December 17, 2017 – Day 3 kicked off at 12:00 p.m. in WSOP CHINA MAIN EVENT. Among the 249 players, we can see TV Star Meng Yao and Ma Hai Sheng, e-sports commentator Wa Wa, poker pro Guo Dong, Chen Guang Cheng and Lu Di. After 5 levels of play, only 119 players advanced to Day 4 and Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier from France took the leads again with 1,164,000 chips.


Before the game starting, the biggest suspense was about who would become the bubble. To all the players, the chips they hold were not only their yesterday’s trophy, but also today’s weapon for victory. It’s just a long waiting journey for the players who have more chips, but for the less ones, this would be their last fight to win or die.


At 21:00, No. 7 on the 11th table had the least chips with less than 80,000, “I will and must all-in if I get the good cards,” as he said. While waiting for more than 2 hours, he had seen some players give up a few good starting hands under pressure, like AK, QQ, JJ and AQ. After the first level, he had only 25,000 chips left, and several players on other tables have doubled their stack; while he was waiting and hoping for another level, an ‘all-in call’ happened in table 4.


Here is how the money bubble come up. Pre-flop round: HJ (with nearly 400,000 chips) raise to 12,000, BTN (with nearly 500,000) call, SB all-in 50,000, HJ and BTN call; flop round: 9s, 2d, Jd, HJ and BTN check; turn round: 9d, HJ bet to 30,000, BTN fold and showdown, SB has Ks, Kc, HJ holds As, Ac; river round: 4c, then finally SB player become the bubble of WSOP CHINA Main Event.


The Event #8 – No-Limit Hold’em Turbo of WSOP CHINA began at 14:00 p.m. 17th December, a total of 331 players participated in this game, and after 10 hours’ fighting, Zhu Chao Yun ran over others and took down the game.


The Event #9 – No-Limit Hold’em Mini Event of WSOP CHINA kicked off at 17:00 p.m. the same day, there were totally 128 participants and Zhao Yi Ran from Hong Kong became the champion. This was an adventurous journey for him, because he had lost in the 16th’s Mini Event and only had 0.5bb left with 40 components remaining, but he never gave up, and finally made it to heads-up with famous player Lei Zhen Huan. In the last round, they got 10c, 10h, 6c in the flop round, then Lei Zhen Huan all-in with 7d, 9s, Zhao Yi Ran called with 10d, 9h, after 6d in the turn round and 6h in the river round, Zhao Yi Ran took down the pot and became champion.


A total of 119 players made it through, who will have the chance to Day 5? Let’s see! Go fighting, poker!

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