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2017 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, October 19, 2017 to Monday, October 23, 2017

Event #1: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK

EVENT IN PROGRESS:    Level: 14  |  Blinds: 1200/2400  |  Ante: 400
  • Buy-in: €1,100
  • Prizepool: €538,280
  • Entries: 561
  • Remaining: 114
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10/21/17 05:08:35 PM PST (about 6 hours and 23 minutes ago)
Sander van Wesemael Bags the Lead After Day 1C

Sander van Wesemael

The three starting flights have all come to an end in Event #1: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'Em MONSTER STACK at the World Series of Poker Europe. Sander van Wesemael bagged the largest stack after Day 1C and will head into Day 2 with the chip lead bringing 323,500 chips with him.

Van Wesemael is coming off an impressive summer in Europe, capturing the title in three €330 PokerStars Cup events in a row. His largest cash came at the event in Barcelona where he took home €127,000. Van Wesemael made a deep run in the WSOP International Circuit Main Event in Rozvadov but bowed in 38th place. He will be looking to add to his already impressive $541,220 career earnings dating back to the end of 2014.

There were a total of 306 entries that took to the felt on Day 1C but only 64 were able to find a bag at the end of the day. Valentin Vornicu was one of those, bagging the second largest stack of 296,500. Vornicu, now calling California home, has over $1,000,000 in live tournament earnings. His largest came just one year ago when he finished in 23rd place at the WSOP Main Event for $269,430. Giovanni Petroni rounds out the top three with 239,000 after he sent Phil Hellmuth packing earlier in the day.

Some other familiar names to make it through to Day 2 include Scott Stewart (207,500), Konstantinos Tsirakidis (178,000), Georgios Zisimopoulos (102,500), Allen Kessler (95,500), Ivo Donev (72,000), and Dominik Desset (47,000).

Many notables sat down for their third bullet today but were still unable to make anything happen. John Racener, Alex Foxen, Kristen Bicknell, Kenny Hallaert, Chris Ferguson, Jeff Lisandro, and Marc MacDonnell were a few to come up empty-handed. Bertrand Grospellier, Phil Hellmuth, Roberto Romanello, Brandon Cantu, and Jan Timo Jobmann were also sent to the rail throughout the day.

Martin Kabrhel entered the field rather early compared to usual, and he had a rollercoaster kind of day. At some points, his chips were moving more than his mouth which is also uncharacteristic. Kabrhel found a massive double up with pocket fours versus ace-king when the flop came    . Soon after, however, Kabrhel's pocket aces got cracked by Konstantinos Tsirakidis when Tsirakidis flopped a set of sevens. Kabrhel left the tournament area but not without leaving a few memorable comments behind.

There will be a total of 114 players returning on Sunday for Day 2 and the money bubble will be in everyone's eyes when the action resumes. With a total of 561 entries throughout the three starting flights, there will be a prizepool of €538,280 to battle for. There will be 85 places being paid, with a min-cash worth €1,592 and the eventual champion taking home €117,708.

The action will resume on Sunday at 2:00 P.M. local time inside the Poker Arena at King's Casino. Continue to follow along with the PokerNews live reporting team as we bring you all of the live updates from the tournament floor.

