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2018 World Series of Poker Europe The Official WSOP Live Updates

Monday, October 15, 2018 to Thursday, October 18, 2018

Event #3: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed

EVENT IN PROGRESS:    Level: 18  |  Blinds: 4000/8000  |  Ante: 0
  • Buy-in: €550
  • Prizepool: €274,417
  • Entries: 572
  • Remaining: 25
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10/16/18 05:26:02 PM PDT (about 5 hours and 55 minutes ago)
Shaun Deeb Second in Chips After Day 1B of Event #3: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed

Shaun Deeb 2nd in chips after Day 1b

Shaun Deeb has taken yet another step at taking down the 2018 World Series of Poker Player of the Year leaderboard, as he has secured the third cash in as many events of the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe at the King's Casino in Rozvadov. After a min-cash in The COLOSSUS and an 11th place in Event #2: €1,650 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Deepstack, Deeb is in a decent position for another deep run as he bagged up the second-biggest stack on Day 1b of Event #3: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed.

After yesterday's first flight had already surpassed the guaranteed prize pool of €100,000 thanks to 230 entries, the second starting day even topped that result with a massive field of 342 entries. The 572 total entries include 231 entries and the prize pool was more than doubled to €283,052 with both starting days paying out a portion already.

Of the 342 Day 1b entries, only 25 players bagged up chips after 18 levels of 30 minutes each and it was Canada's Christopher Back that skyrocketed into the top spot in the final hands of the night. Back sent Daniel Rezaei to the rail in the final hand of the night when he rivered the nut flush against the turned two pair and inferior flush of the Austrian. Not even half an hour prior to that, Rezaei had topped the counts with 100 big blinds only to run out dry before bagging and tagging.

Back claimed 885,000 to his name, just shy of 90 big blinds for Day 2, and Deeb follows in second place with 667,000. The four-time WSOP bracelet winner entered mid-way through level six and quickly jumped to the top spot, holding more than two times as many chips as the next best during the later stages of the day.

Another two WSOP bracelet winners follow right after Deeb on the Day 1b leader board: Hanh Tran (626,000) and Max Pescatori (565,000) will return with big stacks when the tournament plays down to a final table. Other notables that advanced through the second starting day are Oleg Pavlyuchuk (478,000), Viliyan Petleshkov (219,000), Roland Israelashvili (196,000), Netanel Amedi (151,000), Michal Mrakes (141,000), David Boyaciyan (108,000) and one-time WSOP bracelet winner Dario Alioto (82,000).

Aleksandar Denishev was crowned the bubble boy when his top two pair were no good against the flopped set of sixes of Max Pescatori. The top 52 spots were paid and 27 players secured a payday without bagging up chips including Teunis Kooij, Jessica Teusl, Andreas Walnum, Lukas Zaskodny, Jeff Madsen, Sebastian Langrock and Narcis-Gabriel Nedelcu.

Max Pescatori
Max Pescatori among big stacks after Day 1b

Event #3: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed Day 1b Payouts

PlaceWinnerCountryPrize (in EUR)
26Ivaylo SivinovBulgaria994
27Daniel RezaeiAustria994
28Stefan VogtGermany994
29Ana Maria DavidRomania994
30Narcis-Gabriel NedelcuRomania994
31Juergen HeidlGermany994
32Raffaele CastroItaly994
33Sebastian LangrockAustria896
34Apostolos ChatzopoulosGreece896
35Jochen KaiserGermany896
36Jeff MadsenUnited States896
37Marco FigucciaItaly896
38Yehuda CohenIsrael896
39Pavel SourekCzech Republic896
40Antti MarttinenFinland896
41Thomas PohnkeAustria832
42Lukas ZaskodnyCzech Republic832
43Martin FrankSwitzerland832
44Sterling SavillUnited States832
45Pasquale VinciItaly832
46Sebastian KosCzech Republic832
47Andreas WalnumNorway832
48Michael BartovSweden832
49Andrej IsjurowGermany796
50Roman CieslikGermany796
51Jessica TeuslAustria796
52Teunis KooijNetherlands796

Action of the Day

Within the first two levels of the day, more than 100 entries had emerged and the second and final starting day seemed poised to top the previous flight by quite a margin. Indeed, Day 1a was topped by more than 100 entries and plenty of notables took several shots at running up a stack.

