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2015 WSOP National Championship

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 to Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 National Championship

  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $1,220,000
  • Entries: 122
  • Remaining: 12
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7/30/2015 3:53:39 PM PST (about 5 minutes ago)
Break Time
The remaining 12 players are on a one-hour dinner break. Cards go back in the air just before 8 p.m. ET.
7/30/2015 3:49:34 PM PST (about 9 minutes ago)
Robert Hankins Continues to Roll

Darryll Fish is in the small blind in a heads-up pot against Robert Hankins who's under the gun. The flop reads and Fish leads for 14,000. Hankins makes it 34,000 and Fish calls.

The turn is the . Fish checks the action to Hankins. Hankins bets 20,000. Fish raises to 72,500. Hankins calls.

The river is the and both players check. Hankins tables for an overpair and Fish mucks. Hankins wins the pot.

"I was afraid you were going to have a four," Hankins says.

"I didn't," Fish replies.

The pot puts Hankins even more comfortably in the chip lead.

Robert Hankins - 755,000 (151 bb)
Darryll Fish - 530,000 (106 bb)

7/30/2015 3:44:17 PM PST (about 14 minutes ago)
Ari Engel Eliminated in 13th Place ($20,594)

Robert Hankins raises to 12,500. Ari Engel has exactly 12,500 left after being crippled in a three-way all in and then posting an ante. He calls for the last of his chips, and everyone else folds.


The flop comes , giving Hankins a set and leaving Engel drawing thin. The turn is the , and the river the . Engel receives no help, and the seven-time WSOP Circuit ring winner is eliminated in 13th place for $20,594.

Robert Hankins - 635,000
Ari Engel - Eliminated

7/30/2015 3:40:06 PM PST (about 18 minutes ago)
Michael Sanders Eliminated in 14th Place ($20,594)

Michaels Sanders moves all in from the button for about 90,000. Gevork Kasabyan moves all in over the top from the small blind for 100,500. Ari Engel calls from the big blind, and the three players table their cards.


The board comes . Kasabyan wins the pot with his pocket queens. Engel is left severely short-stacked, and Sanders is eliminated. He earns $20,594 for his 14th place finish.

Gevork Kasabyan - 305,000
Ari Engel - 13,000
Michael Sanders - Eliminated

7/30/2015 3:33:00 PM PST (about 25 minutes ago)
Loni Harwood Runs into Darryll Fish's Aces

Darryll Fish opens the action from late position and Harwood defends from the big blind. They are heads up to the flop.

Both players check the flop.

The turn is the . Harwood leads for 19,000. Fish calls.

Fifth street comes the . Harwood leads for 30,000. Fish calls and Harwood tables for a rivered pair of tens. Fish holds for an overpair and takes the pot.

Darryll Fish - 642,000 (128 bb)
Loni Harwood - 325,000 (65 bb)

7/30/2015 3:27:35 PM PST (about 31 minutes ago)
Dominik Nitsche Eliminated in 15th Place ($20,594)


Michael Sanders raises to 11,500, and Ari Engel reraises. A shortstacked Dominik Nitsche (pictured) calls for the last of his chips, and Sanders gets out of the way.


The board comes . Engel wins the pot, and Nitsche - the defending champion in this tournament - is eliminated in 15th place. He earns $20,594 for his efforts.

Ari Engel - 130,000 (26 bb)
Dominik Nitsche - Eliminated

7/30/2015 3:22:34 PM PST (about 36 minutes ago)
Defending Champion Dominik Nitsche on Life Support

Dominik Nitsche raises to 10,000 from middle position and Robert Hankins makes it 21,000 from the cutoff. It folds back to Nitsche and he calls.

The flop comes and Nitsche checks. Hankins bets 15,000 Nitsche calls.

The turn is the . Nitsche checks. Hankins bets 23,000. Nitsche calls.

The board completes with the and Nitsche checks a third time. Hankins bets 40,000 and Nitsche goes into the tank. He counts out his stack and it's revealed he'll be left with 10,000 were he to call and lose. He calls and Hankins shows him for an overpair. Nitsche mucks and is severely shortstacked.

