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2015 46th Annual World Series of Poker

Sunday, July 5, 2015 to Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Event #68: No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT

  • Buy-in: $10,000
  • Prizepool: $0
  • Entries: tbd
  • Remaining: tbd
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7/7/2015 6:50:49 PM PST (about 32 minutes ago)
Dinner Break Until 8:20 PM

Level 3 concludes, and the players are on a 90-minute dinner break.

The record-setting Day 1C field has continued to push the limits of the Rio Convention Center's capacity. More than 3,900 players have registered for this flight, making it the largest single-day Main Event field in history. The turnout today brings the total field size close to 6,400 and counting for the combined starting flights.

2015 World Series of Poker

Je Wook Oh (pictured) continues to set the pace for the field, heading to the break with 155,500 chips. Among a few significant pots, Oh was responsible for the elimination of Mike Gogliormella early in the level. Gogliormella was dealt pocket aces, but Oh flopped top pair, turned a flush draw, and rivered the fifth diamond to claim another victim. Aaron Mermelstein (132,900) and Zarik Megerdichian (130,800) are also near the top of the leaderboard as they head to the break.

While a handful of players were working their stacks into six figures, a few familiar faces were bidding their final farewell to the 2015 WSOP. Greg Merson won this event in 2012, but he was short-stacked right from the word, "deal," today. Merson was in the process of trying to mount a comeback when he ran pocket kings into pocket aces, hitting the rail midway through the level.

The 2007 Champion, Jerry Yang, was the victim of a similar cooler, flopping a set of sevens on an ace-queen-seven board. Joe Black flopped a better set of aces, though, and Yang was eliminated from the field.

David Williams, Chino Rheem, Paul Volpe, and back-to-back November Niner Mark Newhouse were also eliminated during the last level.

Registration remains open through the dinner break, and play resumes with Level 4 at 8:20 PM.

7/7/2015 6:50:34 PM PST (about 32 minutes ago)
Manuel Blaschke Sends a Short Stack Home With Spades

There is a raise in middle position to 700 and Manuel Blaschke reraises to 2,000. Another player shoves all in for his remaining 4,600. The original raiser folds. Blaschke calls and the two players turn their hands over. Blaschke has and his opponent has .

The board runs out , giving Blaschke a spade flush and eliminating his opponent.

Manuel Blaschke - 38,500

7/7/2015 6:50:26 PM PST (about 32 minutes ago)
Je Wook Oh Bluffs Big and Wins

With over 9,000 in the pot, Je Wook Oh is heads up against an opponent in the big blind. With the turn dealt, the board reads . Wook Oh's opponent checks and Oh bets 5,800. The other player check-calls and we go to the river. The dealer puts the on the felt, a third heart.

The big blind checks and Wook Oh goes into the tank for half a minute, then bets 65,000. Wook Oh's opponent has a little less than 40,000 behind, and when he sees the size of the bet, he rolls his eyes and folds. Wook Oh then turns over for air and collects the pot.

Je Wook Oh - 151,000

7/7/2015 6:50:14 PM PST (about 32 minutes ago)
Yann Dion's Bluff Gets Called

On a board of with 9,000 in the middle, Yann Dion bet out 6,500 and his opponent went deep into the tank before making the call.

Dion tables his for a bluff while his opponent tables .

Yann Dion - 29,625

7/7/2015 6:49:46 PM PST (about 33 minutes ago)
Thiago Palmieri Takes One Before Dinner

Facing a raise to 700, Thiago Palmieri calls on the button as the flop falls .

The original raiser bets out 900 and Palmieri calls as the lands on the turn and both players check.

The river falls the and after being checked too, Palmieri bets 2,500 and his opponent folds.

Thiago Palmieri - 44,225

7/7/2015 6:49:38 PM PST (about 33 minutes ago)
Jarod Ludemann Takes One Out Before Dinner Break

On a board reading the player seated under the gun plus one checks. His opponent is Jarod Ludemann in middle position, who thinks for a minute about his decision, before betting out 15,000 in chips. Ludemann's opponent snap calls with less chips behind.


