2017/18 WSOP Circuit - FOXWOODS (Connecticut)

Sunday, August 27, 2017 to Monday, August 28, 2017

Event #11: $3,250 No-Limit Hold'em HIGH ROLLER

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  • Buy-in: $3,250
  • Prizepool: $135,000
  • Entries: 45
  • Remaining: 0


Sunday, August 27, 2017 3:28 PM PST
Solomon Yi Hits Quads to Eliminate Zach Donovan and Take Early Chip Lead

There are two players to see the     flop. Solomon Yi checks in late-middle position, and Zach Donovan checks on the button.

The turn is the  . Yi checks, Donovan bets 1,100, and Yi calls.

The river is the  . Yi bets 2,700, Donovan raises to 10,000, and Yi moves all in, having Donovan covered.  Donovan thinks for a minute, looks at his cards a few times, and then calls.

Yi turns over   , having rivered quads.

"You hit a one outer on me," Donovan says in disbelief as he looks back at his cards one more time before tossing them into the muck.

"Really?" Yi asks genuinely.

Donovan then gets up from his chair, and walks away from the table. He has one more chance to re-enter this event if he so chooses, as all players are allowed one re-entry prior to the start of play on Day 2.

Solomon Yi - 70,000
Zach Donovan - Eliminated with the option to re-ennter

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