Robert Hankins - 632,000 (126 bb)
Dominik Nitsche - 10,000 (2 bb)

7/30/2015 3:16:28 PM PST (about 42 minutes ago)
Juan Mendoza Eliminated on the Bubble

Brad St. Vincent raises to 10,000, and Daniel Negreanu calls. Juan Mendoza then moves all in for 20,500. St. Vincent four-bets to 50,000, and Negreanu folds.

St. Vincent:

The board rolls out , and the king on the turn gives St. Vincent a winning pair of kings. St. Vincent gets the pot, and Mendoza is eliminated on the bubble.

There are now 15 players remaining, and they're each guaranteed a minimum payout of $20,594.

Brad St. Vincent - 485,000
Juan Mendoza - Eliminated

7/30/2015 3:07:42 PM PST (about 51 minutes ago)
Juan Mendoza Crippled by Alex Masek

Alex Masek raises to 11,500 from early position. It's on Juan Mendoza on his immediate left and he pops it to 21,000. Action folds back to Masek and he -- very deliberately -- calls.

Both players check the flop and turn.

A river elicits a bet of 14,000 from Masek. Mendoza calls leaving himself just under 30,000 behind. Masek tables and takes the pot with top pair. Mendoza is now the tournament's short stack on the bubble with about six big blinds.

Alex Masek - 195,000
Juan Mendoza - 28,000

7/30/2015 3:02:51 PM PST (about 56 minutes ago)
Hand For Hand
Withe the elimination of Lance Jones, there are now 16 players remaining. Only 15 will be paid, so play is now hand for hand until the bubble bursts.
7/30/2015 3:00:44 PM PST (about 58 minutes ago)
Lance Jones Eliminated by Dominik Nitsche

Lance Jones gets the last of his chips in the middle preflop against defending champion Dominik Nitsche. Jones shows , and Nitsche turns over .

The flop comes , giving Nitsche a set and a virtual stranglehold on the pot. The turn is the , and the river is the . Nitsche wins with his set, and Jones is eliminated.

Dominik Nitsche - 137,000
Lance Jones - Eliminated

7/30/2015 2:57:11 PM PST (about 1 hours and 1 minutes ago)
Level 16 Started

Level:16 Blinds:2,500/5,000 Ante:500

7/30/2015 2:56:39 PM PST (about 1 hours and 2 minutes ago)
Paul Mattioda Triples Up

Seth Berger raises to 9,000, and Brad St. Vincent calls from the button. Paul Mattioda then moves all in from the small blind for 76,000. Berger thinks for a minute, then calls. St. Vincent then moves all in over the top,and Berger quickly folds.

St. Vincent:

The board rolls out , and Mattioda wins the pot with his aces to triple up.

Paul Mattioda - 236,000
Brad St. Vincent - 470,000
Seth Berger - 165,000

7/30/2015 2:52:18 PM PST (about 1 hours and 6 minutes ago)
Daniel Negreanu Folds to Brad St. Vincent's River Bet

Daniel Negreanu opens the action from under the gun for 9,500. It folds all the way around to Brad St. Vincent in the small blind and he three bets to 23,500. Negreanu calls and they are heads up to the flop.

Both players check the flop.

The turn is the . St. Vincent bets 22,500 and Negreanu calls with little hesitation.

The river brings the and St. Vincent leads for 20,000. Negreanu folds and St. Vincent wins the pot.

Brad St. Vincent - 545,000
Daniel Negreanu - 175,000

7/30/2015 2:42:56 PM PST (about 1 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Loni Harwood Rivers a Straight Against the Defending Champion

Defending champion Dominik Nitsche is out of position in the small blind against Loni Harwood in middle position. The board is complete and it lays . Nitsche checks and Harwood bets 56,000. Nitsche, noticeably strained by the bet, rechecks his cards. He thinks for a minute or so before he announces "call."

Harwood exposes for a rivered straight and Nitsche surrenders the pot.

Loni Harwood - 385,000
Dominik Nitsche - 99,500

7/30/2015 2:38:10 PM PST (about 1 hours and 20 minutes ago)
Seth Berger Doubles Through Brian McDaniel

Seth Berger is in the small blind, and he gets all his chips in the middle against Brian McDaniel in the big blind. Berger has 117,000, and McDaniel has him covered by about 70,000.


