December 20, 2017 – Day 6 of WSOP CHINA began at 12:00 p.m., with 15 players who have advanced and fought hard for the last 6 places. A myriad of changes happened in the twinkling of an eye.


Before game starting, Zhang Ming Shi has taken the lead for two days with 5,640,000 chips, followed by Zheng Zhe Ou (4,835,000), Wu Xin (3,920,000), Wang Yong Bin (3,665,000) and Long Rong (3,540,000), and their chips count equals the sum of the other 10 players.

Wu Xin has had excellent success and sped up the leaderboard on this day. While Zhong Sheng all-in with 66, Wu Xin called with AKo, and after K♥9♠7♦9♦J♠ on the board, Wu Xin took over the lead and won. In another round, he continued to bust Yang Peng with K♠K♣.


Yu Lei all-in with A♠Q♠, but after Zhang Jian Bin’s showdown as J♣J♥ and the board as 6♦7♣5♠3♠9♣, Yu Lei got busted. After Zhang Peng was eliminated by Long Rong and Zhang Ning lost the game by Zhou Yu Peng’s AKo, the 10-handed table was in sight.


Beyond our expectation, Zhang Ming Shi was out first, who has taken the chip lead for two days. Maybe that’s because he has lost a lot of chips before. In this round, he all-in at HJ position with K♠K♣, Zhou Yun Peng called with AKo, the board were A♦4♠Q♦3♥3♦, Zhang Ming Shi finished his game as 10th place.


Then Zheng Zhe Ou all-in with AKs, called by Zhou Jian Bin’s K♣K♦, and after they got 5♦2♥2♣9♦6♣ on the board, Zheng Zhe Ou had to stop his adventure as 9th place.


Zhai Yi Fu all-in at the CO position with Q5s, then LP player Li Xiang Lai all-ined too with J♠J♥, after the board as K♦Q♣5♦9♠10♣, Zhai Yi Fu finished as 8th place.


The last round happened between Zhang Jian Bin and Wang Yong Bin. Wang Yong Bin has lost a lot of chips before, so he all-in UTG position with K♥Q♦, then Zhang Jian Bin at the UTG+1 position called with A♦J♣, after they got 8♣7♦2♥4♣10♦ on the board, Wang Yong Bin became the 7th place.


Till now, the final table of WSOP CHINA Main Event is in sight, with Zhang Jian Bin taking the lead (11,955,000).


Here are the players of final table:

  1. Zhang Jian Bin – 11,955,000
  2. Long Rong – 9,260,000
  3. Zhou Yun Peng – 8,120,000
  4. Li Xiang Lai – 4,870,000
  5. Wu Xin – 3,030,000
  6. Ni Cang Sheng – 1,910,000


And the prize of WSOP CHINA 2017 Main Event will be:

1st – CNY 2,414,000

2nd – CNY 1,492,300

3rd –  CNY 1,041,700

4th – CNY 738,100

5th – CNY 530,800

6th – CNY 387,600

The Day 2 of No-Limit Hold’em KO Bounty started at 13:00 p.m. 20th December. After 4 hours of play, Wei Lin took down the game and became the champion.


The Event #12 – No-Limit Hold’em Elite Cup kicked off at 15:00 p.m. the same day. Within one level of play, half of the field has been filled with players and in total 473 players participated. After 12 levels of play, 117 players advanced to Day 2, with Zhang Xin leading the way (612,000).

The final fight of WSOP CHINA is about to happen, good luck to all the 6 players and let’s see who will become the new winner! Go fighting, Poker!

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