French poker players have struck again!  They’re looting Las Vegas of currency and treasure!

The poker bandits reportedly landed at Las Vegas McCarran Airport two weeks ago.  Until yesterday, the band of stealthy desperados remained inconspicuous.  No one at the Rio in Las Vegas seemed to notice them much, nor paid them any attention.  Tens of thousands of poker players who gathered for the 2011 World Series of Poker didn’t see them coming. 

Then yesterday, one of the sneaky bandits won the Seven-Card Stud World Championship, thereby earning his first-ever WSOP gold bracelet.  During the raid, the ingrate (identified as Bertrand Grospellier) demonstrated little respect towards his fellow competitors.  He avariciously devoured the chips of his table-mates, who were mostly Americans.  The thief even had the audacity to snatch a gold bracelet from the 2011 WSOP collection and later show it off to hundreds of witnesses.  There were reports that afterwards he was boasting the gold bracelet was his.  He was even seen wearing the spoils of his heist.  The impertinence was appalling.

Now, the French have repeated their brazen acts of disrespect.

Elie Payan, won the $1,500 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha championship.  He has been identified as a 27-year-old man from Orleans, France.  He claims to be a “Project Manager.”  According to data obtained from various poker websites, Payan has plundered other tournament prize pools in the past.  Most of his earlier heists took place in Europe.

Payan is believed to have removed the grand sum of $292,825 from the bankrolls of 1,070 other poker players.  The weapons used by Payan to commit his gross misdeed included several cards, chips, and an intimidating poker face.

Like his audacious fellow-Frenchmen the night before, Payan also paraded around with the loot from his shameless act.  He was last seen at midnight on the ESPN main stage pumping his fists into the air and singing Le Marseillaise.  He was joined in unison by nearly two dozen unidentified French bystanders.  It was not immediately known if the compatriots were actually involved in the crime.
There's speculation that these two brazen acts are part of a much larger conspiracy.  With WSOP Europe coming to France for the first time later this year, many believe French poker players are now determined to take as much loot out of the U.S. as possible, in preparation for seven upcoming gold bracelet events to be played in their home country.  The 2011 edition of WSOP Europe will be played in Cannes (France) in October. 

Someone stop them!  French bandits are leaving the country with WSOP gold bracelets!  They are seizing the cash of thousands of hard-working poker players from more than 100 different nations!  They must be stopped!

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