The river brings the and Ludemann holds with his aces to see as his opponent hits the rail just before the allocated dinner break.

Jarod Ludemann - 52,000

7/7/2015 6:49:30 PM PST (about 33 minutes ago)
Kevin Boudreau Shoots One Bullet

Kevin Boudreau is heads up against Joe Black. The flop is . Boudreau checks, Black bets 1,100 and Boudreau calls.

The turn is the and both players check.

The river is the . Again, both players check.

Boudreau turns over and Black mucks his cards.

Kevin Boudreau - 24,900
Joe Black - 93,000

7/7/2015 6:49:27 PM PST (about 33 minutes ago)
Doug Polk Finds a Full Double With Aces

After a flop of , Michael Beaird checks from early position over to Doug Polk on the button who checks back. The turn is the and Beaird checks again.

Polk bets 4,000 and Beaird calls to see the on the river. Beaird bets 10,000 which is enough to put Polk all in and Polk snap calls with to double up to 33,600

7/7/2015 6:48:44 PM PST (about 34 minutes ago)
Chris Grigorian Eliminated

On a board reading Chris Barton shoves all-in and Chris Grigorian instantly calls.

Grigorian shows for a turned set of kings, but unfortunately for Grigorian, he will need the board to pair on the river because Barton turned Broadway holding .

Unfortunately for Grigorian the river is the . After a very close count it is determined that Barton has Grigorian covered by less than a 1,000 and Grigorian is sent to the rail.

Chris Barton - 52,000
Chris Grigorian - Eliminated

7/7/2015 6:48:23 PM PST (about 34 minutes ago)
Adam Lamphere Eliminates Opponent to Move Over Starting Stack

A player raises from late position to 700, and Adam Lamphere three-bets to 2,100 from the blinds. The original raiser then moves all-in for 9,200 and Lamphere asks for a count before he calls.

Lamphere -
Opponent -

The board runs out to leave Lamphere raking in the pot as his opponent heads for the rail just before the dinner break.

Adam Lamphere - 36,500

7/7/2015 6:48:19 PM PST (about 34 minutes ago)
Daniel Negreanu vs. Elky, Checked Down

Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier raises to 700 from under the gun and Daniel Negreanu calls on the button. The blinds fold and the two PokerStars pros are heads up.  The flop comes and both players check.  The turn is the and again both players check. Both players check down the river as well.  Grospellier turns over and Negreanu says, "How could I possibly beat that?"

Bertrand Grospellier - 37,500
Daniel Negreanu - 38,200

7/7/2015 6:46:53 PM PST (about 36 minutes ago)
Phil Delaney Eliminated

John Streese bets enough to put Phil Delaney all-in on a board. Delaney makes the call for his tournament life and shows . Streese throws his card away, but then realises he has the nut straight. He takes his cards back and shows . Delaney thinks the hand should be dead, so they call the floor. Since Delaney was all-in on the river, both hands need to be showed and Streese's hand is live.

John Streese - 83,000
Phil Delaney - Eliminated

7/7/2015 6:45:52 PM PST (about 37 minutes ago)
Hellmuth Planning His Arrival
7/7/2015 6:44:50 PM PST (about 38 minutes ago)
Elliot Smith Wins on River

Elliot Smith opens to 700 from early position and Eli Elezra calls next to act as the player on the button calls also.

The flop falls and the action is checked round to see the land on the turn with Smith betting out 1,400.

Elezra folds but the button calls as the completes the board on the river and Smith bets 4,000.

Smith's opponent folds, and Smith is pushed the pot.

Elliot Smith - 23,125

7/7/2015 6:44:17 PM PST (about 38 minutes ago)
Jared Jaffee's King is Good

The action is on the turn with the board showing and Jared Jaffee check-calls a 1,500 bet from his opponent. The two both check on the river and Jaffee takes the pot with . Jaffee is a successful live tournament pro with $2.47 million in lifetime tournament earnings. He won his first bracelet in 2014 when he took down the $1,500 Mixed-Max tournament for $405,428. He's off to a good start thus far today and is approaching nearly double the starting stack.

