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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - THE BICYCLE CASINO (Los Angeles)

Saturday, March 10, 2018 to Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Event #8: $1,675 MAIN EVENT

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,057,500
  • Entries: 705
  • Remaining: 0
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03/13/18 04:41:42 PM PDT

Tom Braband opens with a raise to 115,000 from middle position and action folds around to Owen Crowe in the cutoff. Crowe makes it 350,000 and action folds back to Braband, who calls. 

The flop comes down     and Crowe decides to lead out for 400,000. Braband thinks about it for a bit, but eventually decides to fold. That allows Crowe to take down the pot. 

Owen Crowe - 4,600,000 (92 bb)
Tom Braband - 2,700,000 (54 bb)

03/13/18 04:19:10 PM PDT

Martin Carnero

David Pham raises to 115,000 from middle position. Martin Carnero moves all in from the big blind and Pham quickly calls.


The board runs out      . Pham wins with his pocket aces, and Carnero is eliminated. He finishes in eighth place, earning $25,550.

David Pham - 2,825,000 (56 bb)
Martin Carnero - Eliminated

03/13/18 04:13:52 PM PDT

Adam Miller raises to 540,000 from middle position. Kristy Arnett calls from the cutoff.


It's a virtual flip, but the     gives Miller the lead. The turn is the   and the river is the  . Miller wins with his pair of aces and doubles up.

Adam Miller - 1,195,000 (23 bb)
Kristy Arnett - 1,350,000 (27 bb)

03/13/18 04:10:26 PM PDT

David Pham opens with a raise to 115,000. Tom Braband defends the big blind. 

The flop comes down     and Braband checks, then calls a bet of 120,000 from Phan. 

Both players check on the   turn and Braband checks again on the   river. Pham decides to bet 205, and Braband snap calls. Pham shows    but it's no good as Braband has    for three nines. 

"I gotta stop calling you the dragon," Nick Palma says, joking. "It's too intimidating. Like if you said that to someone with no information. 'Who are you playing against? The Dragon? That doesn't sound good.'"

Tom Braband - 2,800,000 (56 bb)
David Pham - 2,050,000 (41 bb)

03/13/18 04:01:28 PM PDT

Nick Palma raises to 110,000. David Pham calls from the small blind and Kristy Arnett calls from the big blind.

The flop is     and the blinds both check. Palma continues for 150,000 and that's enough to win the pot.

Nick Palma - 1,285,000 (25 bb)

03/13/18 03:55:45 PM PDT
Level:28  Blinds:25,000/50,000  Ante:5,000
03/13/18 03:44:04 PM PDT
Players are now on a short break. The final table will resume at about 3:55 p.m.
03/13/18 03:42:54 PM PDT

Tom Braband raises to 90,000 from the button and Nick Palma raises all in for 435,000 from the small blind. Braband quickly calls.


The flop is     and Braband stays ahead with his ace-queen, but the turn is the   to the give Palma the lead. The river is the   and Palma doubles up.

Nick Palma - 950,000 (23 bb)
Tom Braband - 2,440,000 (61 bb)

03/13/18 03:40:53 PM PDT

Kevin Gimble

Kevin Gimble opens with a raise to 90,000 from under the gun. Action folds to Kristy Arnett who moves all in for over 1 million with a covering stack over Gimble. Action folds back around to Gimble who calls quickly. 


The flop comes down     which gives Arnett even more outs to a flush. When the   comes on the turn though, Gimble taps the table after making a full house, killing Arnett's flush out. But the river is an unexpected out. It's the  . This gives both players quads, but Arnett makes quads with an ace kicker. The table lets out a series of "ooos" and "ahhs" as Gimble stands up from the table, shocked. With that, Arnett moves over 2 million chips and Gimble is sent to the rail in 9th place, collecting $20,285 for his finish. 

Kristy Arnett - 2,025,000
Kevin Gimble - Eliminated

03/13/18 03:23:48 PM PDT

Kristy Arnett raises to 105,000 from the hijack and Martin Carnero calls from the big blind.

The flop is     and Carnero checks. Arnett continues for 110,000. Carnero calls.

The turn is the   and both players check. The   completes the board on the river. Carnero leads out for 150,000. Arnett thinks for about a minute, then puts out a raise to 325,000, and Carnero quickly folds.

Kristy Arnett - 1,200,000 (30 bb)
Martin Carnero - 810,000 (20 bb)

03/13/18 03:18:47 PM PDT

From early position, Martin Carnero opens with a raise to 90,000. Action folds around to Tom Braband in the big blind who calls. 

The flop comes down     and Braband checks. Carnero continues with a bet of 75,000 and Braband tags along. 

The turn is the   which sees both players check. The river is the   and this time, Braband leads out, betting 80,000. Carnero quickly folds and Braband takes down the pot. 