Among those to come and go well before the money bubble were Anson Tsang, Pete Chen, Rex Clinkscales, Cord Garcia, Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Anthony Zinno, Jan Bendik, Georgios Koliofotis, Chin Wei Lim, Erich Kollmann, Jan-Peter jachtmann, Allen Kessler and Gianluca Speranza to name just a few. Martin Kabrhel late-registered and quickly doubled up his stack but was also among those to bust without anything to show for.

The money bubble was reached towards the end of level 15 and Aleksandar Denishev ended up as the bubble boy. Despite Andreas Walnum sitting to his left with a fraction of a big blind only, Denishev got it in with top two pair on the turn and ended up second-best to the flopped set of sixes of Max Pescatori. Right after, the floodgates opened and a dozen hopefuls busted before the final break of the night.

In the final two levels of the day, Daniel Rezaei went from short stack to chip leader, only to see his massive stack of 100 big blinds vanish in the matter of 15 minutes. Rezaei doubled Hanh Tran twice in quick succession and lost a massive pot to Christopher Back at the very end to become the penultimate casualty of the day.

All remaining 25 Day 1b survivors will join the 21 players that bagged up chips on Day 1a. The second tournament day will kick off on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, at 2 p.m. local time and the 46 players out of a field of 572 entries remain in contention. The level duration will increase to 40 minutes each and the action recommences at blinds of 5,000/10,000.

Day 2 Seat Draw

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1381Tarek AlonsoChile218,00022
1382Max PescatoriItaly565,00057
1383Luchezar PumpalovBulgaria208,00021
1384Dutch BoydUnited States190,00019
1385Michael MagalashviliIsrael339,00034
1386Florian SarnowGermany196,00020
1387Grant HartUnited States132,00013
1388Michal MrakesCzech Republic141,00014
1391Dimitrios GkatzasGreece177,00018
1392Vasile StrugariRomania214,00021
1393Hael Al LabaniGermany310,00031
1394Sergei PopovRussian Federation112,00011
1395Guillaume DiazFrance99,00010
1397Norbert BurkhardGermany132,00013
1398Torsten SchlesierGermany180,00018
1401Oleg PavlyuchukRussian Federation478,00048
1402Hanh TranAustria626,00063
1403Peter JakslandDenmark343,00034
1404Alexander BachmannGermany137,00014
1405Aaron DuczakCanada265,00027
1406Martin RothaermelGermany202,00020
1407Manish GoenkaIndia98,00010
1408Romain LewisFrance209,00021
1531Michael JuenAustria181,00018
1532Jason GrayUnited Kingdom197,00020
1533Dor TalIsrael643,00064
1535Christian TeubnerGermany432,00043
1536Alfredo Vega MeisterSpain300,00030
1537Jerome SaliouFrance166,00017
1538Jerome AbitbolFrance104,00010
1541Shaun DeebUnited States667,00067
1542David BoyaciyanNetherlands108,00011
1543Ondrej FrantaCzech Republic221,00022
1544Netanel AmediIsrael151,00015
1545Roland IsraelashviliUnited States196,00020
1546Sebastian ObermeierGermany249,00025
1547Chris FergusonUnited States148,00015
1548Amar BegovicBosnia and Herzegovina112,00011
1551Christopher BackCanada885,00089
1552Dario AliotoItaly82,0008
1553Andreas DyllGermany164,00016
1554Michael SoyzaMalaysia224,00022
1555Edward LawrieUnited Kingdom72,0007
1556Viliyan PetleshkovBulgaria219,00022
1557Toni HaemaelaeinenFinland176,00018
1558Jonas KilianGermany177,00018

Stay tuned to find out who makes the final table of Event #3: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed and follow along right here on PokerNews, your one-stop-shop for all events of the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe.

