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2018/19 WSOP Circuit - SEMINOLE COCONUT CREEK (Florida)

Friday, February 15, 2019 to Monday, February 18, 2019

Event #11A: $1,700 MAIN EVENT - Flight A

  • Buy-in: $1,700
  • Prizepool: $0
  • Entries: 353
  • Remaining: tbd
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02/15/19 08:30:05 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 58 minutes ago)


Kammar Andries, Last February's Main Event Champion at Seminole Coconut Creek

The first of two starting flights of the World Series of Poker Circuit Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Main Event is in the books. Day 1A attracted 353 entries and by the end of the day, only 80 players survived.

Big names littered today’s field and after 15 levels of play, Edward Gilffilan surged during one of the last hands of the night to be dealt, jumping past several players to bag the chip lead with an impressive stack of 380,000. He is followed by Bryce McVay with a stack of 318,500. McVay already has four cashes at this stop including a fourth-place finish in Event#7: $600 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed.  Andrew Kaplan rounds up the top three with 313,000, the only three stacks above the 300,000 mark.

Other notables to advance chip stacks to Day 2 include last season's Main Event champion at Seminole Coconut Creek, Kammar Andries (128,500) as well as bracelet winner Chris Tryba (57,000) ring winners Kevin Johnson (116,000), Timothy "T.K." Miles (78,000) and 2015 November Niner Neil Blumenfield (114,000).

Big names who were not fortunate enough to find a bag at the end of the day include bracelet winners Matt Waxman, Leif Force, Loni Harwood, Jessica Dawley, and Warren Sheaves as well as ring winners Russell Sullivan, Stanislav Angelov and Justin Harvell.

With 353 entries today, the event is more than halfway to the $1 million guaranteed prizepool. The second flight gets underway at 11 a.m. on Saturday and the survivors of both flights will be coming back at noon on Sunday to play Day 2.

Complete chip counts for all of the day's survivors are available under the "Reports" tab above.

02/15/19 07:36:54 PM PDT (about 8 hours and 51 minutes ago)
The remaining players are bagging and tagging for the night. End-of-day chip counts and a recap will follow shortly.
02/15/19 07:07:02 PM PDT (about 8 hours and 21 minutes ago)

Kevin Johnson opens to 7,000 under the gun. The player in middle position calls, along with the cutoff, and the big blind.

A flop of     is dealt and checked to the player on the cutoff who bet 12,000. Johnson is the only caller.

The turn brings the   and is checked around ot the   river. Johnnson fires 35,000 and his opponent snap-folds.

Kevin Johnson - 170,000

02/15/19 07:05:45 PM PDT (about 8 hours and 22 minutes ago)

Venezuela's Joseph di Rosa Rojas bets 21,000 pre-flop, and action swings all the way around to the player on his right, Ted McNamara. McNamara's been on a heater and may have briefly been the chip leader, but hits a bump here. McNamara moves all in, and di Rosa Rojas tanks, counts his stacks (he has about another 56,000 behind), and tanks again before calling and showing   . McNamara has   , but gets no help from a         runout and drops down the ranks as the final level of the night continues.

Joseph di Rosa Rojas - 159,000
Ted McNamara - 265,000

02/15/19 06:54:41 PM PDT (about 9 hours and 33 minutes ago)
Level:15  Blinds:1,500/3,000  Ante:500
02/15/19 06:52:47 PM PDT (about 9 hours and 35 minutes ago)

The player in middle position opens to 5,000. Skip Mcdonough, from one seat over, three-bets to 30,000. The player in the small blind four-bet shoves for around 145,000. Mcdonough is the only caller.

Skip Mcdonough:   

The runout is       and Mcdonough doubles up.

Skip Mcdonough - 128,000

02/15/19 06:33:35 PM PDT (about 9 hours and 55 minutes ago)

Mark Dube opens to 6,000 under the gun. The player in middle position calls. The small blind three-bets to 16,000. Dube calls. The player in middle position folds.

The dealer spreads a flop of    . The small blind bets 15,000. Dube calls. 

The turn comes the   and is checked around to the   river. The small blind checks. Dube fires 40,000. His opponent quickly folds.

Mark Dube - 327,000

02/15/19 06:21:10 PM PDT (about 9 hours and 7 minutes ago)

Ryan Van San Ford raises to 5,500 under the gun. The player on the button calls.

A flop of     is dealt. Van San Ford bets 6000. His opponent calls.

The turn is the  . Van San Ford continues with a bet of 9,000, that is enough to claim the pot. 

