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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - PLANET HOLLYWOOD (Las Vegas)

Friday, November 17, 2017 to Monday, November 20, 2017

Event #11A: $1,675 MAIN EVENT - $1M Guarantee

  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,000,000
  • Entries: 171
  • Remaining: tbd
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11/17/17 01:08:10 PM PST (about 19 minutes ago)
Seat No Longer Open

That empty seat at Table 131 has been filled. It's the seat in between ring winners Kyle Cartwright and Wendy Freedman, who have a combined eight Circuit victories between them.

Maurice Hawkins has more than that himself, though, and he's the table's newest resident. Hawkins has won 10 Circuit rings, which is now tied for the all-time lead after Valentin Vornicu matched it at Harveys Lake Tahoe.

Vornicu has been around the event this week, too, and it seems likely he'll join the field this afternoon.

11/17/17 01:05:51 PM PST (about 22 minutes ago)
Brett Bader Binks the River

There is about 2,500 in the pot with the board reading    .

Two players check to Brett Bader in the cutoff. He bets 1,200. His first opponent folds and the second calls from middle position. The turn is the   and Bader's opponent leads for 1,200. Bader calls and the river brings the  . Bader's opponent leads again, this time for 2,200. Bader raises to 6,950 and his opponent calls.

Bader shows    for the nuts, earning him the pot.

Brett Bader - 32,000

11/17/17 01:00:02 PM PST (about 28 minutes ago)
Jasthi Kumar Straightens Out

With about 900 in the pot, on a board reading    , the player in the big blind checks, as does the player under the gun. Jasthi Kumar is on the button and bets 625. Both the big blind and the under-the-gun player call.

The turn is the   and action checks to Kumar again, who bets 1,125 this time. The big blind folds and the player under the gun calls.

The river is the  . The under-the-gun player checks, Kumar bets 3,125 and his opponent calls. "You've got the lower straight, I've got the higher straight" says Kumar as he tables    for a straight to the six. His opponent flashes    for the lower straight and sends his cards into the muck.

Jasthi Kumar - 33,000

11/17/17 12:46:07 PM PST (about 41 minutes ago)
Level 2 Started
Level:2  Blinds:50/100  
11/17/17 12:45:59 PM PST (about 42 minutes ago)
Overpair Good For Kyle Cartwright

A player in early position limps, and Kyle Cartwright raises to 250 on the button. The limper calls.

The flop is    . The limper leads out for 500, and Cartwright calls. That action repeats on the   turn and   river, with Cartwright calling bets of 1,000 on each street.

The player leading the betting shows    for a pair of tens, and Cartwright shows    to win the pot with a pair of queens.

Kyle Cartwright - 23,500

11/17/17 12:45:52 PM PST (about 42 minutes ago)
Vi Do Doubles Up

There is 7,500 in the pot with the board reading      .

Alan Cutler checks from the small blind and Vi Do moves all-in for 16,125 from the under the gun position. Cutler thinks for a few moments and then pushes his chips forward to call.

"If you have a nine, you have me beat," says Cutler.

Both players table their hands.


The river brings the   and Do wins the pot with his full house.The dealer pushes the nearly 40,000 chip pot to Do.

Vi Do - 39,750
Alan Cutler - 1,100

11/17/17 12:34:07 PM PST (about 53 minutes ago)
Four Bets From Andrew Dudley

The player in the hijack raises to 150 and Homan Mohammadi three-bets to 500 on the button. Andrew Dudley is in the small blind and four-bets to 2,000. The hijack folds and Mohammadi calls.

The flop is     and Dudley leads out for 2,000. Mohammadi calls.

The turn is the   and both players check to the   on the river. Both players check again and Dudley tables    for the winner, prompting Mohammadi to fold.

Andrew Dudley - 28,000
Homan Mohammadi - 14,500

11/17/17 12:24:57 PM PST (about 1 hour and 3 minutes ago)
Friendly Neighbors

The field is just over 100 entries for Day 1A, a bit of a slow start for an event with a $1 million guarantee. Las Vegas is a sleep-in town, though, and this property historically draws a late rush and a huge Day 1B crowd.

The room is sparsely littered with notables, including a handful of Circuit ring winners and other standouts. A few of them have started the day as neighbors.

Kyle Cartwright is a seven-time Circuit winner, and he's drawn a seat to the left of Wendy Freedman, herself a ring owner. There's an empty chair in between them, but they're neighbors for now.

Two-time ring winer Brett Bader is in the one seat at Table 122, and his neighbor to the left is Matt Affleck. Affleck is not yet a Circuit winner, but he's an accomplished tournament player with well over a million dollars in career earnings.

Bracelet winner John Morgan is at a table in the far corner, and he was just joined by Jon Turner. Turner is another in Affleck's category of fine players without a piece of WSOP jewelry yet.

11/17/17 12:16:09 PM PST (about 1 hour and 11 minutes ago)
MONSTER STACK Winner Alfredo Pacheco is in the Field

The ever-popular MONSTER STACK finished up last night and it was Los Angeles poker pro Alfredo Pacheco who was victorious after two long days of play. Pacheco defeated World Series of Poker bracelet winner and three-time Circuit ring winner Sean Yu in a hard-fought heads-up battle.

The MONSTER STACK was Pacheco's first ever Circuit event, and he missed his first flight to Las Vegas, forcing him to register at the last possible moment.

Pacheco has taken his seat in the Main Event now, gunning for back-to-back rings and a shot at a seat into the Global Casino Championship.

Other notable players in the field include Matt Affleck, Wendy Freedman, Dan Heimiller, and Cliff Goldkind.

11/17/17 12:04:11 PM PST (about 1 hour and 23 minutes ago)
Shuffle Up and Deal

Cards are in the air for Day 1A.

11/17/17 12:03:59 PM PST (about 1 hour and 24 minutes ago)
Level 1 Started
Level:1  Blinds:25/50  
11/17/17 10:30:00 AM PST (about 3 hours and 58 minutes ago)
Day 1A of the $1M Guaranteed Main Event Begins at Noon


It's been a busy week at the first of two Circuit stops at Planet Hollywood this season, but there's nothing like a cool $1,000,000 in the prize pool to get everyone excited.

The first of two starting flights in the $1,675 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event begins at Noon and features 12 levels of registration plus a deep 20,000 in chips to start. Players can re-enter once per flight during the registration period, and the day ends after the completion of Level 15.

Last year's prize pool guaranteed $750,000, so the $250,000 bump in the guarantee is sure to attract players from all over the place for a piece of the pie.

Live updates will be available on WSOP.com for the duration of the Main Event.

Here is a look at the details and structure for this event:

  • 20,000 starting stack
  • 15-minute breaks every two hours
  • 60-minute dinner break after Level 9
  • Single re-entry during the registration period
  • Registration closes before the start of Level 13
  • Day 1 concludes at the end of Level 15
  • Day 2 resumes on Sunday at 12:00 p.m.

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