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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - HARRAH'S CHEROKEE (North Carolina)

Friday, April 20, 2018 to Monday, April 23, 2018

Event #10: $1,675 MAIN EVENT

EVENT IN PROGRESS:    Level: 25  |  Blinds: 12,000/24,000  |  Ante: 4,000
  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,590,000
  • Entries: 1,060
  • Remaining: 19
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04/22/18 10:44:47 PM PST (about 4 hours and 44 minutes ago)
Erick Lindgren Near the Top After Day 2 in Cherokee

It's quite a group of 19 players that remains in the WSOP Circuit $1,675 Main Event at Harrah's Cherokee.

Jonathan Hilton leads with 2,175,000 chips, the only one who's crossed over two million so far. Look at who's chasing him at the top, though:

  1. Jonathan Hilton - 2,175,000
  2. Peter Vitantonio - 1,925,000
  3. TK Miles - 1,700,000
  4. Robert Hankins - 1,700,000
  5. Erick Lindgren - 1,510,000

It's hard to pick a headliner, but Erick Lindgren is easily the most-tenured pro in the field. He's also the only one with a banner hanging from the rafters in Las Vegas.

Lindgren was the 2008 WSOP Player of the Year, winning his first gold bracelet and finishing third in the $50k en route to the title. He added a second bracelet in $5k six-max — another of the toughest tournaments in the world — in 2013. More highlights? There's also two WPT titles, a $100,000 Aussie Millions trophy, and more than $10 million in career earnings on his stat sheet.

Lindgren would be the best player by a mile in most groups of 19, but this isn't exactly an ordinary group.

Hilton is a bracelet winner himself, the WSOP National Champion in 2013. He also has a WSOP Circuit ring among his long list of results, but he's still looking for his first Main Event final table. Leading right now, he has a good chance to accomplish that on Monday.

Peter Vitantonio isn't the household name that Lindgren (or, to some extent, Hilton) is, but he's not to be trifled with, either. Vitantonio is a three-time winner on the WSOP Circuit, including a previous Main Event victory from 2015. He's got a taste for gold this season, too, having come up just short in the Main Event at Harrah's Atlantic City. His stack of 1,925,000 represents the nearest threat to Hilton at the moment.

TK Miles is another Circuit regular, and he's found the winner's circle twice before. A finish of seventh or better would move him over the million-dollar mark in WSOP earnings. Fun fact: Miles' largest score came in a $5,000 event in New Orleans in 2008, where he finished as the runner-up for more than $200,000. The man who finished in fourth, Gabe Costner, is also among the Day 3 field here in Cherokee.

Robert Hankins rounds out the mentions for the top five, and he could rightfully be at the top of this story. Hankins has nine WSOP Circuit victories, the second-most all time. He's won rings in five consecutive seasons now, including his most recent one in Choctaw this past January.

Hankins could cross the same million-dollar mark as Miles with a finish of eighth of better on Monday. He could also, of course, move into a tie atop the all-time rings list with another victory.

Picturing any of these players as the winner seems premature considering the field that remains, though. In total, the final 19 have 25 Circuit rings and four WSOP bracelets between them.

Look at some of the ones not even mentioned yet.

Kyle Cartwright is the other bracelet winner, and he also owns seven of those 25 rings. Three of those were earned in previous Main Events, making him one of only four players to have won that many. He was in and out of the lead for most of Day 2 before trailing off at the end, finishing with a respectable 830,000 chips.

There's also Dylan Wilkerson, who's a WPT champion as well, and he's well above the chip average entering Day 3. Chris Conrad is looking for his own third ring, too, completing that long list of previous winners.

Click here for the full list of Day 3 players and their chip counts.

Those are the 19 who remain from the starting field of 1,060 total entries. They're each guaranteed to earn at least $13,070 on Monday, but few of them will likely be satisfied with that payday. The last man standing earns the ring and $294,152, plus a seat to the WSOP Global Casino Championship.

Blinds will be 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante to begin the day, putting the average stack around 37 big blinds.

Action resumes at noon, and they'll play until there's a winner.

04/22/18 09:20:05 PM PST (about 5 hours and 9 minutes ago)
Play Concludes

The final 19 players are bagging up their chips for the night, set to return to decide a winner tomorrow. A recap of the day's action will be published shortly.

04/22/18 09:17:29 PM PST (about 5 hours and 11 minutes ago)
Giovanni Marino Doubles Through Kyle Cartwright to End the Night

Level 25 ticked all the way down to zero, and the final hands played out without drama at two of the three tables. A third one was in progress at the far table, though, a heads-up pot between Giovanni Marino and Kyle Cartwright.