Tom Braband - 2,950,000 (74 bb)
Martin Carnero - 1,350,000 (34 bb)

03/13/18 03:07:01 PM PDT

Action has been a little slow since the start of the official final table. For four consecutive hands, a player raised preflop, and everyone else folded.

The following hand, Martin Carnero raises to 95,000 from the cutoff and Owen Crowe calls from the button. Both players check all three streets as the board runs out      . Carnero tables   , and that wins the pot. This was the first showdown since the official final table began.

Martin Carnero - 1,420,000 (35 bb)

03/13/18 02:40:03 PM PDT
Level:27  Blinds:20,000/40,000  Ante:5,000
03/13/18 02:39:07 PM PDT

The official final table is now underway. Here are the current chip counts:

Owen Crowe - 3,885,000 (129 bb)
Kevin Gimble - 900,000 (30 bb)
Adam Miller - 795,000 (26 bb)
David Pham - 2,275,000 (75 bb)
Kristy Arnett - 740,000 (24 bb)
Adam Swan - 655,000 (21 bb)
Tom Braband - 2,735,000 (91 bb)
Nick Palma - 690,000 (23 bb)
Martin Carnero - 1,420,000 (47 bb)

03/13/18 02:13:12 PM PDT

Brett Murray

Brett Murray opens with a raise to 70,000 from early position only to meet a three-bet from Owen Crowe to 215,000. Action folds back to Murray who calls. 

The flop comes down     and Murray checks to Crowe who bets 260,000. Murray thinks for a bit, then calls.

When the   hits the turn, Murray checks again. This time Crowe moves all in with a covering stack. Murray leans back in his chair and throws his hands up, muttering to himself. Eventually he shrugs, sighs, and calls putting his tournament life at risk for a giant pot. 


It's a massive pot and a massive cooler for Murray who is way behind. The river is the   and that changes nothing. Murray is eliminated in 10th, collecting $16,305, while Crowe extends his chip lead, pulling far away from the pack. 

There will be a short pause while the final 9 players move to the Live at the Bike streamed table. 

Owen Crowe - 4,200,000 (140 bb)
Brett Murray - Eliminated

03/13/18 02:02:50 PM PDT

Tom Braband raises to 65,000 from under the gun and Adam Swan calls in the big blind.

Both players check the     flop, and the turn is the  . Both players check again. Swan then leads out for 40,000 on the   river. Braband thinks a minute, then folds.

Adam Swan - 670,000 (22 bb)
Tom Braband - 2,850,000 (95 bb)

03/13/18 01:46:36 PM PDT

Owen Crowe opens with a raise and two seats over, Adam Miller moves all in over the top for 400,000 exactly. Action folds back around to Crowe who calls. 


"Well," Miller says. "That's the best I can do."

The flop comes down     and that puts miller in a commanding lead. The turn is the   and the river is the   which are both bricks. With that, Miller locks up a double up to right around 900,000, keeping the final table at 10 players for the time being. 

Adam Miller - 900,000 (30 bb)
Owen Crowe - 2,300,000 (77 bb)

03/13/18 01:42:59 PM PDT

Tom Braband raises to 70,000 from early position, and Kristy Arnett calls from the big blind.

The flop is     and Arnett pushes all in for 285,000. Braband quickly tosses out a chip to call.


Braband is ahead with his top pair, but Arnett has outs to a flush. The turn is a blank, but the river is another club to fill Arnett's flush and she doubles up.

Kristy Arnett - 775,000 (25 bb)
Tom Braband - 2,600,000 (86 bb)

03/13/18 01:33:03 PM PDT

The final ten players are now seated at one table:

1 - Owen Crowe - 2,700,000 (90 bb)
2 - Kevin Gimble - 820,000 (27 bb)
3 - Adam Miller - 460,000 (15 bb)
4 - David Pham - 2,200,000 (73 bb)
5 - Kristy Arnett - 375,000 (12 bb)
6 - Adam Swan - 750,000 (22 bb)
7 - Tom Braband - 2,580,000 (86 bb)
8 - Nick Palma - 845,000 (28 bb)
9 - Martin Carnero - 1,600,000 (53 bb)
10 - Brett Murray - 1,760,000 (59 bb)

03/13/18 01:27:52 PM PDT

Scott Saunder

Action folds to the cutoff where Scott Saunders moves all in for right around 500,000. Action folds to the big blind where David Pham calls after looking at his cards. 


The board runs out       keeping Pham in the lead the whole way with his kings. Pham takes down the pot and moves to over 2 million in chips while Saunders collects $16,305 for his 11th place finish.

With that, the final final ten players are now redrawing for seats. 

David Pham - 2,200,000 (73 bb)
Scott Saunders - Eliminated