The board rolls out . Berger wins with his Ace-King and double up on the hand.

Seth Berger - 238,500
Brian McDaniel - 70,000

7/30/2015 2:33:41 PM PST (about 1 hours and 25 minutes ago)
Damjan Radanov Eliminated by Robert Hankins

Damjan Radanov open shoves from early position for 52,500. It's on Robert Hankins on the button and he calls. Loni Harwood folds her small blind and Michael Sanders follows suit in the big blind. Radanov flips over and is racing against the of Hankins.

The board is kind to Hankins as it comes improving him to a set and eliminating Radanov.

Radanov earned his berth in this season-ending event via a Main Event title at Harrah's New Orleans in which he bested David Nicholson to earn more than $147,000.

Robert Hankins - 490,000
Damjan Radanov - Eliminated

7/30/2015 2:28:00 PM PST (about 2 hours and 30 minutes ago)
Loni Harwood vs. Dominik Nitsche

Loni Harwood raises to 9,000 from early position, and Dominik Nitsche calls from the button.

The flop comes , and Harwood continues for another 9,000. Nitsche calls, and the turn is the . Both players check. The river is the , and Harwood bets 29,000. Nitsche thinks for a minute, then tosses out a single chip to call.

Harwood tables for a full house, and Nitsche mucks his cards.

Loni Harwood - 290,000
Dominik Nitsche - 155,000
7/30/2015 2:08:52 PM PST (about 2 hours and 50 minutes ago)
Two-Table Redraw -- Seating Assignments and Chip Counts
Table 1

Seat 1: Michael Sanders - 110,000
Seat 2: Gevork Kasabyan - 92,000
Seat 3: Damjan Radanov - 68,000
Seat 4: Lance Jones - 85,000
Seat 5: Dominik Nitsche - 160,000
Seat 6: Darryll Fish - 520,000
Seat 7: Vincent Moscati - 360,000
Seat 8: Robert Hankins - 385,000
Seat 9: Loni Harwood - 215,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Ari Engel - 130,000
Seat 2: Juan Mendoza - 84,000
Seat 3: Seth Berger - 125,000
Seat 4: Brian McDaniel - 195,000
Seat 5: Brad St. Vincent - 495,000
Seat 6: Paul Mattioda - 135,000
Seat 7: Daniel Negreanu - 141,000
Seat 8: Jonathan Abla - 230,000
Seat 9: Alex Masek - 140,000
7/30/2015 2:05:22 PM PST (about 2 hours and 53 minutes ago)
Andrew Robinson Eliminated by Jonathan Abla

According to the table, Jonathan Abla raised the button to 10,000 and a shortstacked Andrew Robinson shoved from the small blind. Abla called and Robinson was at risk.


The board ran out no help to Robinson and he was eliminated from the National Championship. The deep run marks Robinson's second in this event in as many years. Last year, he finished sixth for more than $65,000.

With his elimination, the field is down to the final 18 players and redrawing to two tables. Full seating assignments and chip counts will be posted shortly.

Andrew Robinson - Eliminated

7/30/2015 2:01:59 PM PST (about 2 hours and 57 minutes ago)
Charles "Woody" Moore Eliminated by Darryll Fish


Charles "Woody" Moore (pictured) opens the cutoff for 8,000. It's on Darryll Fish in the small blind and he three bets to 25,000. The big blind folds and Moore calls.

The flop comes and Fish leads for 20,000. Moore nearly beats him into the pot raising to 48,000.

"We're playing a pot now," Moore says to his rail.

Fish calls and they're off to the turn.

Fourth street brings the . Fish checks. Moore promptly moves all in for about 140,000. Fish rechecks his hole cards and calls.

"You got me," Moore says as Fish tables for an overpair. Moore is behind with , but has flush and straight outs.

The river reveals a blank -- the -- and Moore hits the rail. With that, Moore, who is the only player to qualify for the National Championship in each of its five years, is eliminated.

Darryll Fish - 522,000
Charles "Woody" Moore - Eliminated

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