10/16/18 04:40:00 PM PDT (about 6 hours and 41 minutes ago)
End-Of-Day 1B Chip Counts
Christopher Back885,000585,000
Shaun Deeb667,000-33,000
Hanh Tran626,000116,000
Max Pescatori565,00015,000
Oleg Pavlyuchuk478,00078,000
Christian Teubner432,00012,000
Ondrej Franta221,000-99,000
Viliyan Petleshkov219,000-201,000
Vasile Strugari214,000214,000
Luchezar Pumpalov208,000208,000
Martin Rothaermel202,00082,000
Florian Sarnow196,00036,000
Roland Israelashvili196,00031,000
Michael Juen181,000181,000
Torsten Schlesier180,0000
Toni Haemaelaeinen176,00036,000
Jerome Saliou166,000-79,000
Andreas Dyll164,00079,000
Netanel Amedi151,00011,000
Michal Mrakes141,000-9,000
Alexander Bachmann137,00077,000
Norbert Burkhard132,000-8,000
Sergei Popov112,00092,000
David Boyaciyan108,000-7,000
Dario Alioto82,000-58,000
10/16/18 04:25:06 PM PDT (about 6 hours and 56 minutes ago)
Back Busts Rezaei In Massive Pot

Christopher Back

Daniel Rezaei raised to 20,000 and was called by Viliyan Petleshkov in the cutoff and Christopher Back on the button. On the flop of    , action checked to Back and the Canadian bet 40,000. Only Rezaei came along for the ride and check-called an even bigger bet of 150,000 on the   turn.

The   fell on the river and Rezaei checked, prompting Back to move all in for more than 240,000.

"Wow, I guess I really gonna bust in the last hand," Rezaei said and gave it brief consideration before calling.

Back tabled the      for the nut flush and Rezaei mucked      for turned two pair and an inferior flush on the river.

One table over, Ivaylo Sivinov managed to back in the very last hand again after already doing so in the final hand of Day 1a.

Christopher Back870,000810,000
Daniel Rezaei0-400,000
Ivaylo Sivinov0-130,000
10/16/18 04:17:37 PM PDT (about 6 hours and 3 minutes ago)
David and Vogt Eliminated

Ana Maria David

Ana Maria David clashed with Torsten Schlesier in a battle of the blinds against Torsten Schlesier when they got it in after a flop of    . David had the      for gutshot and flush draw, Schlesier held      for the flopped straight. Neither the   turn nor the   river helped David and she was eliminated.

Stefan Vogt sent his stack over to Max Pescatori, the Italian had aces up and that was enough to eliminate Vogt.

Right after, the last three hands for the night were announced.

Max Pescatori550,00040,000
Torsten Schlesier180,000180,000
Ana Maria David0-110,000
Stefan Vogt0-90,000
10/16/18 04:11:04 PM PDT (about 6 hours and 10 minutes ago)
Tran Doubles Twice Through Rezaei

Hanh Tran

Hanh Tran doubled twice through Daniel Rezaei to cut the stack of the fellow countryman into half. In the second hand he got it in with      versus      on a flop of     and the   turn and   river completed the board. Tran doubled for 231,000 to put a big dent into Rezaei's stack.

In the meanwhile, Juergen Heidl and Narcis-Gabriel Nedelcu were both eliminated as well.

Hanh Tran510,000365,000
Daniel Rezaei400,000-420,000
Juergen Heidl00
Narcis-Gabriel Nedelcu00
10/16/18 04:03:51 PM PDT (about 6 hours and 17 minutes ago)
Rezaei Busts Castro; Takes the Lead

On the flop of    , Daniel Rezaei bet the pot for 100,000 and Raffaele Castro gave it some thought, then moved all in for around 250,000 to see Rezaei call it off with the superior stack.

Raffaele Castro:     
Daniel Rezaei:     

The   turn and   river let Castro initially celebrate, but Rezaei quickly pointed out that he had the superior full house. A devastated Castro shared the bad news in Italian with Ana Maria David and headed to the payout desk.

At the same time, Shaun Deeb took a hit to his big stack as Christian Teubner doubled through him. Deeb's cards were already in the muck and he paid off Teubner, who had hit a full house with      on a board of      .

