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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - HARRAH'S CHEROKEE (North Carolina)

Friday, April 20, 2018 to Monday, April 23, 2018

Event #10A: $1,675 MAIN EVENT

  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $0
  • Entries: 634
  • Remaining: tbd
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04/21/18 04:18:10 PM PST (about 5 minutes ago)
Level 11 Started
Level:11  Blinds:500/1,000  Ante:100
04/21/18 04:09:17 PM PST (about 14 minutes ago)
Mike Gracz Eliminated by Matt Higgins

Matt Higgins opens with a raise in middle position, and Mike Gracz three-bet shoves for just over 10,000 behind him. Higgins calls, tabling two live cards against a suited ace.


The board runs out      , and Higgins wins the pot with queens up. Gracz is eliminated.

Matt Higgins - 90,000
Mike Gracz - Eliminated

04/21/18 04:08:04 PM PST (about 15 minutes ago)
Clifford Billups Among the Chip Leaders

Clifford Billups 

Nick Palma opens to 2,000 from under the gun, early position calls, and Clifford Billups raises to 6,500 from the cutoff. Palma calls and its heads up to the flop.

The flop comes     and both players check. The turn is the  , Palma checks and Billups bets 5,000. Palma calls. 

The river is the  , Palma checks again and Billups puts in a pile of grey 5,000 chips, covering Palma.

Palma goes into the tank for a while and says "I know you have it, I'm just bemoaning the fold". Palma lays it down and Billups shows   .

Clifford Billups - 170,000
Nick Palma - 25,000

04/21/18 03:58:51 PM PST (about 25 minutes ago)
Leif Force Moves In, Moves Up

In what appears to be a three-bet pot, Leif Force is heads-up from the button on a     flop. The small blind bets 3,500 into a pot of about twice that, and Force calls.

The turn is the  , and the small blind bets 7,000. Force raises to 18,000, and his opponent calls.

The river is the  . When it checks to Force, he moves all in for 37,500. The small blind squirms in his chair for a few minutes, talking through Force's possible holdings. "Set of sixes? No? Yes?"

Force just pecks away quietly on his phone, and the small blind eventually folds to surrender the pot.

Leif Force - 88,000

04/21/18 03:34:52 PM PST (about 49 minutes ago)
Level 10 Started
Level:10  Blinds:400/800  Ante:100
04/21/18 02:33:59 PM PST (about 2 hours and 50 minutes ago)
Dinner Break

Yaser Al-Keliddar sits among the chip leaders with around 140,000

Players are currently on a 60-minute dinner break. They will return to increased blinds and antes of 400/800 with a 100 ante.

04/21/18 02:32:11 PM PST (about 2 hours and 51 minutes ago)
Matt Higgins Moves in On Mike Gracz

Event #1 winner Matt Higgins opens to 1,400 in middle position, and Mike Gracz three-bets to 4,100 a couple seats over. Higgins calls, as the rest of the table wanders away for dinner break.

The flop is    . Higgins checks, Gracz continues for 3,200, and Higgins check-raises all in with the larger stack. Gracz has about 13,000 chips left in front of him, and he tanks for several minutes before surrendering his cards into the muck.

"All right, one time," Higgins says, sliding his cards over to his opponent for review. Gracz peeks, seems satisfied with what he sees, and heads off to dinner.

Higgins is among the chip leaders as he departs, too.

Matt Higgins - 105,000
Mike Gracz - 13,000

04/21/18 02:02:28 PM PST (about 2 hours and 21 minutes ago)
Mark Dumonski Takes One Out in Three-Way All in

A player in late position has 4,500 in from of him and the button moves all in for 15,000. The big blind calls, as does Mark Dumonski and the player in late position.

The flop comes    , the big blind moves all in for around 25,000, and Dumonksi calls all in for around 5,000. Late position folds and the three all in players table their hands. 

Mark Dumonski:   
Big Blind:   

The turn,   and river   come running hearts for Dumonski to make the nut flush to avoid elimination and knock a player out.