Day 2 Seat Draw

TableSeatPlayerNationalityChip CountBig Blinds
831Ivo DonevAustria72,00024
832Sasa StancicCanada42,00014
833Erich KollmannAustria119,00040
834Pavel ŠourekCzech Republic54,00018
835Walid Abdi AliGermany73,50025
836Serge DanisSwitzerland113,50038
837Viktor KovachevBulgaria88,00029
838Theodoros AidonopoulosGreece75,00025
839Jonas HolmSweden72,50024
841Eddy ScharfGermany59,00020
842Arsenii KarmatckiiRussian Federation72,50024
843Jesper MertzDenmark64,00021
844Aleksandr PantiukhinRussian Federation100,50034
845David DolákCzech Republic40,00013
846Aleksandar TomovićSerbia22,0007
847Patrik CiklamíniSlovakia35,50012
848Alexander SchlienGermany31,50011
849Alexandre ViardCzech Republic118,50040
891Domenico GalaItaly64,50022
892Hamza MiriGermany124,00041
893Usman SiddiqueUnited Kingdom111,00037
894Zhivko SotirovBulgaria63,00021
895Maciej KondraszukPoland46,00015
896Avelino Hernani RibeiroPortugal51,50017
897Sergio HamamotoPortugal107,00036
898Micky BlasiMalta213,00071
899Pawel CzichowskiGermany199,00066
901Ali SameeianGermany80,50027
902Helma WeberGermany102,00034
903Werner ScharnaglAustralia39,00013
904Vincent MoscatiUnited States105,50035
905Adi RajkovicAustria90,00030
906Ján BendíkSlovakia101,00034
907Yohan ZenouFrance88,50030
908Olivian BalintRomania42,00014
909Darren DelahuntyUnited Kingdom44,00015
951Sergio FernandezSpain267,00089
952Sander van WesemaelNetherlands323,500108
953Mario MosböckAustria71,50024
954Konstantinos TsirakidisGermany178,00059
955Andriy PalyugaCzech Republic40,50014
956Ricardo ChauriyeChile96,00032
957Andre ReichGermany26,5009
958Bruno TariscoItaly41,50014
959Thomas MorstadNorway64,50022
961Jakob MiegelGermany29,50010
962Petter Solli BergNorway33,50011
963Emil LukáčSlovakia192,00064
964Maxim LykovRussian Federation153,50051
965Mike LeahCanada96,00032
966Jeff CormierCanada265,00088
967Sondre EinarsenNorway57,00019
968Dominik ArnoldAustria167,50056
969Yaniv BotbolFrance72,00024
1011Scott StewartUnited States207,50069
1012Valentin VornicuUnited States296,50099
1013Tobias BornefalkSweden207,00069
1014Yehuda CohenGermany105,50035
1015Carlo SavinelliItaly55,50019
1016Matthias GerigkGermany47,00016
1017David PetrzelkaCzech Republic83,50028
1018Sebastián KosCzech Republic104,50035
1019Tezer CetindagGermany21,5007
1021Ariel MorgenshternIsrael74,00025
1022Zdenko SlavíkSlovakia33,00011
1023Dzmitry RabotkinCzech Republic96,50032
1024Andrej DessetSlovakia86,50029
1025Walter TreccarichiItaly90,00030
1026Ismael BojangAustria268,50090
1027Hannes NeurauterGermany106,00035
1028Stoyan ObreshkovBulgaria45,00015
1029Matouš HoužvíčekCzech Republic37,50013
1071Kai GimreNorway84,00028
1072James AkenheadUnited Kingdom46,50016
1073Paul MichaelisGermany11,5004
1074Andriy GertsUkraine106,50036
1075Viliyan PetleshkovBulgaria178,50060
1076Ryan HefterUnited States208,00069
1077Pierre NeuvilleBelgium122,50041
1078Avi HamoIsrael41,00014
1079Josef GulášCzech Republic88,50030
1081Ryan HughesUnited States81,50027
1082Oleksandr ShcherbakUkraine140,00047
1083Robert SchulzAustria143,00048
1084Timo KamphuesGermany97,00032
1085Peter BstielerGermany96,50032
1086Fahredin MustafovBulgaria183,00061
1087Richard PfefferHungary39,50013
1088Chi Cuong HuynhSwitzerland85,00028
1089Thanh HoangCzech Republic179,00060
1132Giovanni PetroniItaly239,00080
1133Benjamin Garcia RiveraSpain155,50052
1134Urs HauserSwitzerland40,00013
1135James HoeppnerUnited States39,50013
1136Georgios ZisimopoulosGreece102,50034
1137Francois CorougeFrance69,50023
1138Dominik DessetSlovakia47,00016
1139Federico QuevedoCosta Rica56,50019
1141Aneris AdomkeviciusLithuania153,00051
1142Milan TopolySlovakia26,0009
1144Matthias KürschnerGermany135,00045
1145René CrhaCzech Republic186,50062
1146Tal Shemon CohenIsrael90,00030
1147Thomas LentrodtGermany47,50016
1148Allen KesslerUnited States95,50032
1149Vlado SevoAustria123,00041
1191Atila AydinGermany34,50012
1192Viktor KatzenbergerHungary92,00031
1194Georges GhossanLebanon104,00035
1195Christophe PereiraPortugal170,00057
1196Morten GlosliNorway23,5008
1197Steffen RetterholtNorway37,00012
1198Dario MarinelliItaly117,00039
1199Romain FolletFrance44,50015
10/21/17 04:31:08 PM PST (about 7 hours and 1 minutes ago)
End-of-Day Chip Counts

Josep Maria Galindo Lopez five-bet all in out of the small blind with pocket kings to run into the pocket aces of Emil Lukac and bust just before bagging and tagging. Fewer than 70 hopefuls made it through from Day 1c and the full chip counts will be published when PokerNews receives them.

A full recap of today's action and the seat draw for Day 2 will follow shortly.

