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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - POTAWATOMI (Milwaukee)

Friday, February 09, 2018 to Monday, February 12, 2018

Event #10: $1,675 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $906,000
  • Entries: 604
  • Remaining: 0
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02/12/18 12:08:49 PM PDT
Players are now on a 15-minute break.
02/12/18 12:08:25 PM PDT

Keven Stammen raises to 90,000 in the cutoff, and Michael Crawford raises to 145,000 in the small blind. Stammen calls.

The flop comes    . Crawford bets 175,000, Stammen pauses and then calls.

The turn is the  . Crawford quickly bets 250,000, and Stammen pauses for over a minute before calling.

The river is the  , and Crawford very quickly moves all-in. Stammen goes deep into the tank.

Over a minute passes before Stammen asks for a chip count. Upon hearing the 970,000 total, he sits for three minutes motionless.

Eventually Crawford calls the clock, and Stammen again asks the dealer the total. She repeats the 970,000 total.

The clock runs out, and at the end of the 30-seconds, Stammen tosses his cards into the muck.

"Show that obvious bluff," Maurice Hawkins says to Crawford.

Crawford confidently tosses    across the table so that it lands in from of Stammen.

Stammen hunches his shoulders a bit before standing up in his chair in preparation to head out into break.

"That was such an obvious bluff," Andy Philachacck says as the players depart the table area.

Michael Crawford - 2,360,000 (59 bb)
Keven Stammen - 1,810,000 (45 bb)

02/12/18 11:54:59 AM PDT

Barry Schmiess opens to 100,000 preflop and John Reading defends from the big blind.

The flop comes     and Reading checks. Schmiess continues for 100,000 and Reading calls.

The turn is the   and both players check. The river is the   and Reading leads for 150,000. Schmiess raises to 500,000 and Reading eventually calls.

Schmiess turns over    for a straight and Reading mucks.

Barry Schmiess - 2,450,000 (61 bb)
John Reading - 3,000,000 (75 bb)

02/12/18 11:47:06 AM PDT

Yesterday, Keven Stammen woke up with pocket aces in the small blind at least twice over the course of the day. One of them was against Maurice Hawkins, in which Hawkins flopped a set of sevens to double.

Action folds to Andy Philachack on the button who raises to 100,000. Keven Stammen raises to 275,000 in the small blind. Philachack pauses for nearly a minute before opting to fold.

Philachack shows   , and Stammen shows   .

"I dont know man, I was afraid you woke up with aces," Philachack jokes as the pot is pushed to Stammen.

Keven Stammen - 2,000,000
Andy Philachack - 2,100,000

02/12/18 11:35:32 AM PDT

Keith Heine from Day 2

Andy Philachack opens to 100,000 and Keith Heine goes all in for 380,000. Philachack calls with    and is ahead of the    of Heine.

The board runs out      , giving Philachack the winner and eliminating Heine.

Andy Philachack - 1,800,000
Keith Heine - Eliminated in 7th place ($28,340)

02/12/18 11:27:41 AM PDT

Jose Montes on Day 2

Barry Schmiess raises to 100,000 and Jose Montes goes all in from the big blind for his last 680,000.

"Alright, I'll gamble. I call," Schmiess says tossing in a chip and showing   .

Montes has   .

The board runs out       and Schmiess's gamble pays off. Montes is eliminated in eighth place.

Barry Schmiess - 2,100,000
Jose Montes - Eliminated in 8th place ($22,215)

02/12/18 11:17:00 AM PDT

Keven Stammen opens to 90,000. John Reading calls on the button. Keith Heine calls in the small blind. With three players paying up to see the flop, Michael Crawford three bets to 315,000.

It is back around to Stammen who folds. Reading gives it a thought, but folds. Then, Heine throws his hand to the muck too. Crawford rakes in his opponents' preflop action.