There's just shy of 500,000 in the pot as the river card arrives on a       board. Marino checks from the cutoff, and Cartwright moves all in for 243,000 effective, and Marino tanks and calls off for his tournament life.

"Nice hand," Cartwright says.

Marino pumps his fist and tables   , doubling up with a pair of nines.

Giovanni Marino - 995,000 (41 bb)
Kyle Cartwright - 830,000 (35 bb)

04/22/18 09:11:57 PM PST (about 5 hours and 17 minutes ago)
Jeter Brock Eliminated in 19th Place ($13,070)

Jeter Brock moves all in from late position for 260,000 and Bobby Poe calls from the big blind. 

Brock turns over    and is racing against Poe's   

The board comes       and Poe flops a king to eliminate Brock in 19th place ($13,070).

Bobby Poe - 1,500,000 (63 bb)
Jeter Brock - Eliminated

04/22/18 08:49:27 PM PST (about 6 hours and 39 minutes ago)
Jonathan Hilton Takes the Lead

There's a heads-up pot in progress on the turn of a      board. Howard Setzer checks from middle position, and Kyle Cartwright bets 150,000 into a pot of about twice that. Setzer calls.

The river is the  . Setzer checks again, Cartwright bets 200,000, and Setzer instantly calls.

Cartwright shows   , winning the pot with jacks up. It's a big pot, too, moving Cartwright back into the chip lead.

Kyle Cartwright - 1,925,000 (80 bb)
Howard Setzer - 815,000 (34 bb)

04/22/18 08:28:03 PM PST (about 6 hours and 1 minute ago)
Garrett Dukes Eliminated in 21st Place ($13,070)

Action folds around to the button, where Garrett Dukes moves all in for about 350,000. Chris Conrad peeks at his cards in the big blind and quickly calls to put Dukes at risk.


The board runs out      , and Conrad wins the pot with three aces. Dukes is eliminated in 21st place.

Chris Conrad - 925,000 (39 bb)
Garrett Dukes - Eliminated

04/22/18 08:24:29 PM PST (about 6 hours and 4 minutes ago)
Daniel Wagner Doubles through Jonathan Hilton

Jonathan Hilton opens to 57,000 and Daniel Wagner moves all in for 250,000. Hilton calls with    and is racing against Wagner's   

The board runs out       and Wagner flops a jack to stay alive and double through Hilton. 

Daniel Wagner - 525,000 (22 bb)
Jonathan Hilton - 1,450,000 (60 bb)

04/22/18 08:13:14 PM PST (about 6 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Jason Johnson Eliminated in 22nd Place ($11,003)

Gabe Costner opens to 52,000 in middle position, and Jason Johnson three-bet shoves for 286,000 in the big blind. Costner eventually calls, putting Johnson at risk.


The first four cards on the      board are safe for Johnson, but the   river marks the end of his day. Costner catches a pair of jacks, eliminating him in 22nd place.

Gabe Costner - 1,375,000 (57 bb)
Jason Johnson - Eliminated

04/22/18 08:09:08 PM PST (about 6 hours and 20 minutes ago)
Gabe Costner Doubles Through Dylan Wilkerson

Gabe Costner is all in on the button for 475,000 and called by Dylan Wilkerson in the cutoff. 

Costner turns over    and is in out in front against Wilkerson's   

The board comes       and Costner makes two-pair to avoid elimination. 

Gabe Costner - 1,000,000 (50 bb)
Dylan Wilkerson 1,010,000 (50 bb)

04/22/18 08:08:02 PM PST (about 6 hours and 21 minutes ago)
Level 25 Started
Level:25  Blinds:12,000/24,000  Ante:4000
04/22/18 07:59:28 PM PST (about 6 hours and 29 minutes ago)
Ben Keeline Eliminated in 23rd Place ($11,003)

Ben Keeline opens to 50,000 from middle position and Howard Setzer raises to 175,000 from the hijack. Keeline shoves for around 450,000 and Setzer calls. 

Keeline tables    and needs to get lucky against Setzer's   

The board runs out       and Setzer winds up with a full house to eliminate Keeline in 23rd place ($11,003),.

Howard Setzer - 1,220,000 (61 bb)
Ben Keeline - Eliminated

04/22/18 07:54:26 PM PST (about 7 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Peter Vitantonio vs. Gabe Costner

Gabe Costner (cutoff) and Peter Vitantonio (button) build a pot of close to 300,000 heading to the turn of a      board. Costner checks, Vitantonio bets 125,000, and Costner calls.