Sander van Wesemael323,50013,500
Valentin Vornicu296,50086,500
Giovanni Petroni239,00059,000
Scott Stewart207,50047,500
Tobias Bornefalk207,0002,700
Pawel Czichowski199,000199,000
Emil Lukac192,00092,000
Thanh Hoang179,000179,000
Konstantinos Tsirakidis178,000-17,500
Christophe Pereira170,0000
Dominik Arnold167,50022,500
Benjamin Garcia Rivera155,50071,500
Matthias Kürschner135,00065,000
Hamza Miri124,000
Vlado Sevo123,0008,000
Erich Kollmann119,00059,000
Alexandre Viard118,50013,500
Serge Danis113,500-21,500
Sergio Hamamoto107,000
Andriy Gerts106,5006,500
Yehuda Cohen105,5009,500
Vincent Moscati105,5005,500
Georgios Zisimopoulos102,500-67,500
Helma Weber102,00022,000
Dzmitry Rabotkin96,50056,500
Peter Bstieler96,50016,500
Allen Kessler95,50095,500
Viktor Katzenberger92,000
Tal Shemon Cohen90,000-25,000
Walter Treccarichi90,000-40,000
Josef Gulas88,500-46,500
Yohan Zenou88,500-1,500
Kai Gimre84,00011,000
David Petrzelka83,500
Ariel Morgenshtern74,000
Walid Abdi Ali73,500
Jonas Holm72,500
Arsenii Karmatckii72,50022,500
Ivo Donev72,00047,000
Francois Corouge69,50069,500
Thomas Morstad64,500
Sondre Einarsen57,000-3,000
Avelino Hernani Ribeiro51,500
Thomas Lentrodt47,5002,500
Matthias Gerigk47,000
Dominik Desset47,000-12,000
Maciej Kondraszuk46,000-14,000
Sasa Stancic42,000
Olivian Balint42,00042,000
Bruno Tarisco41,500
Avi Hamo41,000
David Dolák40,000
Urs Hauser40,000-2,000
Steffen Retterholt37,000-34,700
Patrik Ciklamíni35,500
Atila Aydin34,500
Petter Solli Berg33,500
Jakob Miegel29,50029,500
Andre Reich26,500
Milan Topoly26,000
Morten Glosli23,500
Aleksandar Tomovic22,000-51,500
Tezer Cetindag21,50021,500
Paul Michaelis11,500-55,500
10/21/17 04:19:21 PM PST (about 7 hours and 12 minutes ago)
Straver and Castelluccio Gone

Jesper Straver was all in for 12,000 and two players called including one in late position and Andriy Gerts in the big blind. The two remaining players checked down the bopard       until the river when Gerts bet and forced a fold.

Straver showed    and Gerts had that beat with   .

Sergio Castelluccio also eventually bowed out, sending his remaining chips over to Helma Weber.

Andriy Gerts100,000
Helma Weber80,00025,000
Jesper Straver0-20,000
Sergio Castelluccio0-33,000
10/21/17 04:12:10 PM PST (about 7 hours and 20 minutes ago)
Michaelis Doubles Through Gimre

A player in middle position opened to 5,200 and Kai Gimre called on the button. Paul Michaelis was on the button and shipped all-in for 29,500. The initial raiser folded and Gimre made the call.


Michaelis was in a dominated position but the flop came     giving him two pair. The turn was the   and the river brought the   giving Michaelis a big double up at the end of the night.

Kai Gimre73,000-32,000
Paul Michaelis67,00049,000
10/21/17 04:11:23 PM PST (about 7 hours and 20 minutes ago)
The Last Five Hands for Tonight

The clocks have been stopped with 70 players remaining and they will play five more hands before bagging and tagging.

10/21/17 04:06:20 PM PST (about 7 hours and 25 minutes ago)
Castelluccio Doubles Two

"I give you all my chips and you give them away," Yehuda Cohen said to Sergio Castelluccio after the latter had doubled up Helma Weber, while a short stack and Urs Hauser chopped to build their stacks as well.

First it was Weber that doubled for 25,200 with    versus    after the board came      .

Then, a short stack was all in for 11,200 with    and Urs Hauser was at risk for 27,100 with the   . Castelluccio went into the showdown with the    and the board came      .

