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2017 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, October 23, 2017 to Thursday, October 26, 2017

Event #2: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha

EVENT IN PROGRESS:    Level: 18  |  Blinds: 3000/6000  |  Ante: 0
  • Buy-in: €550
  • Prizepool: €0
  • Entries: 217
  • Remaining: 13
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10/23/17 05:04:43 PM PST (about 30 minutes ago)
Saliba Takes it on the Flop

While Brandon Cantu dropped to the bottom of the counts along with Sander van Wesemael, Thomas Pohnke chipped up without showdown.

Vivian Saliba raised from the button and Fahredin Mustafov called from the big blind. The Bulgarian chrcked the     flop and Saliba's bet of 45,000 won the pot uncontested.

Vivian Saliba253,0008,000
Fahredin Mustafov230,00020,000
Thomas Pohnke190,00092,000
Brandon Cantu70,000-40,000
Sander van Wesemael70,0000
10/23/17 04:57:30 PM PST (about 37 minutes ago)
Six Hands Remain

The clocks have been stopped and a maximum of six more hands will be played for tonight.

10/23/17 04:55:26 PM PST (about 39 minutes ago)
Tatar Sends Ramos to the Rail

Felipe Ramos

Marek Tatar limped from the cutoff and Felipe Ramos raised to 24,000 out of the big blind, which Tatar called. On the     flop, Ramos bet the pot and called all in for his last 75,000.

Felipe Ramos:     
Marek Tatar:     

The   turn improved Tatar from two pair to a full house, and the   river failed to help Ramos. The Brazilian takes home €1,032 and will very likely be back for Day 1b.

Marek Tatar240,000110,000
Felipe Ramos0-105,000
10/23/17 04:52:55 PM PST (about 41 minutes ago)
The Chip Leader Contenders

Rene Berube raised to 15,000 and Krzysztof Magott called to see a flop of    . Berube checked and folded to a bet of 15,000 by Maggott, who closed the gap to Vivian Saliba at the top of the counts. As Omaha is a very fast-paced game, this may suddenly change from one wrap to the other.

Vivian Saliba245,000-5,000
Krzysztof Magott245,000-25,000
Fahredin Mustafov210,000-35,000
Nico Ehlers210,000-20,000
10/23/17 04:47:07 PM PST (about 47 minutes ago)
The Last Level of the Night

Whether or not the last 12 players will be reached remains to be seen, but this is definitely the last level of the night and all those hopefuls that still have chips will be bagging up for Day 2. An option to surrender the stack exists, and the players to do so would receive the current minimum payout in that case.

10/23/17 04:43:58 PM PST (about 50 minutes ago)
Berube Busts Boatman

Barny Boatman

Defending champion Barny Boatman raised from under the gun and called all in for his last 45,000 when Rene Berube in the big blind three-bet the pot.

Barny Boatman:     
Rene Berube:     

The     flop gave Boatman plenty of outs, but he was drawing dead on the   turn. The   river was a formality and Boatman headed to the rail in 16th place for €1,032 and will be back tomorrow to try and bag a stack for his title defense.

Rene Berube144,00084,000
Barny Boatman0-48,000
10/23/17 04:38:18 PM PST (about 56 minutes ago)
Level 18 started
Level: 18 Blinds: 3000/6000 Ante: 0
10/23/17 04:33:19 PM PST (about 1 hours and 1 minutes ago)
Donev and Tatar Push Into Cantu

On the      turn, Ivo Donev bet 29,000 out of the small blind and Brandon Cantu called. The   fell on the river and Donev counted his stack carefully before pushing all in. Cantu double-checked his cards and mucked.

A few hands later, Cantu raised to 13,000 and Marek Tatar from one seat over in the big blind three-bet to 39,000, which Cantu called. The American checked the     flop and folded to Tatar's push.

Ivo Donev140,00045,000
Marek Tatar130,00030,000
Brandon Cantu110,000-90,000
10/23/17 04:29:06 PM PST (about 1 hours and 5 minutes ago)
Halleux Doubles With Straight Flush

Fabrice Halleux

Just before the two tables were united, Fabrice Halleux scored a big double against Ivo Donev. The latter flopped top two with queen-jack and turned a full house before the   river gave Halleux the straight flush with his   .

Now, they are on the same table still and Donev is fighting to get back a solid stack. Joseph Di Rosa Rojas raised to 15,000 from the small blind and Donev called. On the     flop, Di Rosa Rojas checked and Donev bet 30,000. "You can pick two," Donev offered, which was obviously impossible during the hand.

Di Rosa Rojas folded and revealed the    of Donev after.

Fabrice Halleux180,000125,000
Ivo Donev95,000-60,000
Joseph Di Rosa Rojas80,000-30,000
10/23/17 04:20:24 PM PST (about 1 hours and 14 minutes ago)
Obadia Busts to Set Up Last Two Tables

Brandon Cantu raised to 14,000 and Jose Obadia called all in for less. Vivian Saliba three-bet to 59,000 and Cantu folded.

Jose Obadia:     
Vivian Saliba:     

The board of [Q8d8s2hQh5h] left Obadia without chips and he headed to the rail in 17th place for €896.

