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2017/18 WSOP Circuit - THE BICYCLE CASINO (Los Angeles)

Saturday, December 09, 2017 to Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Event #10: $1,675 MAIN EVENT

EVENT IN PROGRESS:    Level: 26  |  Blinds: 15,000/30,000  |  Ante: 5,000
  • Buy-in: $1,675
  • Prizepool: $1,024,500
  • Entries: 687
  • Remaining: 9
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12/12/17 03:20:28 PM PST (about 15 minutes ago)
Second Break
Players are now on a short break.
12/12/17 03:18:47 PM PST (about 17 minutes ago)
Frank Stepuchin Eliminated in 10th Place ($15,890)

Frank Stepuchin

Brendan Baksh raises to 100,000 from early position, and Frank Stepuchin reraises all in for about 450,000. Action folds back around to Baksh, and he immediately calls.


The flop is    , giving Baksh a commanding lead in the hand. The turn is the  , and the river is the  , improving Baksh to trips. He wins the hand, and Stepuchin is eliminated in 10th place for $15,890.

Brendan Baksh - 2,590,000
Frank Stepuchin - Eliminated

12/12/17 03:05:01 PM PST (about 31 minutes ago)
Chahn Jung Pressures Edward Liu

Chahn Jung raises to 100,000 from the cutoff and Edward Liu defends his big blind. They are heads-up to a flop of     and Liu checks. Jung bets 90,000 and Liu check-raises to 200,000.

Jung calls and the turn is the  . Both players check and the river is the  . Liu bets 200,000 and Jung raises to 570,000. Liu folds and Jung wins the pot.

Chahn Jung - 2,620,000 (45 bb)
Edward Liu - 1,680,000 (42 bb)

12/12/17 02:46:58 PM PST (about 49 minutes ago)
Jared Jaffee Crosses the Million Mark

Edward Liu raises to 90,000 from middle position and Kelly Minkin calls from the cutoff. Chahn Jung calls out of the small blind and Jared Jaffee moves all in out of the big blind for 825,000.

Liu and Minkin snap-fold. Jung tanks for a couple minutes before folding. Jaffee mucks his hand, takes the pot and moves over the million chip mark.

Jared Jaffee - 1,145,000 (28 bb)

12/12/17 02:34:16 PM PST (about 1 hour and 1 minute ago)
Brian Small Doubles Through Aaron Frei

Mike Eskandari raises to 105,000 from the hijack. Brian Small then moves all in for 310,000 from the button, and Aaron Frei moves all in over the top for 1,250,000 from the small blind. Eskandari decides to fold, and he shows the table   .


The board comes      , and Small wins with his two pair, aces and fives, to double up.

Brian Small - 805,000 (20 bb)
Aaron Frei - 940,000 (23 bb)

12/12/17 02:27:58 PM PST (about 1 hour and 8 minutes ago)
10-Person Redraw

With Jordyn Miller's elimination in 11th place, the remaining ten players have redrawn to the unofficial final table:

1 - Jared Jaffee - 750,000
2 - Mike Eskandari - 1,280,000
3 - Edward Liu - 2,325,000
4 - Brian Small - 385,000
5 - Aaron Frei - 1,300,000
6 - Tuan Phan - 900,000
7 - Brendan Baksh - 1,910,000
8 - Kelly Minkin - 2,575,000
9 - Frank Stepuchin - 580,000
10 - Chahn Jung - 1,600,000

12/12/17 02:20:53 PM PST (about 1 hour and 15 minutes ago)
Jordyn Miller Eliminated in 11th Place ($15,890)

Jordyn Miller

Aaron Frei limps from the cutoff, and Jordyn Miller moves all in for about 500,000 from the small blind. Kelly Minkin calls from the big blind and Frei folds.


The board runs out       and Minkin wins with her jacks.

Miller is eliminated in 11th place, earning $15,890.

Kelly Minkin - 2,570,000
Jordan Miller - Eliminated

12/12/17 02:19:52 PM PST (about 1 hour and 16 minutes ago)
Jared Jaffee Doubles Through Frank Stepuchin

Jared Jaffee moves all in from under the gun for about 350,000 and Frank Stepuchin calls from the big blind.


The board is      . Both players make a pair of kings, and Jaffee wins with his ace kicker to double up.

Jared Jaffee - 750,000
Frank Stepuchin - 580,000

12/12/17 02:15:46 PM PST (about 1 hour and 20 minutes ago)
Aaron Frei Doubles Through Brendan Baksh

Brendan Baksh moves all in from the button. He has both blinds outchipped, and the raise is effectively for 645,000.

Aaron Frei is in the small blind, and he calls for 645,000. Brian Small has fewer chips in the big blind, and he folds.


The board is      , and Frei doubles up with his pocket nines.

Aaron Frei - 1,360,000
Brendan Baksh - 1,865,000

12/12/17 02:11:41 PM PST (about 1 hour and 24 minutes ago)
Kelly Minkin Trips Up Aaron Frei

On a flop of    , Aaron Frei checks from the big blind and Kelly Minkin bets 105,000 from the cutoff. Frei calls and the turn is the  .

Frei leads out this time for 150,000 and Minkin calls. The river is the   and Frei checks. Minkin bets 215,000 and Frei goes into the tank for a little bit.

"I got bluffed by him and now I'm going to pay off you," says Frei as he is mulling over his decision.

Frei pushes forward a call and Minkin shows   , good for trip sevens. Frei mucks his hand and Minkin takes the pot.