Daniel Rezaei820,00035,000
Shaun Deeb700,000-135,000
Christian Teubner420,000278,000
Raffaele Castro0-310,000
10/16/18 03:56:05 PM PDT (about 6 hours and 25 minutes ago)
Level 18 started
Level: 18 Blinds: 4000/8000 Ante: 0
10/16/18 03:50:19 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 31 minutes ago)
Castro Doubles Through Dyll

On the three-way flop of    , Hanh Tran checked out of the big blind and Andreas Dyll bet 23,000. Raffaele Castro raised the pot and was all in for 131,000, Tran folded and Dyll called after some consideration.

Raffaele Castro:     
Andreas Dyll:     

The   turn and   river let Castro double and he celebrated with Ana Maria David.

Raffaele Castro310,000120,000
Hanh Tran145,000-15,000
Andreas Dyll85,000-155,000
10/16/18 03:43:09 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 38 minutes ago)
Israelashvili Doubles Through Deeb

Sebastian Langrock was eliminated while Roland Israelashvili was more fortunate and doubled through Shaun Deeb. In a three-bet pot to the     flop, Israelashvili got his last 53,000 in and Deeb called.

Roland Israelashvili:     
Shaun Deeb:     

The   turn locked things up for Israelashvili, which made the   river a formality.

"You know why he called me? Because he doesn't want that I win a bracelet," Israelashvili said and Deeb, still in very good as dominating chip leader, shot back with a "You will do that all on your own."

Shaun Deeb835,00025,000
Roland Israelashvili165,00055,000
Sebastian Langrock0-70,000
10/16/18 03:32:24 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 49 minutes ago)
Another Three Casualties

The penultimate level kicked off with more action and three players were elimination in quick succession.

Jeff Madsen ended up all in and at risk with the      and David Boyaciyan called with the     . The board came       and Boyaciyan dealt the final blow with a flush.

Next to fall was Jochen Kaiser, who got into a raising war preflop against Oleg Pavlyuchuk. They got it in after the     flop and Kaiser turned over the     . Pavlyuchuk had plenty of outs with the      and got there with the   turn and   river run out.

Next to fall was Apostolos Chatzopoulos and that reduced the field to the last 33 hopefuls.

Oleg Pavlyuchuk400,000140,000
David Boyaciyan115,00025,000
Jeff Madsen0-50,000
Jochen Kaiser0-130,000
Apostolos Chatzopoulos0-90,000
10/16/18 03:25:48 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 55 minutes ago)
Level 17 started
Level: 17 Blinds: 3000/6000 Ante: 0
10/16/18 03:24:05 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 57 minutes ago)
Figuccia Busts to Pavlyuchuk

On a three-way flop of    , Oleg Pavlyuchuk bet the pot out of the big blind and Marco Figuccia moved all in for 63,500. That forced out Jochen Kaiser on the button and Pavlyuchuk quickly called.

Marco Figuccia:     
Oleg Pavlyuchuk:     

The wrap of the Italian got there on the   turn, but the cruel   river improved Pavlyuchuk to a full house.

Oleg Pavlyuchuk260,000120,000
Jochen Kaiser130,000
Marco Figuccia0-130,000
10/16/18 03:16:09 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 5 minutes ago)
Painful Exit for Cohen

Yehuda Cohen

After defending his big blind against Juergen Heidl, Yehuda Cohen clashed with Heidl on the     flop and invested a big portion of his stack, 81,500 to be excact, to put Heidl at risk.

Juergen Heidl:     
Yehuda Cohen:     

The   turn was as painful as it could get for Cohen, as he was left with just one out all of a sudden. It was not meant to be on the   river, as Heidl's full house remained best. Cohen was left with very few chips and busted right after.

Juergen Heidl175,000-13,000
Yehuda Cohen0-290,000
10/16/18 03:08:53 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 12 minutes ago)
Rezaei Thriving

Daniel Rezaei sent Pavel Sourek to the rail and almost doubled his stack as a result. Further assorted stacks can be found below.