Mark Dumonski - 66,000

04/21/18 01:51:21 PM PST (about 3 hours and 32 minutes ago)
Level 9 Started
Level:9  Blinds:300/600  Ante:100
04/21/18 01:50:02 PM PST (about 3 hours and 33 minutes ago)
Richard Seymour is Climbing the Charts

On a final board reading       a player in middle position bets 4,500 into a pot with around 18,000 in it. 

Action is on Richard Seymour in the hijack. Seymour thinks shortly before deciding to call. Middle position tables    but has kicker problems against Seymour's   .

Richard Seymour - 60,000

04/21/18 01:44:27 PM PST (about 3 hours and 39 minutes ago)
Tripp Kirk Eliminated by Jim Gilbert

Tripp Kirk gets his last 6,000 or so into the middle from late position, and Jim Gilbert puts him at risk from the blinds.


The board runs out blanks, coming       to give Gilbert the pot with nines up.

Kirk is eliminated, though it appears he still has his re-entry available, should he choose to use it.

Jim Gilbert - 35,000
Tripp Kirk - Eliminated

04/21/18 01:15:02 PM PST (about 3 hours and 8 minutes ago)
Richard Seymour in Scenic Cherokee
04/21/18 01:14:48 PM PST (about 3 hours and 9 minutes ago)
Level 8 Started
Level:8  Blinds:250/500  Ante:75
04/21/18 12:56:52 PM PST (about 3 hours and 27 minutes ago)
Dan Wagner Wins One

Dan Wagner opens to 1,000 from late position and the button calls. 

The flop comes    , Wagner bets 1,400 and his opponent calls. The turn brings the  , and Wagner bets 4,000, winning himself the pot. 

Dan Wagner - 44,000

04/21/18 12:52:44 PM PST (about 4 hours and 31 minutes ago)
Sue Faber, Jeter Brock Eliminated by Gregory Armand

Jeter Brock and Sue Faber each get their stacks in preflop against Gregory Armand, who has them both covered.


The     flop leaves Brock dead to one immediate out, while Armand picks up a flush draw for the double knockout. The   on the turn doesn't change anything, but the   river fills that flush to give Armand the pot.

Faber began the hand with around 24,000 chips, Brock with about half that, and both have been eliminated.

Gregory Armand - 65,000
Sue Faber - Eliminated
Jeter Brock - Eliminated

04/21/18 12:44:14 PM PST (about 4 hours and 39 minutes ago)
JJ Liu vs. Dylan Wilkerson

On a flop of     with around 2,200 in the pot, JJ Liu checks from the big blind. Dylan Wilkerson bets 700 from the button and Liu calls.

The turn brings the  , Liu checks and Wilkerson bets 1,800. Liu calls. 

Both players check the   on the river, Liu turns over the winning    and Wilkerson mucks. 

JJ Liu - 21,000
Dylan Wilkerson - 40,000

04/21/18 12:35:01 PM PST (about 4 hours and 48 minutes ago)
Level 7 Started
Level:7  Blinds:200/400  Ante:50
04/21/18 12:21:33 PM PST (about 4 hours and 2 minutes ago)
Second Break, Same as the First

Level 6 concludes, and the field is on its second break of the day. Day 1B attendance has swollen to 551 entries, with late registration open until about 9:45 p.m.

04/21/18 12:18:01 PM PST (about 4 hours and 5 minutes ago)
Jeff Trudeau Wins the Last Hand Before Break

Jeff Trudeau opens to 700 from under the gun, it folds around to the big blind who defends.

The flop comes    , the big blind checks and Trudeau bets 900. His opponent calls.

Both players check the   on the turn. The river brings the  , the big blind checks and Trudeau bets 2,550. 

The big blind calls and Trudeau turns over the winning    top pair. His opponent mucks. 

Jeff Trudeau - 26,000

04/21/18 12:00:15 PM PST (about 4 hours and 23 minutes ago)
Loni Harwood Takes One

Loni Harwood

On a flop showing     with around 4,000 in the pot, action checks to Loni Harwood in late position, who bets 1,600. Her opponent in the hijack calls.

The turn brings the  , Harwood checks, and the hijack bets 3,000. Harwood calls. 

Both players check the   on the river and Harwood turns over the winning    straight. Her opponent mucks and Harwood rakes in the pot.

Loni Harwood - 40,000

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