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  • BUY-IN: $10,000ENTRIES: 7,221
  • PRIZEPOOL: $67,877,400REMAINING: 1
  • LEVEL: 43
  • SB/BB: 1500000/3000000ANTE: 500000

WSOP Main Event Kicks Off With Biggest Day 1a Since 2013

Sunday, July 9, 2017 12:01 AM Local Time

Qui Nguyen

After a long, grueling summer featuring dozens of exciting events and millions of dollars in prize money awarded, the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event is under way at long last.

Day 1a began Saturday at 11 a.m. with players dispersed throughout the Amazon Room and Brasilia Room in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. By the time registration closed at the end of the dinner break, 795 players had entered the field. That made it the biggest Day 1a since 2013, when 943 entered the first starting flight.

A trio of former Main Event Champions had divergent paths throughout the day, with two of them surviving.

Defending champ Qui Nguyen sauntered in early in the day, clad in his trusty raccoon hat and sporting a wide smile. He said it was a totally different feel than 2016.

"It was very much different," he said. "Last year, I came here like just a guy. Not like nervous, but not comfortable, you know? This year, I come back and feel very comfortable."

Nguyen spent a good chunk of the early portion of the day on one of the featured tables, where he made some moves that were reminiscent of his fearless play at the WSOP final table last year.

Not all of them worked, such as when he tried a bet/three-bet line with six-five of diamonds against a player who flopped Broadway. He also got himself in a four-bet pot against the aces of Harald Sammer and had to fold post-flop. Ultimately, though, enough of them worked out to get him through to Day 2 with 96,700 chips.

"Actually, like, I have to slow down a bit because the players — they know how I play," he said of his strategy. "So, they try to call me with anything, you know? So, I had to slow down."

Martin Jacobson wowed poker fans everywhere in 2014 with his flawless demonstration of short-stack poker at the Main Event final table. However, Jacobson had a rough go of it on Day 1, finding himself short on chips early, even snapping a photo of his stack when it was barely over 2,000 to post to Twitter.

Grinding one of the shortest stacks in the Amazon Room for hours, he found himself all in and at risk for 7,050 during Level 5 (250/500/75), the last of the night. Jacobson had two outs with pocket nines against an opponent's aces, but it was a short sweat as he flopped quads to double up.

The Swede finished the day with 36,800.

The 2007 Main Event Champ, Jerry Yang, was not so fortunate. Yang got in a three-way all-in just a bit before play ended holding ace-queen against two players with pocket pairs, jacks and nines. Steven Warburton's jacks held up for a triple, and Yang got no help against the nines for the side pot.

Others joining Yang in having the most disappointing day of the year for tournament players included King's Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik, Matt Savage, Blake Bohn, Anthony Spinella, Sorel Mizzi, and Dan Shak.

On the other side of the spectrum, British player Sam Grafton finished among the leaders after a great start to the day that saw him win a huge pot early with a flush on the river against a set. Grafton parlayed that into plenty more pots, amassing 600 big blinds and nearly four starting stacks by dinner time.

"It's been a dream day," Grafton said after bagging. "Everything I tried has gone well for me. When I was bluffing with some outs, I made them on the river. Can't complain; I'm really happy with my stack."

Sam Grafton
Sam Grafton

However, even Grafton's 231,600 chips can't compare to the 276,000 that Morten Mortensen put in the bag. The Danish player with nearly $1.1 million in live cashes had a big stack for at least the last three levels, and he finished as strong as possible by busting another player to end the night and rocket into the top spot.

Mortensen flopped a combo draw with eight-nine of hearts and turned a gutshot straight against a player holding kings. Mortensen's opponent shoved over his turn bet drawing dead, and the Dane snap-called the jam and dragged a pot worth over 100,000.

"I was fortunate enough to be dealt a lot of playable hands and I was able to win most of them," Mortensen said after play concluded. "Other than the last hand of the night, most of the pots I played weren't very big.

"I have two days off, so I will be going to party tomorrow night, and then I can chill until Day 2. I only have five times the starting stack, and there should be around 7,000 runners, so there is still a long way to go."

The 576 players who made it through the day will convene for Day 2a on Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Grafton said he's really looking forward to a relaxing few days with the peace of mind of having piles in the bag while others fight to get to where he's sitting.

