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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - POTAWATOMI (Milwaukee)

Friday, February 09, 2018 to Monday, February 12, 2018

Event #10: $1,675 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $906,000
  • Entries: 604
  • Remaining: 0
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02/12/18 02:53:34 PM PDT

Keven Stammen from Day 2

Michael Crawford goes all in for his last 560,000 with    and Keven Stammen calls with   .

The board runs out       and Stammen wins the hand and the tournament taking home the $190,265 first prize. Crawford takes home $117,680. Not a bad pay day for Crawford who says he came to Wisconsin for a fishing trip, not realizing there was a poker tournament this weekend. Crawford bagged the Day 1A chip lead and almost rode it all the way to his first WSOP circuit ring. His second place cash smashes his previous highest cash only $14,000.

Michael Crawford from Day 2

Keven Stammen - Wins WSOP Potawatami Circuit Main Event ($190,265)
Michael Crawford - Eliminated in 2nd place ($117,680)

02/12/18 02:46:34 PM PDT

Michael Crawford raises to 240,000 on the button, and Keven Stammen calls.

The flop comes    . Stammen checks, Crawford bets 400,000, and Stammen calls.

The turn is the  . Stammen checks again, Crawford bets 500,000, Stammen raises to 1,100,000, Crawford announces that he is all in, and Stammen snap-calls.

"Oh shoot, I didn't think you had it," Crawford says as he turns over    for top pair.

Stammen shows    for an ace-high flush.

The   river does not change the hand, and the dealer begins to count down Stammen's stack.

"I think you will have a little left," Stammen says to Crawford.

The dealer first counts out Stammen's 4,945,000, and then cuts that amount from Crawford's stack.

"Well, a chip and a chair I guess," Crawford says.

Keven Stammen - 11,190,000 (139 bb)
Michael Crawford - 890,000 (11 bb)

02/12/18 02:30:52 PM PDT
Level:30  Blinds:40,000/80,000  Ante:10,000
02/12/18 02:18:43 PM PDT

Players are now on their second break of the day. They will return in 15 minutes. Please see the "Chipcounts" tab above for updated counts.

02/12/18 02:18:40 PM PDT

Keven Stammen limps and Michael Crawford raises to 210,000. Stammen calls. 

The flop comes     and Crawford bets 275,000. Stammen calls. The turn is the   and Crawford bets 450,000. Stammen calls again.

Both players check the   on the river and Stammen wins with   

"I missed," Stammen says.

His hand was good anyway.

Keven Stammen - 5,550,000 (92 bb)
Michael Crawford - 6,530,000 (108 bb)

02/12/18 02:17:20 PM PDT

John Reading from Day 2

Keven Stammen limps from the small blind and John Reading shoves all in for 730,000. Stammen calls with    and is ahead of the    of Reading.

The board runs out       and Reading is eliminated in third place.

Keven Stammen - 4,800,000
John Reading - Eliminated in 3rd place ($86,052)

02/12/18 02:15:09 PM PDT

Michael Crawford limps in with the button in front of him. Keven Stammen calls in the small blind. John Reading announces "150 on top," raising to a total of 210,000. Crawford calls. Stammen exits the hand.

The flop comes    . Both players check, which prompts the   turn card.

Crawford checks for a second time. Reading bets 100,000. Crawford completes a check-raise to 250,000. Reading shakes his head and folds his hand.

Michael Crawford - 7,300,000 (121 bb)
John Reading - 750,000 (12 bb)

02/12/18 02:07:23 PM PDT

Keven Stammen calls in the small blind. The option is on John Reading who just checks.

The flop lays out    . Stammen checks. Reading bets 75,000. Stammen calls.

The turn is the  . It goes check-check, bringing the   river card.

Stammen fires out 300,000. Reading calls and Stammen flips over    for trip jacks. Reading slumps over his stack and mucks his hand.

Keven Stammen - 3,880,000 (64 bb)
John Reading - 1,090,000 (18 bb)

02/12/18 02:06:33 PM PDT

Michael Crawford raises to 125,000 on the button, and John Reading calls in the big blind.

The flop comes    . Reading check-calls a bet of 150,000 from Crawford.

The turn is the  . Reading checks again, Crawford bets 250,000, and Reading calls.

The river is the  . Reading checks a third time, Crawford bets 350,000, and Reading calls.

Crawford shows   , and Reading slightly flashes his   , and tosses them into the muck.

"Man, I am running cold," Reading says.

"Like we said before, it could be worse," Keven Stammen says to Reading, "You only lost 800,000, it could be worse,"

Michael Crawford - 6,500,000 (108 bb)
John Reading - 1,600,000 (26 bb)

02/12/18 02:01:17 PM PDT

Hand #1:

John Reading limps in on the button, Michael Crawford completes in the small blind, and Keven Stammen checks his option in the big blind.

The flop comes    , and it checks around.

The turn is the  . Crawford checks, Stammen bets 75,000, and only Reading calls.

The river is the  . Stammen checks, Reading bets 175,000, and Stammen pauses for a bit before calling.

Reading turns over   , but Stammen takes the pot with   .

Hand #2:

Kevin Stammen limps in on the button, and John Reading makes it 100,000 in the small blind. Stammen calls.

Both players check the     flop.

Stammen checks the   turn, Reading bets 150,000, and Stammen calls.

The river is the  . Stammen checks again, Reading bets 500,000, and Stammen calls.

Reading turns over   , for two pair but Stammen wins the pot with his higher kicker holding   .

"That's pretty icky," Michael Crawford says as the pot is passed to Stammen.

Keven Stammen - 3,450,000 (57 bb)
John Reading - 2,600,000 (43 bb)

02/12/18 01:42:47 PM PDT

Michael Crawford has pieced together a few hands during three-handed play and put a little more ground between him and his two remaining opponents.

