December 21,2017 – The final fight of WSOP CHINA Main Event is about to come. The 6 players will stand at their dream stage and compete for the biggest honour. The winner will not only get the top prize of CNY 2,414,000, but also capture the first ever WSOP CHINA gold bracelet and his name will be written into the history of poker.

After 6 days’s tough battles, Zhang Jian Bin, Long Rong, Zhou Yun Peng, Li Xiang Lai, Wu Xin and Ni Cang Sheng advanced to Day 7, and who will be the first winner of WSOP CHINA gold bracelet?  Before the final table starting, let’s have a look at the remaining players.

Zhang Jian Bin


Zhang Jian Bin has played Tencent Poker for five years. He won the first place in the WSOP – 2.5 billion Dream Event, which got him a ticket to Sanya. He also has a good record of live poker tournament, like once making it into money in the WPT Main Event. He has played steadily in this tournament, and made it to the middle place of the advanced lists before Day 6. Although he fell to the bottom at Day 5, he adjusted quickly and became the chip leader on Day 6.

Long Rong


Long Rong will not be strange to poker enthusiasts, since he has played poker for 10 years and won the CPG Shanghai Main Event. Compared with other five players, Long Rong has a steady ranking and was so close to the chip lead at Day 2. On Day 6, he once lost a lot of chips, but he turned things around with four of a kind and made it to Day 7.

Zhou Yun Peng


Zhou Yun Peng comes from Hebei province and has the least experience in live poker tournaments. We learned from his interview that he has never participated in a live poker tournament before and it is the first time for him to make it to the final table. He has learnt how to play poker via video and book for six years. Zhou Yun Peng has a very stable record, with no chip lead or close to the bottom.

Li Xiang Lai


Li Xiang Lai has achieved a lot in 2017, like winning the 3rd Tiger Main Event and champion of a famous online poker game. As a teacher, Li Xiang Lai has played poker for two years, and he loves to play poker online, like Tencent Poker. There are a lot of ups and downs in Li Xiang Lai’s journey in this event. At Day 1, he made it through to Day 2 with less than the average chip counts. Fortunately, he adjusted quickly and got a good record from Day 4 to Day 6.

Wu Xin


Wu Xin has the most live poker experience among the final table. With poker playing for 11 years, he has made it to final table in 2017 IPT Omaha, won the 2017 CPG and got the 10th place in 2017 WPT Main Event. He once had the most chips at Day 1 among these six players, but almost got busted on Day 3, and finished Day 6 with less chips than Day 5. Although Wu Xin has less chips right now, we believe he will bring some change in the final fight and surprise us.

Ni Cang Sheng


Ni Cang Sheng has been playing for nine years and achieved 33rd place in the just finished Macau Tai Yang Cheng Main Event. As a journalist before, he brings sensitiveness into the tournament. It is very adventurous for him to get advanced, like a nearly busted low ranking at Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5. Less chips, less pressure. Whether double the chip count or lose everything, we’ll see!

Let’s come back to the events at December 21. The Day 2 of No-Limit Hold’em Elite Cup continued at 12:00 p.m., and after 12 hours of fierce competition, Li Zheng Chao counterattacked successfully and became the champion.


Another highlight was the Ladies No-Limit Hold’em event started at 16:00 p.m., and we could see a lot of female players in the field. It’s a surprise that many male players participated in this game too. After 8 hours’ fight, Liu Zhuo ran over other players and won the game.


The final fight of WSOP CHINA Main Event has already blowed the horn, and who will be remembered by history? We’ll see! Go fighting, Poker!

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