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2015 WSOP EuropeThe Official WSOPE Live Updates

Friday, October 9, 2015 to Monday, October 12, 2015

Event #2A: The Oktoberfest No-Limit Hold’em

  • Buy-in: €550
  • Prizepool: €0
  • Entries: 473
  • Remaining: 30
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10/9/2015 7:59:44 PM PST (about 4 hours and 59 minutes ago)
Shaun Deeb Leads After Day 1B

Day 1B has concluded at Spielbank Berlin.

This morning, 375 runners attended the Day 1A flight, and they played down to 28 players over the course of 15 levels. Phil Hellmuth and David "ODB" Baker both advanced through the opening flight, while Erik Scheidt finished with the big stack of 129,000 chips. The full list of chip counts from Day 1A is available in the reports section.

Day 1B began at 7:00 p.m. with another 473 players, and that number was reduced to 30 by the time the bags came out in the wee hours of the morning.

Shaun Deeb finished the B flight as the overall chipleader with 212,000, looking to gain more ground in the 2015 POY race. Deeb is followed by Felix Bleiker and Alex Rocha (who also cashed in the Day 1A flight). The full list of chip counts for the Day 1B survivors is available in the reports section.

Days 1C and 1D will begin on Saturday, and they'll follow the same schedule as today's flights.

All players that bag chips during the Day 1 flights will return for the combined Day 2 on Sunday, October 11th.

10/9/2015 7:07:59 PM PST (about 5 hours and 51 minutes ago)
Last Three Hands

The tournament director has just announced the final three hands of the night.

It looks like Alex Rocha has made another great leap and is now playing more than 120,000 chips.

36 players are left for the last hands of Flight B.

10/9/2015 7:05:14 PM PST (about 5 hours and 53 minutes ago)
Magic Flop for Alex Rocha

We don't know exactly how the action happened, but Alex Rocha just tripled his 17,000 chip-stack with on an board against a player holding kings and Bernd Hartmann holding tens (who survived the hand and is still playing more than 80,000).

Alex Rocha - 55,000

10/9/2015 6:52:08 PM PST (about 5 hours and 6 minutes ago)
Yoshida Masanori for a triple up

Yoshida Masanori pushes all-in and faces two opponents holding against his opponents' and respectively. The board comes and the Japanese player makes a straight to triple up.

Yoshida Masanori - 23,000

10/9/2015 6:43:41 PM PST (about 5 hours and 15 minutes ago)
Last Level

We have just entered the last level of the night with 42 players remaining and an average stack of 56,309.

10/9/2015 6:41:51 PM PST (about 5 hours and 17 minutes ago)
Level 15 Started
Level:15  Blinds:1,000/2,000  Ante:300
10/9/2015 6:31:35 PM PST (about 5 hours and 27 minutes ago)
Shannon Shorr In the Money, Out of the Tournament
10/9/2015 6:29:10 PM PST (about 5 hours and 29 minutes ago)
Already Down to 46 Players

A little more than ten minutes into Level 14, the field has been reduced to 46 players with an average stack of 51,413 chips.

The 45th-place finisher will be the first to earn a pay jump to € 965.

Among the players lost after the bubble were Daniel Groll, Shannon Shorr, Thomas Kearney, and Gregory Lockwood.

10/9/2015 6:19:05 PM PST (about 6 hours and 39 minutes ago)
Watch Out for Shaun Deeb, POY Contenders!

We won't know exactly how many WSOP Player of the Year points Shaun Deeb's guaranteed min-cash will get him, but given that he is just over 350 points back from the current frontrunner, Mike Gorodinsky, and he is sitting on a pile of chips, it is definitely a situation to be monitored heading into the closing levels of Day 1B and the start of Day 2.

This year several POY contenders are in Europe jockeying for points, including Gorodinsky, Deeb, Anthony Zinno, John Racener, Phil Hellmuth (who advanced to Day 2 of this event earlier today), and Stephen Chidwick, who will be vying for his second bracelet of the year tomorrow at the Six-Handed Event 1 final table, which will be livestreamed. Chidwick is over 600 points back from the lead, but could move as high as fifth place with a second victory.