He raises to 150,000 and Keven Stammen calls. The flop comes     and both players check. Crawford leads the   on the turn and Stammen folds.

Most of the hands three-handed have ended with a bet on the flop or turn and there hasn't been much in the way of three-betting preflop.

Here is how the players stand with about 35 minutes remaining in level 29.

Michael Crawford - 5,500,000 (91 bb)
John Reading - 3,600,000 (60 bb)
Keven Stammen - 2,450,000 (40 bb)


02/12/18 01:24:59 PM PDT

Maurice Hawkins Eliminated in 4th Place - $63,855

Action folds to Michael Crawford in the small blind who raises to 125,000, and Maurice Hawkins moves all in for his remaining 550,000. Crawford calls, and the players table their hands.


The flop comes    , increasing Crawford's lead when he makes a pair of aces.

The   turn and   river mean that Crawford wins the hand, and Hawkins is eliminated in 4th place.

Michael Crawford - 5,800,000 (96 bb)
Maurice Hawkins - Eliminated in 4th Place, for $63,855
02/12/18 01:13:23 PM PDT

Keven Stammen opens to 100,000 from the small blind and John Reading calls from the big blind. 

The flop comes     and both players check. The turn is the   and Stammen check-calls 100,000.

The river is the   and Stammen leads for 275,000. Reading takes a few moments before calling and mucking after Stammen shows him   .

Keven Stammen - 2,600,000 (52 bb)
John Reading - 3,500,000 (70 bb)

02/12/18 01:03:39 PM PDT

Andy Philachack Eliminated in 5th Place - $48,045

Michael Crawford raises to 175,000 in the cutoff, and Andy Philachack re-raises to 400,000 in the small blind. Crawford calls.

The flop comes    , and both players check.

The turn is the  . Philachack leads to 525,000, and Crawford calls.

The river is the  , and Crawford announces that he is all in, out of turn. Philachack sits motionless for a few seconds before saying, "Ok, I guess I check." Crawford again says, "Ok, I'm all in."

"Fuck," Andy Philachack announces.

"Fuck has been announced," tablemate Maurice Hawkins says, as he stands up to get a look over the table.

Philachack looks down at the 600,000 or so that he has behind, and says, "Alright, I call."

"Oh shit, he called," Hawkins says questioningly.

Crawford turns over   , for the nuts.

Philachack slowly turns over    in defeat, and stands up to depart the tournament area.

Michael Crawford - 3,600,000 (72 bb)
Andy Philachack - Eliminated in 5th Place, for $48,045

02/12/18 12:56:59 PM PDT

Barry Schmiess - 6th Place - $36,648

Barry Schmiess was just left extremely short after he ran into the pocket aces of Keven Stammen.

After folding for two hands in the row, Schmiess is now nearly forced all in from the big blind.

It folds to Maurice Hawkins in the small blind who announces that he is all in, and Schmiess tosses in his remaining 20,000.


The board runs out      , awarding Hawking the pot, and eliminating Schmiess in 6th place.

Maurice Hawkins - 935,000 (18 bb)
Barry Schmiess - Eliminated in 6th Place, for $36,648

02/12/18 12:51:51 PM PDT

Barry Schmiess raises to 100,000 in the cutoff, and Keven Stammen raises to 275,000 in the small blind. Schmiess calls.

The flop comes    . Stammen bets 225,000, and Schmiess pauses for about 45-seconds before announcing that he is all in. Stammen snap calls, having Schmiess just slightly covered, and turns over   .

"Aces again?" Schmiess asks in frustration as he turns over   .

Unfortunately for Schmiess the   turn and   river do not improve his hand, and he is left with only 85,000.

Keven Stammen - 3,175,000
Barry Schmiess - 85,000 (<2 bb)

02/12/18 12:49:55 PM PDT

John Reading opens to 110,000 under the gun. Barry Schmiess three bets to 300,000. Reading calls.

The flop comes    . Reading checks. Schmiess bets 350,000. Reading calls again.

Both players check the   turn card. The   lands on the river and both players check again.

Schmiess flips over   . Reading shows   , missing the nut flush, but spiking an ace on the turn.

John Reading - 3,850,000 (77 bb)
Barry Schmiess - 1,520,000 (50 bb)

02/12/18 12:41:29 PM PDT

Michael Crawford opens to 100,000 and Andy Philachack raises to 350,000. Crawford goes all in and Philachack takes a moment.

"Every time I fold this hand, I win the tournament," Philachack says, "you won't believe what I'm gonna fold. It just doesn't feel good."

Crawford and Philachack agree to show and Philachack announces fold before showing two queens,   . Crawford shows   .

"What are you doing?" Maurice Hawkins says bursting out of his chair, "I'm winning this tournament. You're not playing poker."

"I would have done what he did," Crawford says.

"No you wouldn't," Hawkins replies.

"Worse case scenario he has ace-king," Philachack says, "I don't want to flip right now."

The table talks about the hand for a while, with more of the table siding with Philachack than with Hawkins.

Michael Crawford - 2,660,000 (53 bb)
Andy Philachack - 1,650,000 (33 bb)
Maurice Hawkins - 725,000 (14 bb)

02/12/18 12:18:31 PM PDT

Players have just returned from the break. Here is a breakdown of all six players upon return from the break:

John Reading - 2,450,000 (49 bb)
Barry Schmiess - 2,395,000 (47 bb)
Andy Philachack - 2,375,000 (47 bb)
Michael Crawford - 2,360,000 (47 bb)
Keven Stammen - 1,810,000 (36 bb)
Maurice Hawkins - 670,000 (13 bb)

02/12/18 12:15:56 PM PDT
Level:28  Blinds:25,000/50,000  Ante:5,000