Everyone wants to prove they have what it takes to be the best, which is why we created our popular Sit & Go Leaderboards.

To play for your spot at the top, just finish in the top 50% of any qualifying Sit & Go tournament*. The better you perform, the better your chance of taking home your share of over $1,000 weekly.


Payouts (weekly/$1000)































Qualifying weeks*** for this month's leaderboards are:

  • 12am Tuesday, May 8 – 11:59pm, Monday, May 14
  • 12am Tuesday, May 15 – 11:59pm, Monday, May 21
  • 12am Tuesday, May 22 – 11:59pm, Monday, May 28

* Heads-Up Sit & Go tournaments, BLAST SNGs, and Sit & Go satellite tournaments do not award SNG Leaderboard Points

** Players must have a minimum of 10 leaderboard points to qualify for leaderboard payouts. If a player makes the top 10 without 10 points, whatever would have been paid to them will be split evenly among the remaining eligible players being paid out. 


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Terms & Conditions

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Shared Liquidity with New Jersey

Sit & Go Leaderboards 

Promotional period shall begin at 12am 5/1/18 and end at approximately 11:59pm on 5/28/18. All times referred to throughout these Rules are Pacific Standard Time. As used herein “Casino” means Caesars Interactive Entertainment (CIE) DBA WSOP.com. All references to the Sit & Go Leaderboards shall be referred to as “Promotion” throughout these Rules.

Terms and conditions for any WSOP.com promotion are to be read in conjunctions with the WSOP.com Terms of Service http://www.wsop.com/legal/terms-conditions.asp . In the event of a conflict between the Terms of Service and the specific terms herein, the specific terms herein shall prevail.


Visit www.wsop.com/generalrules to view all applicable rules to this promotion.



1.      Each month’s promotion period will consist of weekly qualifying periods. Specific dates for each month’s qualifying periods will be provided in the marketing collateral.

2.      Qualifying weeks:

o   12am Tuesday, May 8 – 11:59pm, Monday, May 14

o   12am Tuesday, May 15 – 11:59pm, Monday, May 21

o   12am Tuesday, May 22 – 11:59pm, Monday, May 28

3.      Heads-up (2 player), BLAST, and satellite Sit & Go tournaments are not eligible for this promotion and do not award SNG Leaderboard points.

4.      Leader boards will be updated daily on the WSOP.com website and will show the top 100 players on the leaderboard category.

5.      The formula for calculating a player’s rank on each leaderboard is:

6.      Points will be awarded to the top 50% of finishers in each qualifying Sit & Go tournament. For instance, in a 6-handed Sit & Go, the top three finishers will receive SNG Leaderboard points. In a 9-handed tournament, the top 5 (rounding up) finishers will receive points.

7.      Buy-ins in the above calculation include WSOP.com fees, as well as the actual buy-in, so a $23 + $2 SNG would be calculated as $25 in the above formula.

8.      A example of points earning in a SNG tournament is as follows:

o   Player X finishes in 2nd place in a $10, nine-handed SNG tournament. Buy-in * Entrants = 100. 100 divided by the player’s position (100/2) would be 50 points. The square root of 50 is 7.07. Player X would be awarded 7.07 points for placing 2nd in the Sit & Go.

Payouts/Prize Pool:

15 Places Paid Per Level:

Leaderboard payouts (weekly/$1,000)

1.      $250

2.      $150

3.      $100

4.      $80

5.      $75

6.      $75

7.      $50

8.      $50

9.      $50

10.   $20

11.   $20

12.   $20

13.   $20

14.   $20

15.   $20




9.      Bonus money will be deposited into a player’s account within 72 hour of the player becoming eligible to receive the funds.

10.      More information about APPs can be found at http://www.wsop.com/rewards/.

11.      Valid only in Nevada. 


12.      CIE Promotions will retain details of all participants for 60 days after the event. A winners list will be sent to CIE Accounting department, and compared to the above prize matrix. 1099’s will be required for each weekly prize over $600. Documentation will be sent to the CIE Accounting department, and the appropriate tax document will be sent to the winner via secure email. The patron must sign the required tax document and return to the CIE Accounting department prior to the funds and/or prize being released to the patron.


Must be 21 or older to gamble. Must be physically located within the state of Nevada to participate in any Nevada Caesars Interactive promotion or tournament. 

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