The river is the  , and when Costner checks again, Vitantonio moves all in with the covering stack. Costner has about 500,000 chips left in front of him, and he squirms in his chair for several minutes before surrendering his cards into the muck. It looks like he flashes a   as he does.

Vitantonio collects the pot, moving into second place behind Robert Hankins on the leaderboard.

Peter Vitantonio - 1,675,000 (84 bb)
Gabe Costner - 500,000 (25 bb)

04/22/18 07:47:03 PM PST (about 7 hours and 42 minutes ago)
Jeter Brock Doubles Through Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson opens to 40,000 from late position and Jeter Brock moves all in from the cutoff for 197,000. Johnson calls with    and is racing against Brock's   

The board comes       and Brock ends up with two-pair to avoid elimination. 

Jeter Brock - 450,000 (23 bb)
Jason Johnson - 250,000 (13 bb)

04/22/18 07:41:37 PM PST (about 7 hours and 47 minutes ago)
EJ Manson Eliminated in 24th Place ($11,003)

TK Miles opens to 50,000 under the gun, and EJ Manson three-bets to 250,000 in the small blind. Miles four-bet shoves for 548,000 effective, and Manson calls all in to put himself at risk.


The     flop is safe for Manson, but Miles takes the lead with the   on the turn. The river is the  , and Miles pair of aces wins him the pot. He's working on quite a comeback from a recent short stack, claiming Manson as his most recent victim.

TK Miles - 1,350,000 (68 bb)
EJ Manson - Eliminated

04/22/18 07:34:48 PM PST (about 7 hours and 54 minutes ago)
Jason Gooch Eliminated in 25th Place ($9,365)

Jason Gooch opens to 50,000 in middle position, and Chris Conrad three-bet shoves for 422,000 in the big blind. Gooch calls all in for less, around 350,000 or so, putting himself at risk.


The board runs out      , and Conrad wins the race with jacks up. Gooch is eliminated in 25th place.

Chris Conrad - 800,000 (40 bb)
Jason Gooch - Eliminated

04/22/18 07:32:10 PM PST (about 7 hours and 57 minutes ago)
Stephen Deutsch Eliminated in 26th Place ($9,365)

Stephen Deutsch is all in for around 180,000 from middle position with    against Chris Meyer's   .

The board runs out       and Meyers winds up with two-pair to eliminate Deutsch in 26th place ($9,365).

Chris Meyers - 1,550,000 (78 bb)
Stephen Deutsch - Eliminated

04/22/18 07:26:45 PM PST (about 7 hours and 2 minutes ago)
TK Miles Doubles Through Kyle Cartwright

Kyle Cartwright opens the cutoff to 40,000, EJ Manson calls on the button, and Andrew Adams calls in the small blind. From the big blind, TK Miles squeezes all in for 310,000 total. Cartwright re-shoves, the two in the middle fold, and Miles is heads-up for his tournament life.


There's an ace on the flop, and the       board gives Miles a double-up with aces up.

TK Miles - 727,000 (36 bb)
Kyle Cartwright - 1,250,000 (63 bb)

04/22/18 07:20:36 PM PST (about 7 hours and 8 minutes ago)
Roger Stewart Eliminated in 27th Place ($9,365)

Chris Meyers opens to 45,000 from the hijack and Erick Lindgren calls from the small blind. Roger Stewart moves all in for 461,000 total from the big blind and Meyers gets out of the way. 

Erick Lindgren goes into the tank until someone calls the clock on him. The floor comes over and starts the thirty second count down. Lindgren calls with    and is racing against Stewart's   .

The board runs out       and Lindgren winds up with trip aces to eliminate Stewart in 27th place ($9,365).

Erick Lindgren - 1,200,000 (75 bb)
Roger Stewart - Eliminated

04/22/18 07:12:53 PM PST (about 7 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Rahul Deevara Doubles Through Gordon Battle

Gordon Battle opens to 50,000 in middle position, and Rahul Deevara three-bet shoves for 304,000 in the big blind. Battle calls, putting his opponent at risk.


The board runs out      , and Deevara doubles up with aces up.

Rahul Deevara - 645,000 (54 bb)
Gordon Battle - 740,000 (37 bb)

04/22/18 07:10:22 PM PST (about 7 hours and 18 minutes ago)
Level 24 Started
Level:24  Blinds:10,000/20,000  Ante:3,000
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