Helma Weber55,00055,000
Urs Hauser42,000-23,000
Sergio Castelluccio33,000-40,000
10/21/17 03:57:38 PM PST (about 8 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Bornefalk Eliminates Two Players in One Hand

Tobias Bornefalk

Ivaylo Sivinov raised to 5,200 from early position and Tobias Bornefalk called directly to his left. The action was folded around to the big blind who moved all-in for around 20,000 and Sivinov pushed all-in over the top for 47,000. Bornefalk asked for a count and then made the call with   . He had his opponents dominated with Sivinov holding    and his other opponent showing   .

The flop came     and Bornefalk flopped the only pair. Both of his opponents picked up straight draws but the   on the turn and the   on the river secured the double knockout for Bornefalk.

Tobias Bornefalk204,30069,300
Ivaylo Sivinov0
10/21/17 03:57:31 PM PST (about 8 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Danis Wins Some Off Stewart and van Wesemael

With the completed board showing      , Sander van Wesemael and Serge Danis checked in the blinds. Scott Stewart bet 16,000 from the cutoff and was called by both opponents. Stewart rolled over    for a bluff, which van Wesemael had beat with   . However, it was Danis that raked in the pot with    for a pair of jacks.

Despite losing this pot, van Wesemael still appears to be the current chip leader as Valentin Vornicu and a few others are around 100,000 chips behind the Dutchman.

Sander van Wesemael310,000-20,700
Valentin Vornicu210,00045,600
Scott Stewart160,0008,500
Serge Danis135,00080,000
10/21/17 03:52:21 PM PST (about 8 hours and 39 minutes ago)
Zenou's Two Barrels Work

Josep Maria Galindo Lopez opened to 4,500 and Yohan Zenou in the hijack three-bet to 11,500 in order to pick up a call by the Spaniard. The flop fell     and Galindo Lopez checked, then called a bet of 9,000 by Zenou. On the   turn, Galindo Lopez checked once more and Yenou's second bet of 11,500 won the pot.

Josep Maria Galindo Lopez90,00090,000
Yohan Zenou90,00043,000
10/21/17 03:43:33 PM PST (about 8 hours and 48 minutes ago)
Level 14 started
Level: 14 Blinds: 1200/2400 Ante: 400
10/21/17 03:40:49 PM PST (about 8 hours and 51 minutes ago)
Bstieler Triples Up in Battle of Pocket Pairs

A three-way all in saw Yitshak Bahar take on Peter Bstieler and Jesper Straver, and Bstieler was the player at risk for some 25,000 with the worst of it.

Peter Bstieler:   
Jesper Straver:   
Yitshak Bahar:   

The board of       gave Bstieler a miracle set on the river to triple up while Straver won the small side pot to remain in contention.

Peter Bstieler80,00080,000
Yitshak Bahar30,00030,000
Jesper Straver20,00020,000
10/21/17 03:35:55 PM PST (about 8 hours and 56 minutes ago)
Baric and Zipf on the Rail

Ivan Baric eventually ran out of chips. The Croatian got the rest of his short stack in with the    and Tal Shemon Cohen looked him up with the   . The flop of     flop left Baric in desperate shape, and it was all over after the   turn to make the   river a formality.

Robert Zipf's run also came to an end. The German was all in with    against the    of Tobias Bornefalk and the board came       to give Bornefalk a straight.

Tobias Bornefalk135,000135,000
Tal Shemon Cohen115,00047,000
Robert Zipf0-29,000
Ivan Baric0-44,000
10/21/17 03:32:18 PM PST (about 8 hours and 60 minutes ago)
Big Stacks Rising to the Top
Sander van Wesemael330,70030,700
Konstantinos Tsirakidis195,5009,900
Giovanni Petroni180,00035,000
Christophe Pereira170,00040,000
Valentin Vornicu164,400-600
Scott Stewart151,50046,500
Dominik Arnold145,00015,000
Walter Treccarichi130,00035,000
10/21/17 03:18:03 PM PST (about 8 hours and 14 minutes ago)
Halleux Busts to Zisimopoulos

Fabrice Hallieux

Fabrice Halleux moved all in from the cutoff for his last 20,100 and Georgios Zisimopoulos called after giving it some thought in the big blind.

Fabrice Halleux:   
Georgios Zisimopoulos:   

Halleux raised an eyebrow when he spotted the cards and Zisimopoulos grinned, then said "it is suited, I can't help it."

The board of       indeed improved Zisimopoulos and Halleux left the table, not before sending out some words including "stupid call" over to the other side of the table.

Georgios Zisimopoulos170,00050,000
Fabrice Halleux0-45,000
10/21/17 03:16:19 PM PST (about 8 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Castelluccio Rivers a Flush, ElkY Eliminated

Sergio Castelluccio

Yehuda Cohen opened to 5,000 from the hijack and Sergio Castelluccio pushed all-in for 29,200 on the button. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier was the short stack in the big blind and put his last 13,000 in the middle as well. Cohen made the call and all three hands were face up.


