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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - THE BICYCLE CASINO (Los Angeles)

Saturday, March 10, 2018 to Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Event #8: $1,675 MAIN EVENT

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,057,500
  • Entries: 705
  • Remaining: 0
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03/13/18 06:51:54 PM PDT
David Pham Wins Three-Way Pot

Owen Crowe raises to 175,000 and David Pham calls from the small blind. Tom Braband also calls from the big blind.

The flop is     and it's checked to Crowe. He continues for 200,000. Pham puts in a raise, and both other players quickly fold.

David Pham - 5,850,000 (73 bb)

03/13/18 06:47:12 PM PDT
Owen Crowe Shoves on Tom Braband

From the small blind, Tom Braband limps in. Owen Crowe checks his option in the big blind. 

The flop comes down     and Braband checks over to Crowe who bets 125,000. Braband then decides to check-raise, making it 360,000. Action is back on Crowe who thinks for a bit then moves all in. Braband doesn't ask for a count, just folds. 

Owen Crowe - 1,600,000 (20 bb)

03/13/18 06:40:37 PM PDT
Nick Palma Eliminated in 4th Place ($73,170)

Nick Palma

David Pham raises to 185,000 from under the gun. It folds around to Nick Palma in the small blind, and he moves all in for 1,575,000 total. Pham goes into the tank. After a minute, Palma tells him, "If you haven't called yet, you're gonna lose." But after thinking another 30 seconds or so, Pham calls anyway.


The board runs out      . Pham's pocket pair holds up, and Palma is eliminated. He finishes in fourth place for $73,170.

David Pham - 4,850,000 (60 bb)
Nick Palma - Eliminated

03/13/18 06:27:33 PM PDT
Kristy Arnett Eliminated in 5th Place ($55,150)

Kristy Arnett

Action folds around to the small blind where Kristy Arnett moves all in for 885,000. Tom Braband is in the big blind and he asks for a count before finally deciding to call. 


The flop comes down     which puts Braband in the lead, but keeps Arnett live with a flush draw, as well as an ace. The turn is the   though, killing some of those outs. The river is the   which gives Arnett a meaningless pair. She finishes the tournament in 5th place and collects $55,150 for her run in the main event. Braband collects another pot and pulls further away from the remaining players. 

Tom Braband - 8,550,000 (107 bb)
Kristy Arnett - Eliminated

03/13/18 06:21:54 PM PDT
David Pham Doubles Through Owen Crowe

Owen Crowe raises to 175,000 from the button and David Pham reraises all in from the small blind. Pham has 1,460,000, and Crowe calls.


Crowe is ahead with his pocket pair, but the flop comes down     to give Pham a pair of aces and the lead. The turn is the  , and the river the  . Pham wins with his aces to double up.

David Pham - 3,050,000 (38 bb)
Owen Crowe - 1,830,000 (22 bb)

03/13/18 06:13:24 PM PDT
Level 30 Started
Level:30  Blinds:40,000/80,000  Ante:10,000
03/13/18 05:56:01 PM PDT
Second Break
Players are now on a 15-minute break. The tournament will resume at roughly 6:10 p.m.
03/13/18 05:48:18 PM PDT
Nick Palma vs. David Pham

Nick Palma raises to 135,000 from the button and David Pham calls from the button.

The flop is    . Pham checks and Palma continues to 100,000. Pham then check-raises to 280,000. Palma calls.

The turn is the   and Pham now checks. Palma bets 215,000. Pham quickly folds.

Nick Palma - 1,725,000 (28 bb)
David Pham - 1,150,000 (19 bb)

03/13/18 05:40:47 PM PDT
Tom Braband Takes More From David Pham

Tom Braband opens with a raise to 150,000 from under the gun. David Pham calls from the small blind.

On the     flop, both players check. They check again on the   turn. The river is the   and Pham decides to put out a small bet of 60,000. Braband thinks for a bit, then raises to 200,000. Pham thinks briefly, then calls. Braband shows his    and that's enough to earn him the pot. 

Tom Braband - 6,950,000 (116 bb)
DAvid Pham - 1,450,000 (24 bb)

03/13/18 05:31:33 PM PDT
Tom Braband Takes From David Pham

David Pham raises to 135,000 from the cutoff. Tom Braband three-bets to 435,000 from the small blind. Pham thinks for a minute, then reraises to 1,010,000. Now Braband thinks for a minute. He five-bet shoves for over 5,000,000, more than Pham has. Pham quickly folds.

Tom Braband - 6,700,000 (111 bb)
David Pham - 1,650,000 (27 bb)

03/13/18 05:27:01 PM PDT
Kristy Arnett Drops to the Shorest Stack

Tom Braband opens with a raise to 150,000 first to act. Action folds around to the blinds where Kristy Arnett three-bets, making it 460,000. Braband calls. 