You can keep track of the Player of the Year race, powered by the Global Poker Index, right here.

10/9/2015 6:12:41 PM PST (about 6 hours and 46 minutes ago)
Level 14 Started
Level:14  Blinds:1000/2000  Ante:300
10/9/2015 6:11:50 PM PST (about 6 hours and 47 minutes ago)
Minh-Tri Truong Exits the Tournament as the Bubble Boy

After three short stacks survived their all-in confrontations on the bubble, the Parisian regular Minh-Tri Truong is the unlucky last man out for this B flight of the WSOP-E Oktoberfest.

Truong is all in with , facing Alexander Feldhuns' .

The board comes , and all the players are now in the money with two more levels to go for tonight.

10/9/2015 5:39:23 PM PST (about 6 hours and 19 minutes ago)
The Bubble Is Approaching

Play has resumed and we are 57 players left with the money bubble approaching. Three more people to bust until all the remaining players get paid at least € 870.

10/9/2015 5:32:25 PM PST (about 6 hours and 26 minutes ago)
Level 13 Started
Level:13  Blinds:800/1,600  Ante:200
10/9/2015 5:23:38 PM PST (about 7 hours and 35 minutes ago)
Last Break

Players are on break and will return for the last three levels of the day. There are 59 players remaining with 54 of them scheduled to finish in the money.

10/9/2015 5:22:57 PM PST (about 7 hours and 36 minutes ago)
Shaun Deeb is Running Hot

Shaun Deeb keeps dominating his opponents on his new table. After taking out one short stack, he takes care of another small stack after opening with pocket fives. The short stack three-bet shoves behind for 25,000 with and Shaun Deeb calls.

The flop brings a four but the river brings a five for a set for Shaun Deeb, who now appears to be one of the chip leaders.

Shaun Deeb - 110,000

10/9/2015 5:11:01 PM PST (about 7 hours and 47 minutes ago)
Kevin MacPhee and Shaun Deeb Back in Good Shape

After having spent some time at the same table, Shaun Deeb and Kevin MacPhee were separated a few minutes ago after the table broke. Each of the two pros walks away with a healthy stack.

MacPhee arrives at his new table with 43,000 and Deeb arrives at his new seat with a little more than 55,000 before eliminating a player in one of the very first hands he plays. He busts a short stack who had pushed his 25,000 chips with facing Shaun Deeb's .

Shaun Deeb is now up to a little more than 80,000.

10/9/2015 4:50:50 PM PST (about 7 hours and 8 minutes ago)
More than Half of the Field will Make the Money Now

71 players are left. That is less than 20 percent of the 473-person field generated during the first six levels of Flight 1B.

45 will make the money tonight. The average stack in the room is 33,309.

10/9/2015 4:42:38 PM PST (about 7 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Level 12 Started
Level:12  Blinds:600/1200  Ante:200
10/9/2015 4:42:19 PM PST (about 7 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Nicolas Fraioli Eliminated

Preflop, in middle position, Nicolas Fraioli limps, the player who is next to act raises to 2,500, the cutoff calls, and Fraioli backraises all-in to 12,000. The initial raiser folds and the cutoff calls.

Nicolas Fraioli:


It is a full house for the player on the button, and Fraioli is eliminated before the money.

Nicolas Fraioli - Eliminated

10/9/2015 4:37:31 PM PST (about 7 hours and 21 minutes ago)
Alex Rocha on His Way to His Second Cash of the Week Already

Alex Rocha was down to a bit more than 5,000 at the end of Level 10, but has now managed to build up his stack again to 19,700 as we are reaching the end of Level 11.

The American player already cashed by finishing in 19th place of Event #1 earlier today and he is on his way to another cash again tonight as we are now down to 90 players with 54 places paid.

10/9/2015 4:24:37 PM PST (about 8 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Thomas Muehloecker Out

His last 7,000 went in the middle of the table with [7][6] and he got eliminated by a player who called him with pocket eights.

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