December 19, 2017 – Day 5 of WSOP CHINA Main Event kicked off at 12:00 p.m., after 5 levels of play, only 15 players made it through and advanced to Day 6. Leading the way is Zhang Ming Shi with 5,640,000.


It’s much closer to the final table now, so whether one survives or is out only depends on one decision. Every player should decide whether to persevere in his own rules or adjust to the new situation. It’s about defend or attack. Attack might lead to more chip counts, but only defence can reduce the mistake and get you closer to the prize. With a high blind level and less chip counts, it’s important to adjust your strategy.

Here were how the players did today. While in Level 23, Xiao Ze from Jiang Su had much less than average chips. Among the same table, we can see two players with nearly 3,000,000 chips as well as Li Xiang Lai and the winner of CPG Shanghai Station Long Rong. With chips reduced to 700,000, the only way for Xiao Ze was waiting, while for Long Rong who had the most chips at the table, attack would be much more suitable. Every player would make different decisions under different situations.

Maybe yesterday wasn’t Guo Dong’s lucky day. He called twice with 2♣2♥J♦4♠J♣ on the board, then after the opponent showdown as AA, he had to fold and lost nearly 900,000 chips. While with 20bb left, Guo Dong at the button position opened to 100,000 with A♦10♣, BB player all-ined with Q♥J♣, Guo Dong called, then they got Q♠K♠K♥9♠3♠ on the board, unfortunately Guo Dong finished his WSOP CHINA journey as the 23th place.


Almost at the same time, another famous player Zhao Dong finished his journey too. Pre-flop: Zhao Dong at the last position 3bet to 290,000, an opponent called; flop: 7♣J♣3♣ on the board, Zhao Dong bet 350,000, the opponent all-in, then Zhao Dong called; showdown: the opponent had 5♣6♣, Zhao Dong held A♦K♣; after they got 8♠ in the turn round and J♥ in the river round, Zhao Dong finished as 22th place.

The Day 2 of No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack began at 13:00 p.m., 37 players came back to the field, and after 6 hours of fierce competition, Tao Li and the TPT 2016 Omaha winner Zhao Zhong Lin made it to heads-up. With Tao Li being way ahead his chips, Zhao Zhong Lin didn’t continue his luck with the same cloth and gold ring. Finally, Tao Li took down the game and won a rare champion gold ring.


The Day 1 of No-Limit Hold’em KO Bounty started at 14:00 p.m., a total of 429 players participated after 8 levels of play. Notable players include: 2016 TPT Main Event Winner Wei Guo Liang, Bao Jun, Leon, Zhang Wei Yi as well as TV Star Shao Feng and Wang Yue Xin. Day 1 finished after 16 levels of play and 16 players advanced, with Zhang Wei Yan taking the lead with 737,000 chips.

Here are the 16 players advanced to Day 2 of Bounty:


Zhang Wei Yan – 737,000

Wu Sheng Hao – 538,000

Wan Li Fei – 408,000

Zhang Wei Yi – 324,000

Huang Wen Qiang – 281,000

Liu Cheng – 245,000

Zou Li Da – 235,000

Li Ke Peng – 223,000

Li Xue Jian – 192,000

Xue Xian Ye – 189,000

Wang Cheng Xin – 167,000

Wei Lin – 163,000

Hu Zhe Hua – 161,000

Zhuang Zai Cheng – 153,000

Huang Yu Ping – 150,000

Mao Zhuo Jie – 102,000

Today, the final table will be in sight, who will be the 6 lucky dogs? Let’s figure out. Go fighting, Poker!

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