2015 46th Annual World Series of Poker

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 to Friday, June 26, 2015

Event #49: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

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  • Buy-in: $1,500
  • Prizepool: $1,100,250
  • Entries: 815
  • Remaining: 0


Friday, June 26, 2015 4:54 PM PST
Big Stacks Continue To Clash, Yockey Pushes Out Drinan

Bryce Yockey limps the button, with Young Ji completing his small blind and Connor Drinan checking his option in the big. 

The     flop brings three checks and Ji checks for a second time after the   falls on the turn. 

Drinan doesn't check though, announcing "pot" and pushing out 72,000. 

Yockey goes into the tank and after a few moments of thought, begins to cut out chips for a raise. 

288,000 gets slid into the middle and that bet sends Ji into the tank, who will more or less be all-in if he elects to call. 

He doesn't, folding before he heads to the rail to discuss the hand with his supporters. While he's in his conference, Drinan also folds, awarding the pot to Yockey. 

Yockey, who started this final table as the chip leader, is now back up and over the 1,000,000 chip mark, neck, neck and neck with Drinan and George Danzer who are also over that mark. 

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