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2019 50th Annual World Series of Poker The Official WSOP Live Updates

Thursday, June 20, 2019 to Saturday, June 22, 2019

$1,000/$10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em (Event #47)

EVENT IN PROGRESS:Level: 5 | Blinds: 200/400 | Ante: 400
  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: tbd
  • Entries: tbd
  • Remaining: 850
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Thursday, June 20, 2019 4:19 PM Local Time (about 6 minutes ago)
Arnett Forces a Fold

A player opened to 1,100 and Kristy Arnett called from the small blind, followed by the big blind player. The flop appeared     and the three players checked.

The turn fell a   and Arnett led out for 1,600 and her both opponents called.

On the river  , Arnett and the big blind checked and the third player made a bet for 3,500. Arnett tanked for some time before raising it to 11,000. The big blind folded and the third player considered it for a few minutes before chosing to fold as well.

Kristy Arnett38,0007,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 4:18 PM Local Time (about 8 minutes ago)
May Hits Quads

The player in early position raised to 1,200 and was called by the button and Heidi May in the big blind.

The flop came    , both May and the initial raiser checked. The button bet 600 and May responded with a raise to 3,000. The early position folded and the button called.

The turn was the   on which they both checked through for the   to complete the board. May now led out for 10,000 and her opponent quickly folded.

At the same time, Jessica Dawley was telling the table a story about how she collected a lot of chips last year when she hit quads.

"I had quads there, didn't know what to do with them," May said to her opponent.

Heidi May45,00017,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 4:03 PM Local Time (about 23 minutes ago)
New Round of Chip Count
Erica Schoenberg66,000
Ana Cintra50,500-500
Katie Lindsay42,00022,000
Kristy Arnett31,00015,000
Olga Iermolcheva25,0005,000
Lisa Roberts22,0003,000
Pok Kim0-11,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 4:01 PM Local Time (about 25 minutes ago)
Weisner Drops Down

In a three-way pot, the flop showed     when the small blind checked and Melanie Weisner bet 2,000. The player in the cutoff pushed all in for 7,400 and it folded to Weisner who made the call.

Melanie Weisner:   
Her opponent:   

Weisner held a pair and a draw but the rest of the board fell a   and a   and Weisner lost to pot to fell down to a stack of 1,000 chips.

Melanie Weisner1,000-19,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 3:43 PM Local Time (about 42 minutes ago)
Level 5 started
Level: 5 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 400
Thursday, June 20, 2019 3:22 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 3 minutes ago)
New Break

The ladies event players are now on a new 20-minute break.

Thursday, June 20, 2019 3:14 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 11 minutes ago)
Some Chip Counts
Marle Cordeiro41,00020,000
Lexy Gavin38,50018,500
Britney Barnes31,00031,000
Monika Zukowicz25,300-700
Aurélie Reard23,0003,000
Katie Lindsay20,00020,000
Lena Evans16,000-1,000
Ana Marquez4,100-37,900
Thursday, June 20, 2019 3:11 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 14 minutes ago)
Difficult Fold for Bicknell

On a board      , with a pot already containing more than 25,000, Kristen Bicknell's opponent bet 15,000, putting her into a big decision.

"I hate that spot," said Bicknell, adding "I don't think you're bluffing here, I think you're maybe valuing worst". After a few minutes, Bicknell asked "You show me if I fold?" and ended up folding her cards. Her opponent mucked her hand while Bicknell said with a smile "Show one! Nothing?Ok".

Kristen Bicknell9,500-19,700
Thursday, June 20, 2019 3:05 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 21 minutes ago)
Recent Chip Counts
Molly Mossey61,80021,800
Aylar Lie38,0009,000
Maria Konnikova37,00017,000
Vivian Saliba35,00015,000
Katie Lindsay20,00020,000
Tara Cain20,0004,000
Anna Antimony18,0002,000
Muskan Sethi12,0001,000
Pok Kim11,000-9,000
Carol Fuchs0-18,100
Karina Jett0-11,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:56 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 29 minutes ago)
Two Fist Pumps for May After Losing Hand

Heidi May (2017 Ladies Event Champion)

Heidi May and Lisa Costello were laughing about something that had happened earlier during the 100/200 level and they were kind enough to relay what had happened.

May had opened from under the gun and Teresa Thaxton shoved from the button for around 5,500 which May called.

Teresa Thaxton:   
Heidi May:   

Apparently, Thaxton shouted for all red cards even though May had the  .

The flop came     for Thaxton to flop a flush and straight flush draw.

The turn bricked but the river was a   to give Thaxton the straight flush indeed.

Thaxton was so excited she fist-pumped May, asked her for a photo, celebrated a bit more, and then fist-pumped May again. Unfortunately for Thaxton, she lost the doubled-up chips shortly after and her seat was taken by Jessica Dawley.