Vivian Saliba250,00040,000
Jose Obadia0-15,000
10/23/17 04:14:37 PM PST (about 1 hours and 20 minutes ago)
Sevo Also Busts to Maggott

On a flop of    , Vlado Sevo was all in and at risk with the      and Krzysztof Magott looked him up with the     . The   turn and   river failed to improve Sevo and he became the next casualty of Maggott's hot run.

Krzysztof Magott270,00090,000
Vlado Sevo0-40,000
10/23/17 04:09:47 PM PST (about 1 hours and 25 minutes ago)
Maggott Busts Mrakes

On the flop of     with around 50,000 in the middle, Michal Mrakes shoved for 40,000 and Krzysztof Magott reshoved for 66,000. Marek Tatar called to put two players at risk.

Michal Mrakes:     
Krzysztof Magott:     
Marek Tatar:     

The   turn gave Maggott a full house, and the   river was a formality. Mrakes was eliminated while Maggott scored a massive pot.

Krzysztof Magott180,00055,000
Marek Tatar100,00052,000
Michal Mrakes0-102,000
10/23/17 04:07:30 PM PST (about 1 hours and 27 minutes ago)
Obadia Left With Dust

Pierre Neuville limped in and Jose Obadia raised to 22,500 from the cutoff, which Vivian Saliba on the button and Nico Ehlers in the big blind called. Neuville called as well and the four players headed to the     flop, Obadia continued for 22,500 and Saliba shoved for 64,500. Action folded back to Obadia, who tank-called.

Vivian Saliba:     
Jose Obadia:     

The board completed with the   turn and   river, which left Obadia with barely any chips.

Nico Ehlers230,00025,000
Vivian Saliba210,00095,000
Brandon Cantu200,000-10,000
Jose Obadia15,000-40,000
10/23/17 04:05:23 PM PST (about 1 hours and 29 minutes ago)
Level 17 started
Level: 17 Blinds: 2500/5000 Ante: 0
10/23/17 04:05:16 PM PST (about 1 hours and 29 minutes ago)
Alioto Busts to Saliba

Dario Alioto

A short-stacked Dario Alioto was all in from early position and Vivian Saliba looked him up out of the big blind.

Dario Alioto:     
Vivian Saliba:     

The board ran out       and the two pair of Saliba secured the knockout. Alioto takes home €896 for his 20th place on day 1a.

Vivian Saliba115,00032,000
Dario Alioto0-13,000
10/23/17 03:57:46 PM PST (about 2 hours and 37 minutes ago)
Mustafov Busts Arstad

Fahredin Mustafov raised to 10,000 and Christian Arstad pushed for 27,000 from the small blind, which Mustafov called. "Pocket sevens any good?" the Bulgarian asked before they turned over the cards.

Christian Arstad:     
Fahredin Mustafov:     

The     flop gave Mustafov a set, and the   turn and   river left Arstad with all but the walk to the payout desk, he takes home €896 and will most likely be back tomorrow for day 1b.

Fahredin Mustafov245,00050,000
Christian Arstad0-30,000
10/23/17 03:52:08 PM PST (about 2 hours and 42 minutes ago)
Donev Pushes Against van Wesemael

Ivo Donev bet 48,000 out of the big blind on the      turn and Sander van Wesemael called. The   river saw the push of Donev for 33,500. While asking for a count, van Wesemael ended up folding and Donev raked in the pot without showing.

Soon after, short stack Rene Berube raised and Donev called before they got it in after the     flop.

Rene Berube:     
Ivo Donev:     

The   turn and   river were blanks and Berube doubled.

Ivo Donev155,000112,000
Sander van Wesemael70,00020,000
Rene Berube60,000-35,000
10/23/17 03:43:34 PM PST (about 2 hours and 51 minutes ago)
Saliba Doubles; Mustafov Gets Paid

Vivian Saliba

On the river of a board      , Fahredin Mustafov bet 50,000 into a pot of 70,000 and Christian Arstad called. Mustafov showed      for a full house and raked in a big pot.

Vivian Saliba was all in for 26,500 on the     flop after a check of Pierre Neuville and a bet of 14,000 by Brandon Cantu. Neuville folded and Cantu called with the     . Saliba had      and the ¢6s] turn and   river kept Saliba in the tournament.

Brandon Cantu210,00030,000
Fahredin Mustafov195,00061,000
Pierre Neuville85,0000
Vivian Saliba83,000-22,000
Christian Arstad30,000-70,000
10/23/17 03:36:48 PM PST (about 2 hours and 58 minutes ago)
Level 16 started
Level: 16 Blinds: 2000/4000 Ante: 0
10/23/17 03:36:06 PM PST (about 2 hours and 58 minutes ago)
Halleux Triples

Fabrice Halleux was all in for 17,000 and the much bigger side pot was played between Fahredin Mustafov and Felipe Ramos. The former shoved for 26,000 on the     flop and Ramos called.

Fabrice Halleux:     
Fahredin Mustafov:     
Felipe Ramos:     

The   turn and   river let Halleux triple and Mustafov won the big side pot against Mustafov.

Fahredin Mustafov134,0004,000
Felipe Ramos105,000-30,000
Fabrice Halleux55,00023,500
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