Shaun Deeb810,00090,000
Viliyan Petleshkov420,00030,000
Daniel Rezaei400,000-15,500
Ondrej Franta320,000100,000
Raffaele Castro190,00090,000
Michal Mrakes150,00020,000
Dario Alioto140,000-80,000
Netanel Amedi140,00065,000
Martin Rothaermel120,00030,000
Ana Maria David110,00043,000
Roland Israelashvili110,000-30,000
David Boyaciyan90,00040,000
Sebastian Langrock70,00048,000
Pavel Sourek00
10/16/18 03:00:23 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 21 minutes ago)
Rezaei Sends Zaskodny To the Rail

Three players were eliminated shortly after coming back from the break in Antti Marttinen, Thomas Pohnke and Lukas Zaskodny. The latter had won a Pot-Limit Omaha bracelet at the 2017 World Series of Poker here in Rozvadov and clashed with Daniel Rezaei.

Lukas Zaskodny:     
Daniel Rezaei:     

The     flop gave Rezaei trips, and the   turn and   river changed nothing whatsoever anymore.

Daniel Rezaei200,00035,000
Antti Marttinen0-30,000
Thomas Pohnke00
Lukas Zaskodny0-95,000
10/16/18 02:54:09 PM PDT (about 7 hours and 27 minutes ago)
Level 16 started
Level: 16 Blinds: 2500/5000 Ante: 0
10/16/18 02:41:20 PM PDT (about 8 hours and 40 minutes ago)
Final Break With 42 Remaining

Almost one dozen players were eliminated since the money bubble burst and the remaining 42 hopefuls headed into their final 15-minute break, in which the T-500 chips will be raced off.

Martin Frank0
Sterling Savill0-50,000
Pasquale Vinci0-65,000
Michael Bartov0
Teunis Kooij0-50,000
10/16/18 02:36:51 PM PDT (about 8 hours and 44 minutes ago)
Pescatori on Half a Million

Mac Pescatori

Max Pescatori busted just shy of the money on Day 1a, however, the Italian has now jumped up to half a million in chips thanks to winning a massive pot off Sebastian Kos.

Andreas Walnum had already been all in while Kos and Pescatori played for a massive side pot. Kos bet the pot on the       river and Pescatori reluctantly called.

Kos tabled      and Pescatori had that beat with      for the second nut flush. Walnum was eliminated with the      and the dealer also already announced the seat open of Kos.

"He can only bet the pot, I didn't raise, I just called," Pescatori said and indeed Kos had a few chips behind. Those would vanish in the very next hand. Roman Cieslik, Andrej Isjurow and Jessica Teusl were also among the first bustouts in the money.

Max Pescatori510,000175,000
Andrej Isjurow0-33,000
Jessica Teusl0-99,000
Sebastian Kos0-230,000
Roman Cieslik0-9,000
10/16/18 02:29:40 PM PDT (about 8 hours and 51 minutes ago)
Aleksandar Denishev Bubbles Day 1b

Aleksandar Denishev

Aleksandar Denishev was eliminated by Max Pescatori despite Andreas Walnum at the very same table just sporting 600 remaining chips and that let the bubble burst. Denishev defended his big blind and turned top two pair when the chips went in only for Pescatori to snap-call with a flopped set of sixes.

At the same time on a different table, Hanh Tran and Viliyan Petleshkov clashed in a four-bet pot that created 233,000 in the middle with the flop showing    . Petleshkov continued for 65,000 from under the gun and Tran folded from the cutoff.

Viliyan Petleshkov390,000200,000
Max Pescatori335,000190,000
Hanh Tran160,000-85,000
Andreas Walnum600-2,000
Aleksandar Denishev0-120,000
10/16/18 02:24:20 PM PDT (about 8 hours and 57 minutes ago)
Assorted Bubble Stacks
Shaun Deeb720,000215,000
Yehuda Cohen290,00060,000
Jerome Saliou245,000-20,000
Dario Alioto220,000-10,000
Florian Sarnow200,000163,000
Jeff Madsen50,00025,000
Roman Cieslik9,000-19,000
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