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Friday, May 04, 2018 to Monday, May 07, 2018

Event #9: $1,675 MAIN EVENT ($500K Guarantee)

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $769,500
  • Entries: 513
  • Remaining: 0
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05/07/18 11:16:04 AM PDT

James St. Hilaire opens to 90,000 from the cutoff, Kyle Adams calls from the button, and Mike Jukich defends his big blind.

All three players check the     flop. The turn brings the  , it checks to Adams who bets 115,000 and both of his opponents call. 

It checks around on the   river. Jukich turns over    for the winning flush. 

Mike Jukich - 2,340,000 (59 bb)
Kyle Adams - 1,250,000 (31 bb)
James St. Hilare - 1,800,000 (45 bb)

05/07/18 10:58:06 AM PDT

From early position, Jeremy Stein opens with a raise to 90,000. Kyle Adams calls from the button. 

The flop is     and Stein leads for 80,000. Adams calls. 

On the   turn, Stein bets again, this time making it 180,000. Adams thinks for a bit, then calls once more. 

Both players decide to check on the   turn. Stein shows    for just king-high, but Adams has him beat with    for a pair of fours. That earns Adams the pot and chips him up to just over 1,600,000.

Kyle Adams - 1,600,000 (40 bb)
Jeremy Stein - 2,600,000 (65 bb)

05/07/18 10:46:19 AM PDT

Ari Eiblum 

From the button, Ari Eiblum opens with a raise to 100,000. James St. Hilaire is in the big blind and he moves all in for 865,000. St. Hilaire has Eiblum covered by just a big. Eiblum thinks for over a minute before calling and putting himself at risk.

St. Hilaire:   

The board runs out       and that gives St. Hilaire a winning two pair and allows him to take down the pot. Eiblum hits the rail in 9th place and collects $15,352 for his run in the Main Event. 

James St. Hilaire - 1,760,000 (44 bb)
Ari Eiblum - Eliminated

05/07/18 10:34:00 AM PDT
Level:27  Blinds:20,000/40,000  Ante:5,000
05/07/18 10:28:32 AM PDT

From early position James St. Hilaire opens to 70,000. Chris Caruso calls from the big blind. 

Both players check the     flop to see the   on the turn. There, Caruso leads out for 125,000. St. Hilaire calls. 

The river is the   and both players check again. Caruso shows    and that's good to earn him the pot with third pair, pushing him over 800,000. 

Chris Caruso - 860,000 (29 bb)
James St. Hilaire - 760,000 (25 bb)

05/07/18 10:25:31 AM PDT

From the button, Mike Jukich limps in. Kyle Jensen calls from the small blind and Jeremy Stein checks from the big. 

The flop is     and action checks to Jukich who bets 65,000. Stein is the only caller. 

Both players check on the   turn and the   hits the river. There, Stein checks a third time and folds to a bet of 185,000 from Jukich. That allows Jukich to take down the small pot and chip back up a bit. 

Mike Jukich - 1,500,000 (50 bb)
Jeremy Stein - 2,760,000 (92 bb)

05/07/18 10:16:43 AM PDT

From the small blind, Paul Fisher opens with a raise to 80,000. Mike Jukich calls from the big blind. 

Both players check on the     flop to see the   on the turn. There, Fisher moves all in for 260,000. Jukich calls. 


It's a cooler situation and Jukich is already drawing dead. The river is the   but it changes nothing so Fisher doubles to over 700,000. 

Paul Fisher - 725,000 (24 bb)
Mike Jukich - 1,400,000 (47 bb)

05/07/18 10:07:20 AM PDT

From the button, Mike Jukich limps in. Kyle Jensen calls from the small and Jeremy Stein checks his option in the big blind. 

The flop is     and all three player check to see the   on the turn. There, action checks to Jukich who bets 65,000. Jensen calls while Stein folds. 

