DECEMBER 16, 2017 – The Day 2 of WSOP CHINA Main Event began at 12:00 p.m., a total of 555 players played 5, 2-hour levels, and finally 249 players made it through. Leading the way is Elky with 546,700 chips.


Yesterday was another fierce competition, 28 players busted within the first hour. It’s not important what you have got before, it’s only about who will win now. Qian Zhi Qiang, who placed second in yesterday's Omaha’s event, had to all-in his 70,000 chips to defeat an opponent.

Hu Hao Yu who once got four of a kind twice in the 2016 TPT, had Ah, Ad as his hole cards and his opponent had Kc and Js at first, with the flop round as As, Kd and Ks, Hu Hao Yu was taking the lead, but in another reversal of fortune, they got Qc in the turn round and Kh in the river round, Hu Hao Yu was defeated.


Another small probability happened to Guo Dong. With the blind as 600/1200/200, MP player opened to 3bb pre-flop, HJ player called, CO player Guo Dong 3bet to 9bb, BTN folded, SB all-in 36,000; then MP folded, HJ all-in, Guo Dong called; the SB showed his cards as Kh, Ks, Guo Dong had Kc, Kd, HJ hold As, Ah; after they got Js, Ac, Ad in the flop round, Guo Dong and SB player had no laugh in their face any more.

The No-Limit Hold’em Mini Event of WSOP CHINA started at 14:00 p.m., 116 players participated in this game, and after nearly 10 hours’ competition, Zhang Jia Lin from Taiwan took down the game!


Today will be the Day 3 of WSOP CHINA Main Event, players are getting closer to the final table. Even though there will be a lot of difficulties and pressure, we believe all the players will never give up. Go fighting, poker!

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