The WSOP Part 2

August 22, 2007 - 02:29:05 PM EST  | 

I love poker. I mean…who DOESN’T!?! its funny how you can through periods of playing  good and you can certainly go through periods of playing BAD. Everybody needs a reality check once in a while and I have to thank my father (bijan) for giving me one before the series. after I won my bracelet and the WPT in 04 my desire to need to win went WAY down. Ill never forget a few months ago when my dad said to me “Antonio you lost your hunger to win”. Boy did that hit me hard. And he was right. For 3 years now I had been playing my C game. I had an A game but it hadn’t been around for quite some time. I decided right then and there to start playing my guts out again.

I was SO focused this wsop. I didn’t go out more than 2 times the whole month. I worked out. I slept good. I ate healthy. I went to yoga. I did EVERYTHING I could to get my head out of my ass. I played my little heart out this year and although my results did not match I am still VERY happy w the way I played. All you can do in poker is maximize your equity and wish for the best. Nothing more nothing less. I think I did a great job of that this year and even though nothing spanned out im still very content. Its as if I had an awakening. I HAVE to win.

Morale of the story-don’t get comfortable w what you have. Stride to further succeed.Always give it 100%. Play your best. Go w your gut. Follow your heart.

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