Ryan Van San Ford - 152,000

02/15/19 06:20:28 PM PDT (about 9 hours and 8 minutes ago)

Matthew Zarcadoolas, the winner earlier this week in Event #6, $400 No-Limit Hold'em, has busted. Zarcadoolas is under 15,000 when he gets his last chips with    against Nadya Magnus's   . Zarcadoolas moves ahead on the     flop and stays there through the   turn, but the river is the  , to send Zarcadoolas to the exit.

Nadya Magnus - 54,000
Matthew Zarcadoolas - Eliminated

02/15/19 06:11:25 PM PDT (about 9 hours and 17 minutes ago)
Level:14  Blinds:1,200/2,400  Ante:400
02/15/19 06:08:29 PM PDT (about 9 hours and 20 minutes ago)

The late-registration window for the 1A starting flight has closed, and after verifying the counts, the day's total field stands at 353 entrants. Turnout is on pace to smash through this event's million-dollar guarantee early in tomorrow's 1B flight.

Meanwhile, the 1A flight is down to 13 tables with less than an hour and a half of action remaining in the day.

02/15/19 05:56:11 PM PDT (about 10 hours and 32 minutes ago)


Chris Tryba moves all in on the cutoff for 26,100. The player in the small blind calls.

Chris Tryba:   

The board runs       and Tryba gets his double up.

Chris Tryba - 55,000

02/15/19 05:47:49 PM PDT (about 10 hours and 40 minutes ago)

Neil Blumenfield opens to 4,500 on the button. Richard Warren in the small blind calls, along with Dave Alfa in the big blind.

The dealer spreads a flop of    . Warren and Alfa check. Blumenfield bets 5,500. Warren folds. Alfa check-raises to 12,000. Blumenfield takes a few seconds of reflection and proceeds to let it go.

Dave Alfa - 115,000
Neil Blumenfield - 75,000

02/15/19 05:33:11 PM PDT (about 10 hours and 55 minutes ago)
Level:13  Blinds:1,000/2,000  Ante:300
02/15/19 05:21:59 PM PDT (about 10 hours and 6 minutes ago)
Players are now on their last 10-minute break of the day. 
02/15/19 05:20:39 PM PDT (about 10 hours and 8 minutes ago)

Athanasios Polychronopoulos

Two-time WSOP bracelet winner Athanasios Polychronopoulos is here at Coconut Creek, searching for that first Circuit win, and he's climbed steadily throughout the day. In this hand, he picks off another short stack. After a flop of    , the short-stacked player checks, Polychronopoulos bets 6,000, and the other player calls.

The turn is the   and the other player pushes all in for a little over 12,000. Polychronopoulos shrugs, then drops a few chips on the felt to call. His    is ahead, but the other player has    for straight and flush draws. The river's a blank, though, and another nice pot is shoved Polychronopoulos's way.

Athanasios Polychronopoulos - 167,000

02/15/19 04:59:41 PM PDT (about 10 hours and 28 minutes ago)

David Sidler opens to 3,600 under the gun. The players in middle position calls, along with Dan Chalifour on the cutoff, Scott Baumstein on the button, and the player in the big blind.

A flop reading     is dealt. and checked around to the   turn. The big blind checks. Sidler bets 8,000. The player in middle position folds. Chalifour calls. Baumstein and the big blind fold.

The   fills up the river. Sidler checks. Chalifour bets 7,500. Sidelr snap-calls. Chalifour shows    for trips but that isn't good enough and Sidler reveals    for a flush to rake in the pot.

David Sidler - 213,000
Dan Chalifour - 72,600

02/15/19 04:55:21 PM PDT (about 11 hours and 33 minutes ago)

David Sidler opens to 4,000 from early position. Dan Chalifour, on the button, calls, along with the big blind.

A flop of     is dealt. The big blind checks. Sidler bets 7,000. Chalifour moves all in for 28,900. The big blind folds. Sidler calls.

David Sidler:   
Dan Chalifour:   

The   turn and   river complete the board and Chalifour makes a straight to double up.

Dan Chalifour - 89,000
David Sidler - 177,000

02/15/19 04:43:39 PM PDT (about 11 hours and 45 minutes ago)
Level:12  Blinds:800/1,600  Ante:200
02/15/19 04:39:20 PM PDT (about 11 hours and 49 minutes ago)

Scott Baumstein opens to 3,000 on the cutoff. David Sidler, in the big blind, calls.

The flop is    . Both players check.

The turn brings the  . Sidler bets 3,000. Baumstein calls.

The   river completes the board and both players opt to check. Sidler shows    and Baumstein reveals    to rake in the pot.

David Sidler - 110,000
Scott Baumstein - 52,000