"It's going to be a really nice three days for me now by the pool, knowing this stack is in the bag," he said. "I can watch my friends try and fail, knowing that the equity of my stack is just rising as they tumble out of the tournament. So that's going to be a very nice feeling."

The next step for the WSOP Main Event is Day 1b, which begins Sunday at 11 a.m. Streaming coverage will be available on ESPN2 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and live coverage will be here on PokerNews throughout the duration of the day.

Official End-of-Day 1a Chip Counts

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:58 PM Local Time

Morten Mortensen276,000-3,000
Sam Grafton231,6000
Griffin Abel226,0000
Jonathan Little211,3001,000
David Eldridge207,0000
Nachman Berlin205,000205,000
Frank Crivello192,0000
Michael Ravn188,800188,800
Rahul Byrraju186,100186,100
Ronnie Brown181,1000
Nick Schwarmann176,6000
Nikita Nikolaev174,60074,600
Abraham Faroni173,9000
Andrew Magbual169,5000
Tahsyn Mekani168,300168,300
Darren Grant167,0000
Jun Obara165,700165,700
Patrik Korsar165,10070,100
Paolo Cusinato164,500164,500
Ryan Hall163,400-16,600
Tina Jones160,800160,800
Sergi Reixach159,7000
Jett Schencker158,6000
Celestino Guadalupe157,300157,300
Nicholas Bond157,000157,000
Christopher Leveroni157,000157,000
Michael Ross156,5006,500
Mitchell Greenblatt156,0000
David Vedral155,0000
Chris George (NY)154,000154,000
Clyde Gaskins153,9004,700
Rifat Palevic153,100-6,900
Barny Boatman150,0000
Steven Marx149,700149,700
Edward Fritts148,800148,800
Dennis Sorensen148,100148,100
Thomas Heine148,100148,100
Bryan Piccioli145,1000
Sergio Castelluccio144,800144,800
Jameson Painter144,00044,000
John Hashem143,6000
Jason Leifer142,500142,500
Arthur Morris142,200-5,800
Anatoly Filatov141,5006,300
Alex Foxen141,200200
Adam Hsu141,0000
Lloyd Mandel137,3000
Tanaka Shinobu137,300137,300
Steven Stout134,6000
Sean Lindsey133,200133,200
David Arkle133,100133,100
William Carruth133,000133,000
Mickey Craft130,900130,900
Gianluca Trebbi130,800130,800
Jesus Martinez130,500130,500
Henric Stenholm130,200130,200
Bradley Howard128,200128,200
Jesper Hoog127,700127,700
Tigran Avagyan127,000127,000
Sergei Kislinskii126,800126,800
Oleksii Khoroshenin125,0000
Zurab Beradze124,200-25,800
Francisco Fragoso123,000123,000
Quang Tran122,700122,700
Napoleon Marquez121,000121,000
Steven van Zadelhoff120,000-2,000
Faraz Jaka119,8000
Don Himpele119,5000
Harald Sammer118,800-68,500
Austin Buchanan117,80036,800
Maxim Lykov117,100-42,900
Bryce Daifuku116,400116,400
Edward Nassif115,800115,800
Fabio Colonese115,700115,700
Chad Lactaoen115,500115,500
Sebastian Saffari115,000115,000
Richard Seymour114,0009,000
Lawrence Curcio113,500113,500
Rob Tepper113,500113,500
Kenneth Rawlinson113,40023,400
Stephen Deutsch112,40068,400
Nicholas Howard112,300112,300
Johnathan Dahlberg111,80014,800
Richard Hu111,700111,700
Donnacha O'Dea111,0000
Mario Diliberto110,600110,600
Peter Smurfit110,500110,500
Sam Chartier109,700-34,500
Troy Kiyabu109,100109,100
Vincent Liu108,900-4,100
Robert Van Houghton Jr108,500108,500
Richard Dixon108,400108,400
Paul Vang108,40017,400
Richard Farrar107,700107,700