Both players check on the     flop and the   comes on the turn. Arnett checks for a second time and Braband fires out a bet of 285,000. Arnett doesn't take long to release. After losing the pot, Arnett drops to the shortest stack while Braband takes over the chip lead. 

Tom Braband - 5,500,000 (92 bb)
Kristy Arnett - 950,000 (16 bb)

03/13/18 05:20:56 PM PDT
Adam Miller Eliminated in 6th Place ($42,120)

Adam Miller

Adam Miller moves all in for his last 190,000 from the hijack. Kristy Arnett calls from the button. Tom Braband is in the small blind, and he tanks for about two minutes, then raises to 525,000. Arnett quickly folds.


Miller needs help against Braband's aces, and the flop puts Braband further ahead:    . The turn is the  , and the river the  . Braband improves to a full house, and he wins the pot.

Adam Miller is eliminated in sixth place, earning $42,120

Tom Braband - 4,900,000 (81 bb)
Kristy Arnett - 1,400,000 (23 bb)
Adam Miller - Eliminated

03/13/18 05:14:39 PM PDT
Tom Braband Picks Off David Pham's Bluff

David Pham opens with a raise to 140,000. Tom Braband defends from the big blind. 

The flop is     and Braband checks to Pham who bets 140,000 again. Braband calls. 

Both players check quickly on the   turn and on the   river, Braband checks again. Pham bets 220,000 and Braband takes a while to think before calling. Pham turns over    for queen-high, while Braband tables    for a pair of eights, allowing him to take down the pot. 

"Ah, so the Dragon doesn't have aces every time," Nick Palma says upon seeing the hands table. "That's good information to have."

Tom Braband - 4,750,000 (79 bb)
David Pham - 2,500,000 (42 bb)

03/13/18 05:08:35 PM PDT
Nick Palma Doubles Through Adam Miller

Nick Palma moves all in for 710,000 from the cutoff and Adam Miller reraises all in from the small blind. The big blind folds and the hands are tabled.


Palma is in good shape with his ace-queen. And the board doesn't offer Miller any real help, as it runs out      .

Palma wins with two pair, aces and nines, with a queen kicker, and he doubles through Miller.

Nick Palma - 1,550,000 (25 bb)
Adam Miller - 225,000 (3 bb)

03/13/18 05:01:52 PM PDT
Level 28 Started
Level:28  Blinds:30,000/60,000  Ante:10,000
03/13/18 05:01:19 PM PDT
Kristy Arnett Takes From Tom Braband

From the small blind, Kristy Arnett limps in. Tom Braband is in the big blind and he raises, making it 175,000. Arnett calls. 

The flop is     and both players check. They check again on the   turn, and they both check a third time on the   river. Arnett turns over her    and her two pair is enough to take down the pot, pushing her closer to 2 million chips while Braband drops down to about 3 million. 

Kristy Arnett - 1,700,000 (34 bb)
Tom Braband - 3,100,000 (62 bb)

03/13/18 04:58:17 PM PDT
Tom Braband Wins Preflop Raising War

Tom Braband raises to 120,000 from middle position. Owen Crowe then reraises to 350,000 from the button. Braband thinks for about two minutes, then four-bets to 850,000. Crowe quickly folds.

Tom Braband - 3,650,000 (73 bb)
Owen Crowe - 3,900,000 (78 bb)

03/13/18 04:56:18 PM PDT
David Pham Takes from Owen Crowe

David Pham raises to 115,000 from middle position and Owen Crowe calls from the big blind.

The flop is    . Crowe checks and Pham continues for 120,000. Crowe then check-raises to 440,000 and Pham calls.

Both players check the   on the turn, and they check again on the   river.

Crowe turns over   , and Pham wins the pot with    for two pair.

David Pham - 3,300,000 (66 bb)
Owen Crowe - 4,050,000 (81 bb)

03/13/18 04:50:38 PM PDT
Adam Swan Eliminated in 7th Place ($32,590)

Adam Swan

After a raise to 115,000 from David Pham, Adam Swan moves all in from late position for 525,000. Next to act, Tom Braband thinks for a bit before deciding to just call. Action folds back to Pham and he folds as well. 


The board runs out       which gives both players full houses, but Braband makes the better of the two and is awarded the pot. For his 7th place finish, Swan will collect $32,590. 

After the hand, Nick Palma claims he folded pocket tens from the big blind, and says it was lucky that Braband had aces. 

Tom Braband - 3,250,000 (65 bb)
Adam Swan - Eliminated

03/13/18 04:45:02 PM PDT
Kristy Arnett vs. Tom Braband

Kristy Arnett raises to 105,000 from the button and Tom Braband calls from the big blind.

The flop is    . Braband checks and Arnett continues for 115,000. Braband calls.

The turn is the   and Braband checks again. Arnett thinks for about 30 seconds, then bets 210,000. Braband quickly folds.

Kristy Arnett - 1,600,000 (32 bb)
Tom Braband - 2,500,000 (50 bb)

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