Michael Crawford - 1,085,000 (27 bb)

02/12/18 11:01:55 AM PDT
Level:27  Blinds:20,000/40,000  Ante:5,000
02/12/18 11:00:08 AM PDT

Jose Montes raises to 65,000 in the cutoff, and Michael Crawford moves all in for 365,000 in the big blind. Montes pauses for nearly a minute before calling.


The board runs out       for Crawford to double up.

"How did you not win that hand Jose?" tablemate Andy Philachack says, "you always win with queen-jack?"

"I dont know, I'm terrible at poker. I am fine until the cards are turned over," Montes says with a half-smile.

Michael Crawford - 800,000 (26 bb)
Jose Montes - 520,000 (17 bb)

02/12/18 10:58:04 AM PDT

Keith Heine opens to 60,000 and Andy Philachack, Jose Montes, and John Reading all call.

The flop comes     and the action checks to Heine. He bets 200,000 and John Reading is the only player to continue. He raises to 400,000 and Heine tanks for about one minute before folding.

John Reading - 3,450,000 (115 bb)
Keith Heine - 800,000 (26 bb)

02/12/18 10:37:16 AM PDT

Keith Heine opens to 65,000 on the button. Maurice Hawkins defends his big blind with a call.

The flop comes    . Hawkins checks. Heine bets 80,000 and Hawkins calls.

The turn is the  . Hawkins checks again. Heine fires a second time, laying out 125,000. Hawkins sticks around with a call.

The river is the  . Hawkins leads out this round, betting 100,000. Action is on Heine who has entered a state of contemplation.

Some banter between the two begins. "Can you beat the nuts," says Hawkins. "I liked the flop," Heine states. "What did you like about it," Hawkins asks with a friendly demeanor. "I liked the turn, and the river," he continues.

Eventually, Heine lets his hand go and Hawkins is awarded the pot.

Maurice Hawkins - 950,000 (31 bb)
Keith Heine - 1,185,000 (39 bb)

02/12/18 10:19:05 AM PDT

Keith Heine limps from middle position and Barry Schmiess calls from the small blind. Andy Philachack checks his option.

The flop comes     and the action checks to Heine who bets 40,000. Schmiess is the lone caller.

"Take it easy on me Heine," Schmiess says.

"If you beat me on this, I'm gonna stick your brother on you," Heine says.

The turn is the    and Schmiess check-calls again, this time the bet is 75,000.

The river is the   and Schmiess checks again. Heine bets 50,000 and Schmiess calls.

Heine shows    and outkicks the    of Schmiess.

"Wow you did take it easy on me," Schmiess says.

Keith Heine - 1,320,000 (44 bb)
Barry Schmiess - 1,480,000 (49 bb)

02/12/18 10:03:53 AM PDT
Level:26  Blinds:15,000/30,000  Ante:5,000
02/12/18 09:33:07 AM PDT

Keven Stammen looks to add a WSOP Circuit ring to poker resume

The final eight players in the WSOP Potawatami Circuit Main Event return today at noon local time to compete for the WSOP Circuit ring and the $190,265 first prize. John Reading bagged the overall chip lead last night after Stephen Nussrallah was eliminated on the final hand of the night. He will be looking to add a second Circuit gold ring to his list of accolades. Fellow WSOP gold bracelet winner Keven Stammen is also seeking his first ring and enters the day fourth in chips.

Also in the mix is ten-time gold ring winner Maurice Hawkins, three-time gold ring winner Andy Philachack,  and another WSOP bracelet winner, Keven Stammen. A decisive Day 3 gets underway at noon and all eyes will be on the $190,265 grand prize.

The action restarts at noon local time and will continue until the WSOP Circuit crowns its newest Main Event Champion.

Here are the seating chart and starting chip counts for the Day 3.

Day 3 Chip Counts:

John Reading – 2,685,000 
Barry Schmiess – 1,835,000
Andy Philachack – 1,500,000
Keven Stammen – 1,465,000
Keith Heine – 1,450,000
Jose Montes – 1,140,000
Michael Crawford – 975,000
Maurice Hawkins – 925,000

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