Kelly Minkin - 1,900,000 (47 bb)
Aaron Frei - 640,000 (16 bb)

12/12/17 02:03:44 PM PST (about 2 hours and 32 minutes ago)
Level 27 Started
Level:27  Blinds:20,000/40,000  Ante:5,000
12/12/17 02:03:05 PM PST (about 2 hours and 33 minutes ago)
Brian Small Doubles Through Edward Liu

Edward Liu raises to 75,000 from middle position. Brian Small then moves all in for his last 210,000. After confirming the counts, Liu reluctantly puts out the chips to call.


The flop is    , leaving Small in the lead with his ace-ten. Then the turn is the  , giving Small a pair and securing his double up. The meaningless river is the  .

Brian Small - 480,000
Edward Liu - 1,995,000

12/12/17 01:59:49 PM PST (about 2 hours and 36 minutes ago)
Chahn Jung Turns the Nuts

On the turn with the board reading     , Mike Eskandari checks from the small blind and Chahn Jung bets 110,000 on the button. Eskandari check-raises to 300,000 and Jung calls.

The river is the   and Eskandari bets 300,000. Jung snap-calls. Jung shows   , giving him a straight, and Eskandari mucks his hand.

Chahn Jung - 1,890,000 (63 bb)
Mike Eskandari - 1,100,000 (36 bb)

12/12/17 01:51:40 PM PST (about 2 hours and 44 minutes ago)
Tony Thanh Phan Eliminated in 12th Place ($15,890)

Tony Thanh Phan

Mike Eskandari raises to 65,000 from under the gun, and Tony Thanh Phan moves all in for 330,000 from the small blind. Eskandari thinks for a minute, then calls.


The flop is    . Eskandari hits a set of fours to leave Phan drawing thin. The turn is the  , and the rive is the  . Eskandari wins, and Phan is eliminated in 12th place. He earns $15,890.

Mike Eskandari - 2,020,000
Tony Thanh Phan - Eliminated

12/12/17 01:39:19 PM PST (about 2 hours and 56 minutes ago)
Jordyn Miller Shows the Bluff

Aaron Frei raises to 60,000 from the button and Jordyn Miller calls form the big blind.

The flop is     and Miller checks. Frei continues for 40,000 and Miller calls.

The   comes on the turn, and Miller now leads out for 120,000. Frei thinks for a minute, then calls.

The   falls on the river. Miller tanks for about four minutes, then bets 260,000. Frei now thinks for about three minutes, then sends his cards to the muck.

As the dealer pushes the pot, Miller turns over   .

Jordyn Miller - 900,000
Aaron Frei - 950,000

12/12/17 01:35:44 PM PST (about 2 hours and 60 minutes ago)
Mike Eskandari Doubles Through Tony Thanh Phan

Tony Thanh Phan raises to 100,000 from the button. The small blind folds, and action is on Mike Eskandari in the big blind. He tanks for about three minutes, then moves all in. Phan calls immediately.


Eskandari is in a dominant position with his pocket aces. And the board rolls out      , giving Eskandari the pot. The dealer counts down the stacks. Eskandari was the at-risk player. He was all in for 810,000, and he doubles up.

Mike Eskandari - 1,665,000
Tony Thanh Phan - 300,000

12/12/17 01:27:09 PM PST (about 2 hours and 8 minutes ago)
Peter Lipton Eliminated in 13th Place ($12,935)

Peter Lipton

Peter Lipton moves all in from under the gun for 415,000 and Edward Liu calls from the cutoff. It's another race with Liu showing    and Lipton tabling   .

The board runs out       and Lipton stares at the board for a few extra seconds, making sure he lost the pot.

"No flush, right?" asks Lipton.

The table confirms that Lipton can't beat Liu's pair and Lipton gets up to go collect his 13th place money. He wishes everybody luck and heads off to go get his $12,935.

Edward Liu - 1,790,000 (59 bb)
Peter Lipton - Eliminated

12/12/17 01:20:01 PM PST (about 2 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Michael Hauptman Eliminated in 14th Place ($12,935)

Michael Hauptman

Kelly Minkin raises to 70,000 from under the gun and Edward Liu calls from middle position. Brendan Baksh calls from the hijack and Michael Hauptman moves all in for about 530,000. Minkin and Liu fold. Baksh calls.

It's a classic race situation with Baksh's    up against Hauptman's   .

The flop comes    , keeping Baksh in the lead. The turn is the   and the river is the  . Baksh's pair wins the flip and Hauptman is eliminated in 14th place. He earns $12,935 for his efforts. Baksh takes over the chip lead with the pot.

Brendan Baksh - 2,450,000 (82 bb)
Michael Hauptman - Eliminated

12/12/17 01:16:04 PM PST (about 2 hours and 20 minutes ago)
Tuan Phan Draws First Blood

Tuan Phan raises to 70,000 from early position, and the only caller is Jordyn Miller in the big blind.

The flop is     and both players check. Miller checks again when the   falls on the turn, and Phan bets 75,000. Miller quickly calls.

The   completes the board on the river and Miller checks a third time. Phan continues for 220,000. Miller thinks a few moments, then lets out a low "Wow," under his breath. He goes deep into the tank. After about five minutes, another player at the table calls the clock. The floor gives Miller 30 seconds to act. With ten seconds remaining, the floor starts a countdown, and at "eight," Miller releases his cards.

Tuan Phan - 740,000
Jordyn Miller - 750,000

12/12/17 01:03:50 PM PST (about 3 hours and 32 minutes ago)
Shuffle Up and Deal!
Cards are in the air and Day 3 is officially underway.
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