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I would have to say I have been pretty fortunate in life so far. I have great parents an awesome brother amazing friends and many loved ones. Besides having wonderful people in my life I also get paid to do what I love to do. I must say I am one lucky son of a gun.

About a year and a half ago I got a phone call from my agent. He told me there was a production company in NY that was interested in making a tv show about prop betting. They wanted me and phil laak to fly out to NY to shoot the pilot. Cant really say no to that! We flew out to ny and shot a small clip of us walking around betting on anything and everything.

A few months go by and we get the highly anticipated phone call. Northsouth productions sold the show to the MOJOhd network who just ordered 8 episodes. Phil and I were rather excited to film our very own NON poker related tv show. We filmed season one and it did not really hit me that we had our own TV show until I actually saw it air for the very first time. It was a very surreal moment. One that I enjoyed very much.

Phil and I were concerned how people that didn’t know us would perceive the show. Wether they thought it would be funny or not. That concern went right out the window when MOJO ordered season 2 after airing only ONE episode. The show was a success and now we are in the process of filming season 2.

We have had some crazy bets so far. My favorite on season 1 was the panhandling. Phil and I had to stand on venice beach for 10 min and see how much money we could raise from strangers. It was rather embarrassing and degrading. So far season 2 my favorite was the sperm bet. We made a bet on who had more potent sperm…went to the clinic and had our sperm tested. A very surreal experience…one which you will SEE ON TV!!!

Besides having a tv show I never really thought how lucky I was to actually have a show with a good friend of mine. If I was stuck making bets w some random guy it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. I get to show up on location w a guy whom I love and whos friendship is dear to me. And whos company I thouroughly enjoy. Besides if he had his own tv show without me it would really hurt!!!

For all of you poker players out there I think you will get a serious laugh when you see the show. Phil is the goofy wacked out genius always trying to get the best of it and I am more of the action junkee willing to do anything for ratings.

Remember…when you know your beat, FOLD!!!

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