Jared Jaffee - 52,400

7/7/2015 6:38:12 PM PST (about 44 minutes ago)
Michael Del Vecchio is too Tilted to Fold

Michael Del Vecchio checks from the small blind on the turn with the board reading and the player under-the-gun bets 1,500. Del Vecchio check-calls and the river is the .

Del Vecchio checks again and under-the-gun bets 4,000. Del Vecchio takes over a minute in the tank and then reluctantly tosses in a call. His opponent shows and Del Vecchio takes the pot as he tables .

"Nice call," said the player under-the-gun.

"I'm too tilted to fold," said Del Vecchio.

Michael Del Vecchio - 42,300

7/7/2015 6:37:32 PM PST (about 45 minutes ago)
Keith Lehr Takes From Zarik Megerdichian

With well over 6,000 already in the middle, Zarik Megerdichian and Keith Lehr look down at a completed board of . Megerdichian is first to act on the river and he checks. Lehr reaches for chips and drops out a bet of 5,000. Megerdichian calls and Lehr rolls over .

"Just deuces?" asks Megerdichian.

"Five-high straight," replies the dealer, pushing forward the other four cards on the board to make the straight.

Megerdichian mucks his cards and Lehr takes down the pot.

Keith Lehr - 74,500
Zairk Megerdichian - 132,400

7/7/2015 6:37:07 PM PST (about 45 minutes ago)
Eddy Sabat Crushed


On a flop reading both blinds check as does Eli Elezra from under the gun plus one. Eddy Sabat then bets out 1,100 from middle position before the player on the button bumps it up to 2,600. The action folds back around to Sabat, who pauses for a moment, before sliding out another raise to 6,600. His opponent asks to see his stack before moving all in for 23,225. Sabat snap calls with more chips behind.


Sabat has flopped a set and is up against his opponents flush draw. The on the turn gives his opponent a flush and the on the river doesn't help Sabat as he watches the pot get pushed to his opponent.

"The pain will never end Eddy," says Eli Elezra, who tries to condole Sabat from across the table.

"Why would you cheer for that. Don't you like Eddy?" says Elezra to Elliot Smith, who cheered as the flush was made.

"No. It's not that," replies Smith. "In my head I was hoping it'd get there but I said it out loud," jokes Smith.

"Poker players. We're all cold mother f***ers," jokes Elezra.

Eddy Sabat - 2,375.

7/7/2015 6:35:15 PM PST (about 47 minutes ago)
Calvin Anderson Out-Kicked

Calvin Anderson and Shashank Jain are heads-up on the river on a queen-high board. Calvin Anderson bets 4,300 on the river in a pot around 8,000. Shashank Jain and Anderson shows , but that isn't enough. Jain wins the hand with for a better kicker.

Shashank Jain - 49,600
Calvin Anderson - 21,400

7/7/2015 6:32:40 PM PST (about 50 minutes ago)
Ronnie Bardah Keeps it Under His Hat

Ronnie Bardah is playing heads up with a flop of and a turn of .

The big blind bets 3,200. Bardah tanks then goes all in. His opponent says: "How much?" The dealer cuts down the stack and announces 15,725.

Bardah's opponent tanks before folding. Bardah's tablemates say to him: "Show us!"

Bardah obliges by showing the but despite requests to see his other card, he keeps it face down.

Talking through the action on the flop, Bardah says: "He checked, I bet 800, he bet 2,500 and I called."

Ronnie is saved from elimination and his opponent is left short stacked with 8,300

Ronnie Bardah - 22,300

7/7/2015 6:31:45 PM PST (about 51 minutes ago)
Straight for Mike Leah

On a board of with 3,450 in the middle, Mike Leah bet out 2,200.

His lone opponent in the hand deliberated for a few moments before calling.

Leah tables his for a straight and his opponent mucks.

Mike Leah - 13,250




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