The river is the   and Jensen leads out for 85,000. Jukich thinks for a bit then calls. Jensen shows his    and his two pair is good to take down the pot, pushing him to 600,000. 

Kyle Jensen - 600,000 (20 bb)
Mike Jukich - 1,630,000 (54 bb)

05/07/18 09:57:42 AM PDT

The Final Table Stage 

Players took a short break to move to a feature final table arrangement at the Horseshoe Baltimore but now cards are back in the air and action is underway.

05/07/18 09:32:41 AM PDT

Orod Ashegh 

Action folds around to the button where Orod Ashegh moves all in for 130,000 total. Chris Conrad calls from the big blind. 


The board flop comes down     and that puts Ashegh in a big hole as Conrad pairs his jack. The turn is a blank card, as is the river   and with that Ashegh is eliminated from the tournament in 10th place. 

Chris Conrad - 715,000 (24 bb)
Orod Asegh - Eliminated

05/07/18 09:27:56 AM PDT

The remaining ten players have combined at the unofficial final table. Here's how they stack up:

Seat 1: Chris Caruso - 720,000
Seat 2: Orod Ashegh - 135,000
Seat 3: Ari Eiblum - 1,225,000
Seat 4: Chris Conrad - 580,000
Seat 5: James St. Hilaire - 1,050,000
Seat 6: Kyle Adams - 815,000
Seat 7: Paul Fisher - 500,000
Seat 8: Mike Jukich - 1,900,000
Seat 9: Kyle Jensen - 445,000
Seat 10: Jeremy Stein - 3,255,000

05/07/18 09:24:12 AM PDT

William LeBleu 

Action folds around to the blinds where William LeBleu limps in for 30,000. Jeremy Stein is in the big blind and he makes it 90,000. LeBleu calls. 

The flop comes down     and LeBleu checks. Stein bets 125,000 and LeBleu calls. 

On the   turn, LeBleu checks again. This time he calls a bet of 335,000 from Stein. 

"It's never easy," LeBleu says as he calls.

The river is the   and LeBleu quickly moves all in for right around 700,000. Stein snap calls and their hands are turned up. LeBleu has    while Stein holds    for the nut straight. LeBleu is sent to the rail in 11th place while Stein vaults back over 2 million chips. 

Jeremy Stein - 3,255,000 (109 bb)
William LeBleu - Eliminated

05/07/18 09:17:03 AM PDT

Jeremy Stein opens to 70,000 from under the gun, it folds around to William LeBleu who defends his big blind. 

The flop comes    , LeBleu checks and Stein bets 75,000. LeBleu calls. 

The turn brings the  , LeBleu checks, and Stein bets 140,000. LeBleu check raises all in for 645,000 and Stein contemplates a while before eventually laying it down.

LeBleu shows   .

Jeremy Stein - 1,600,000 (53 bb)
William LeBleu - 1,250,000 (42 bb)

05/07/18 09:02:58 AM PDT
Cards in the air for the final day of the World Series of Poker Circuit at Horseshoe Baltimore. 
05/07/18 09:00:36 AM PDT
Level:26  Blinds:15,000/30,000  Ante:5,000
05/06/18 10:10:12 PM PDT

Jeremy Stein

This World Series of Poker Circuit stop at Horseshoe Baltimore comes to a climax today with the conclusion of both the High Roller and the Main Event.

From a starting field of 513 entries, the final 11 Main Event players return to play for the title. Ring winner Jeremy Stein leads the way with a stack 2,060,000, but Michael Jukich is right on his heals with 1,825,000.

Everyone left is guaranteed to earn at least $12,381 today, but all eyes are on the top prize of $165,438. On top of that, the tournament’s winner earns a gold ring and a berth in the prestigious Global Casino Championship where they’ll compete for a WSOP bracelet. 

Blinds will be 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante when Day 3 begins, and the average stack is just about 31 big blinds.

Action is set to resume at noon local time on Monday May 7th. Updates will be posted on so make sure to stay tuned in for all of the action.