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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - HARRAH'S CHEROKEE (North Carolina)

Friday, December 01, 2017 to Monday, December 04, 2017

Event #10A/B: $1,675 MAIN EVENT

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  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,435,500
  • Entries: 957
  • Remaining: 0
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12/04/17 09:48:12 AM PDT

Action folds to John Whitlow who shoves all in on the button for just over 500,000. Trung Pham is in the big blind and he thinks about it for a bit before calling. 


The board runs out       which keeps Whitlow in the lead and allows him to double up to just over 1 million chips while Pham still has a healthy stack of over 2 million.

John Whitlow - 1,100,000 (37 bb)
Trung Pham - 2,100,000 (70 bb)

12/04/17 09:44:56 AM PDT

Action folds to Ed Yancey on the button and he raises, making it 140,000. In the big blind, Jason Turck moves all in for a little more than 800,000. Yancey calls the shove. 


The flop comes     putting Turck in the lead with his pair of kings and giving him the massive edge in the hand. The turn is the   which doesn't give Yancey any extra outs, but it's the   that comes on the river, giving Yancey a full house and eliminating Turck from the tournament in 15th place. 

Yancey becomes the chip leader after taking down that pot while Turck is sent to the payout desk to collect $17,255.

Ed Yancey - 2,750,000 (92 bb)
Jason Turck - Eliminated

12/04/17 09:41:01 AM PDT

Action folds to Charles Johnson on the button and he raises to 80,000. Floyd Arnold defends his big blind.

The flop comes     and both players check to the   on the turn. Arnold checks, Johnson bets 75,000 and Arnold calls.

The river is the  . Arnold leads out for 125,000 and Johnson says, "Oh man. Alright, I call" and tosses a single chip in the middle.

Arnold tables    for a flush, but Johnson looks back at his cards and rolls over    for a better flush. He laughs at says, "I looked at the wrong club, cuz." It is assumed he meant he looked at the wrong card and thought it was a club, but the table and rail had a good laugh anyway.

Charles Johnson - 2,650,000 (88 bb)
Floyd Arnold - 900,000 (30 bb)

12/04/17 09:35:50 AM PDT

Action folds around to Tyler Phillips in the small blind and he moves all-in for 425,000.

"Did you look?" asks Ryan Jones from the big blind. Phillips doesn't respond. "Did you look? Your cards are still neat" smiles Jones as he looks down at his cards. "How much?" asks Jones. "Alright. I call" he says.

Phillips tables   , up against Jones'   .

The flop comes     and Phillips takes a commanding lead with a pair of kings. The turn is the   and Phillips locks up the pot before the dealer puts out the   on the river.

Tyler Phillips - 890,000 (29 bb)
Ryan Jones - 1,400,000 (46 bb)

12/04/17 09:29:29 AM PDT

Charles Johnson opens preflop with a raise to an unknown amount. He is called by Floyd Arnold, Edwin Yancey, and Jason Turck in the big blind. 

The flop comes down     and all four players check. The   is the turn card and action checks to Arnold. He bets 145,000. Yancey folds. Turck calls. Johnson thinks for a while, then he folds his hand, leaving the two players heads up. 

On the   river, Turck checks. Arnold then moves all in for 475,000. Turck thinks for a couple of minutes then folds. 

"Man," Johnson says after the hand. "Jacks no good!"

Arnold then turns over his    for a rivered set, showing that jacks were in fact, no good. 

"You were beat before the river," Turck says. Regardless, Arnold takes down the pot and moves to over 1 million chips.

Floyd Arnold - 1,300,000 (43 bb)
Jason Turck - 820,000 (27 bb)

12/04/17 09:12:08 AM PDT


In just the first few hands of the day, Matthew Higgins (pictured) raises to 80,000 from middle position and action folds to Ed Yancey in the big blind. He pauses for a moment and three-bets to 175,000. Higgins instantly moves all-in for 800,000 and Yancey quickly calls.


Higgins is well ahead and is the player at risk. The flop comes     and Yancey pulls ahead with a pair of queens, while Higgins picks up a gut-shot straight draw. "Ten!" yells Higgins. The turn is the   and Higgins flinches as it closely resembles a ten. "Ten!" he yells again. Unfortunately for Higgins, the river is the   and he is the first player eliminated on Day 3 of the Main Event.

Higgins finishes in 16th place and earns $14,226 for his deep run.

Ed Yancey - 2,350,000 (78 bb)
Matthew Higgins - Eliminated in 16th place

12/04/17 09:05:33 AM PDT
Level:26  Blinds:15,000/30,000  Ante:5,000
12/03/17 09:26:41 PM PDT


It's Day 3 of the Main Event and there are just 16 players remaining of the 957 entries in the Main Event.

As usual, the $1,000,000 guarantee was smashed, and by the end of today, over $1.4 million will have been paid out in this event alone.

First place is paying out $272,744 along with the coveted diamond World Series of Poker Circuit ring. The remaining 16 players are guaranteed $14,226 but the real money is at the top, with the final three players guaranteed six figures.

A full list of payouts is available via the Prizepool Tab.

Leading the pack of 16 is Charles Johnson with 2,380,000 chips after a huge rush towards the end of the night on Day 2. Johnson took out eight-time WSOPC ring winner Robert Hankins after flopping a set against Hankins' over pair and bagged himself the lead. Ryan Jones (1,935,000) sits in second and has two rings along with a Main Event right here at Cherokee from 2015.


David Jackson (pictured) sits in fourth place with 1,800,000 chips and with a good shot to clinch the Casino Champion race with a deep finish tonight. He already won his first ring early in this stop and looks to top that with a Main Event victory for ring number two.

Play begins at Noon and will continue until a winner is crowned. There will be a 15-minute break every two levels with no scheduled dinner break. Play will begin at Level 26 with blinds at 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante.

Keep following along as the WSOP live reporting team brings all of the action on the way to a winner today.