Lisa Costello73,00015,000
Heidi May28,000-3,000
Teresa Thaxton00
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:53 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 32 minutes ago)
Oskooi is Here to Make Friends

Shirin Oskooi, the previous contestant from Survivor: Worlds Apart and Survivor: Cambodia took a seat in the Ladies Event and grabbed some chips.

The board read      in a head's up situation when the player in the small blind checked before calling a bet worth 1,500 from Oskooi on the button.

A   fell on the river and this time both players checked. Ooskoi tuned over    for two pair and the winning hand. "Why didn't you bet on the river?" asked her opponent, "Oh I'm here to make friends!" replied Oskooi jokingly while adding the chips to her stack.

Shirin Oskooi23,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:50 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 36 minutes ago)
Marquez Doubles Through Martin

Ana Marquez, the 888poker ambassador, has just doubled up through Margaret Martin when she rivered trip tens while Martin held two pair, tens and eights. Martin was left with just one yellow 1,000-value chip but has managed to build her stack back up to around 9,000.

Ana Marquez42,00022,000
Kitty Kuo19,0006,000
Magaret Martin9,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:40 PM Local Time (about 1 hour and 45 minutes ago)
Baumann Gets her Chips Back

According to the table, Gaelle Baumann doubled up after having lost half of her chips at the beginning of the day.

A first player limped and it folded to Baumann on the button who raised it to 800 with   . The big blind and the initial player both called.

The flop appeared     rainbow and the big blind led out for 1,700. Baumann called after the third player folded and a   showed up on the turn. This time Baumann called another bet for 2,000.

The river fell a   and the big blind fired 6,000 before calling the all-in raise from Baumann worth 8,000. The big blind tabled    and Bauman grabbed the pot with aces.

Gaelle Baumann28,00015,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:22 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 3 minutes ago)
Level 4 started
Level: 4 Blinds: 100/300 Ante: 300
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:21 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 5 minutes ago)
The Defending Champion Has Taken Her Seat

Jessica Dawley (in an earlier event)

Jessica Dawley, the defending champion has just taken her seat at the same table as Heidi May, who won this event in 2017.

Dehlia de Jong21,000-300
Jessica Dawley20,00020,000
Marion Adriaans20,00020,000
Tara Cain16,00016,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:13 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 12 minutes ago)
New Round of Chip Counts
Lisa Costello58,00020,000
Ana Cintra51,00011,000
Chris Read47,000-6,900
Natalie Hof22,0002,000
Dehlia de Jong21,300-200
Aurélie Reard20,00020,000
Daria Feshchenko20,00020,000
Sarah Goddard19,30019,300
Kristy Arnett16,000-4,000
Natalie Teh13,000-7,000
Muskan Sethi11,000-9,000
Jennifer Hodges8,000-10,000
Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:01 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 24 minutes ago)
Liu Keeps Climbing

Linda Snyder opened and Sasha Liu three-bet from the cutoff position. It folded back to Snyder who called.

On a flop    , Snyder check-called Liu's continuation bet of 1,500. The turn fell   and this time Snyder bet 2,000. Liu thought about her move for a minute and raised it to 8,000. Snyder ended up folding her cards.

Sasha Liu79,0007,000
Linda Snyder18,80018,800
Thursday, June 20, 2019 1:54 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 32 minutes ago)
Bicknell Gets a Fold

The board already showed       with a pot containing around 13,000 when Kristen Bicknell made a bet for 6,500. Her opponent tanked for a minute and mucked her cards.

Kristen Bicknell29,20017,200
Thursday, June 20, 2019 1:52 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 33 minutes ago)
Kennedy Defends Her Big Blind

The 2016 Ladies Event Champion, Courtney Kennedy's table is a lively one and the laughter from that table can be heard from the other side of the room.

Naomi Pazol raised to 1,000 from the button and Kennedy defender her big blind.

The flop came    , Kennedy check-called the 1,500 continuation-bet of Pazol.

They both checked through the   on the turn to the   on the river. Kennedy now took over the initiative and led out for 2,500.

"I wanted to be in the live reporting with a good end to this hand!" Pazol exclaimed. She counted out her stack and was in doubt about what to do. "If I fold, will you show?" she asked Kennedy.

"For the story, yes, I will," Kennedy replied.

Pazol folded    and Kennedy showed she held    for the turned two pair.

They all chatted a bit more about the hand and the whole table laughed along the whole time.

Courtney Kennedy15,000
Naomi Pazol12,500
Thursday, June 20, 2019 1:51 PM Local Time (about 2 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Dever Builds a Stack

Monika Zukowicz opened to 600 and the cutoff player called, followed by Catherine Dever in the small blind. The three players choose to check the flop    .

On the turn  , Dever bet 1,100 and only the cutoff called. The river fell a   and Dever made another bet for 1,200 and her opponent folded.

Catherine Dever72,000
Monika Zukowicz26,0006,000