The flop came     and Cohen hit a pair of jacks to take the lead but Castelluccio picked up a flush draw. The turn was the  , changing nothing, and the river brought the  . Castelluccio rivered a flush and doubled through Cohen, while eliminating Grospellier late in the evening.

Yehuda Cohen96,000-24,000
Sergio Castelluccio73,00033,000
Bertrand Grospellier0-17,000
10/21/17 03:10:36 PM PST (about 8 hours and 21 minutes ago)
Kortan From Hero to Zero

Sander van Wesemael

In the last break, Veysel Kortan was the dominating chip leader and now his stack has been reduced to zero, his seat was empty and Sander van Wesemael was all smiles on the other side of the table.

According to van Wesemael, Kortan raised blind to 3,200 in the previous level and one opponent called before the Dutchman three-bet to 11,000. Only Kortan called and check-raised a flop of     from 10,000 to 28,000, which van Wesemael called. After the   turn, Kortan bet 28,000 and picked up a call before shoving the   river for 47,500.

Van Wesemael said in table chat he would need some time to make up the mind, to which the clock was called but not enforced yet. After more consideration, van Wesemael called with the    for two pair and Kortan sheepishly turned over    (no spade) for complete air to bust with a bang.

Sander van Wesemael300,000162,200
Veysel Kortan0-175,000
10/21/17 03:05:34 PM PST (about 8 hours and 26 minutes ago)
Level 13 started
Level: 13 Blinds: 1000/2000 Ante: 300
10/21/17 03:01:28 PM PST (about 9 hours and 30 minutes ago)
Kürschner Doubles

Matthias Kürschner

Among those to build their stacks recently were Georgios Zisimopoulos, Christophe Pereira and Matthias Kürschner. The latter had started extremely well and jumped to 90,000 in the first hours of the day.

Things didn't so well as of lately and Kürschner was all in for around 35,000 with the   . He faced an opponent with pocket nines and the board came       to give the German a full house.

Valentin Vornicu165,000-13,000
Christophe Pereira130,00045,000
Georgios Zisimopoulos120,00078,000
Vlado Sevo115,00070,000
Scott Stewart105,00035,000
Matthias Kürschner70,00020,000
Maciej Kondraszuk60,00040,000
Erich Kollmann60,00010,000
10/21/17 02:58:08 PM PST (about 9 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Kabrhel's Rollercoaster of a Day Ends in Tragedy

Konstantinos Tsirakidis

The flop read     and Martin Kabrhel checked to his opponent who fired a bet of 6,400 into a pot of around 8,000. Kabrhel check-raised to 13,000 and his opponent pushed all-in. Kabrhel snapped him off and tabled    for a set. His opponent was drawing to a chop with   . The turn was the   and the river brought the   to earn Kabrhel a double up to over 80,000 chips.

A few hands later, Kabrhel was involved in a three-way pot with Konstantinos Tsirakidis and one other player that was all-in for around 15,000. The flop came     and the action was checked to Kabrhel who bet 14,000 on the button. Tsirakidis check-raised to 33,000 and Kabrhel shipped all-in. Tsirakidis instantly called and tabled   . Kabrhel showed    and the all-in player held   . The turn was the   and the river brought the  . Tsirakidis doubled up through Kabrhel leaving him with just 12,000 chips.

Soon after, Kabrhel got the remaining chips in from the cutoff with the    and Kai Gimre in the big blind called with   . The board ran out       and ace-high was good enough to drag in the pot and eliminate Kabrhel.

Konstantinos Tsirakidis185,600185,600
Kai Gimre105,000105,000
Martin Kabrhel0-55,000
10/21/17 02:49:21 PM PST (about 9 hours and 42 minutes ago)
Michaelis Misclicks Into Vornicu

Valentin Vornicu

Valentin Vornicu raised to 3,600 from under the gun and Paul Michaelis three-bet to 6,000 in the small blind. Vornicu called and the flop came    . Both players checked and the   came on the turn.

Michaelis checked again and Vornicu bet 6,500. Michaelis made the call and the   landed on the river. Michaelis checked for the third time and Vornicu made another bet of 12,500. Michaelis paid him off and Vornicu turned over    for a full house.

"Was that a misclick preflop?" Vornicu asked of Michaelis.

"Ya, for sure," Michaelis responded.

Valentin Vornicu178,00033,000
Paul Michaelis18,000-14,000
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