December 18, 2017 – Day 4 of WSOP CHINA Main Event is in the books. 119 players who have made it into the money continued to move on and fight for the final honour. After 5 levels of fierce competition, a total of 43 players advanced and Zhang Ming Shi took the lead with 2,663,000 chips.


Before the game start, it took almost two minutes for Elky to put all his chips on the table, this famous player from France has taken the chip lead for the last two days. We could see nothing in the face through his champagne glasses, maybe he wanted to control the whole scene and lay sound foundation for his superiority, but other players never got rocked, since all they need was an opportunity.


Pre-flop: UTG player Zhao Dong opened to 12,000 with JQs, Elky at the button 3bet to 40,000 with AKo, then SB and BB players folded, Zhao Dong called; after they got A♣K♣T♥ in the flop round, Zhao Dong doubled his 300,000 chips, while Elky got a blow.


But Elky didn’t want to give up. Pre-flop round: Elky opened at UTG+1 position, CO and BB called; flop round: 3♥2♠9♣ on the board, BB checked, Elky C-bet, CO and BB called; turn round: 10♦ on the board, all the three players checked; river round: 9♦ on the board, BB checked, Elky bet 88,000, CO called and BB folded; showdown: Elky had Q♣10♠ and CO had J♥J♣, then Elky gave CO player a thumb.

Within the 2.5 levels of play, Elky’s chips count has reduced from 1,160,000 to over 200,000, then the final fight started. Pre-flop: Zhao Dong at the HJ position opened to 22,000 (2.2bb), CO, BTN and SB players called, Elky at the BB position all-ined 210,000, then Zhao Dong and BTN player called; showdown: Zhao Dong A♥K♥, BTN A♣K♣, Elky Q♥Q♠; flop round: 9♠5♥8♥; turn round: K♦; river round: 7♦, then Elky just tapped the table and left, finished with 75th place.


There was only one female player Susan left, while she got A♣5♣ and the opponent got K♣J♣, with 7♣10♣4♠ in the flop round, 10♥ in the turn round and 3♠ in the river round, she doubled and got closer to Day 5.


Another event of No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack WSOP CHINA kicked off at 14:00 p.m. 18th December. Within one level of play, half the hall has been filled with players and till level 8, totally 479 players participated, creating another record for participants of WSOP CHINA Extra Events.

After around 8 hours’ battle, only 37 players advanced to Day2 of Deepstack, and Tao Li took the lead with 1,002,000.


At this moment, the Day 5 of WSOP CHINA Main Event is about to start, and meanwhile, a new champion will arrive in the Deepstack Event. Who will be the one holding the gold ring? Let’s figure out! Go fighting, Poker!

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