ante:5000
06/14/16 03:51:51 PM PDT
Players are on their second break of the day.