Gyeongbyeong Lee107,400107,400
Michael Hahn107,300107,300
Vasile Buboi106,800106,800
Barry Shulman106,7000
Robert Rini106,600106,600
Yaniv Peretz106,400106,400
Michael Liang105,3000
Jonathan Dwek104,6007,600
Jon Turner103,9000
Alan Wentz103,600103,600
Yung Hwang103,600103,600
Patrick Leonard103,500-41,500
Jeff Flannery102,9000
Clinton Keown102,900102,900
Mark David102,700-27,300
Jeffrey Rothstein102,700102,700
Philippe Dauteuil101,300101,300
Elia Ahmadian101,1000
Jeffrey Mahoney101,000101,000
George Mattia99,40099,400
Jose Ortiz99,30099,300
Satchit Kapur99,00099,000
Michael Mckuin98,40098,400
Rodney Hogan97,80097,800
Curtis Colicher97,60097,600
Zachary Mcnees97,40097,400
Albert Vorbe97,40097,400
Raffaello Locatelli96,900-68,000
Qui Nguyen96,7000
David Rachel96,70011,700
Blaise Hom96,40096,400
Jacobo Fernandez96,40096,400
David Lofy96,40096,400
Houman Nikbakht95,50095,500
Justas Vaiciulionis95,40095,400
Paul Degiulio95,30095,300
Billy Baxter94,80038,800
Raul Martinez Requena94,8000
Tony Ruberto94,500-17,100
Michael Ricklefs94,50094,500
Mike Matusow94,000-5,000
Romain Lefebvre De Rieux94,00094,000
Aleksejs Ponakovs93,90093,900
Noah Bronstein93,90093,900
Ronald Minnis93,90093,900
Venkat Chivukula93,90093,900
Timothy Nuter93,90093,900
Matthew Ashton93,5000
DID NOT REPORT 293,30093,300
Kavin Shah92,90092,900
Corey Hochman92,90092,900
Yaping Wang92,90092,900
Rodrigo Portaleoni92,70092,700
Robert McLaughlin92,40092,400
Gregory Roberts92,10092,100
Wes Baerga91,80091,800
Simon Appleby91,80091,800
Johan Soner91,00021,000
Jason Pritchard90,00090,000
Todd Bareika89,500-2,500
Kenneth Kavowras89,40089,400
Andrew Halseth88,70088,700
Shawn Daniels88,10088,100
Robin William87,70087,700
Ian O'Hara87,700700
Ziran Xiao87,50087,500
Tyng Low86,90086,900
John Shin86,70086,700
Ahmed Abdella85,80085,800
Mark Rifkin85,80085,800
John Sonkoly85,40085,400
Luke Spano85,40085,400
Richard Barabino85,40085,400
Christopher Delgrande85,30085,300
Keith Morrow84,90084,900
Paul Duval84,80084,800
Hoyt Corkins84,3000
Frank Ziede84,10084,100
Andrew Belmonti84,10084,100
Daniel Barriocanal83,90083,900
Daniel Shea83,80083,800
Hou Vang83,70083,700
Haowei Zheng83,20083,200
Tom Braband82,900-5,100
Thomas Blizniak82,80082,800
William Mcgrotty82,80082,800
Jason Funke82,40082,400
Sean Marshall82,40082,400
Michael Rossitto82,4000
Gregory Geller82,00027,000
Gregor Waltermann82,000-17,500
Maik Dehmlow81,90081,900
Drew Dumanski81,70081,700
Andrew Grombacher80,90080,900
Manuel Sadornil80,80080,800
Gregory Fishberg80,80080,800
Justin Pechie80,6000
Mel Elpusan80,40080,400
Josh Arieh80,4000
Douglas Adkins79,10079,100
Phil Laak78,9000
Benjamin Nicolas78,80078,800
Gjergj Sinishtaj78,00078,000
Anthony Pagan77,80077,800
Wei Yeh77,70077,700
Jean Raphael Boulos77,7008,700
Edward Boyce77,60077,600
Robert Fechser77,50077,500
Hunter Cichy77,2001,200
Seth Berger77,200-16,800
Mats Karlsson76,60011,600
Clinton Hubble76,10076,100
Arne Kern76,00076,000
Shuai Chen75,80075,800
Aaron Clark75,50075,500
Michael Noori75,2000
Eric Kurtzman75,00075,000
Shyam Ravindran74,60074,600
Benjamin Barad74,50074,500
Andrea Vezzani74,40074,400
Bruce Rosen74,20074,200
John Strzemp74,100100
Nabil Mohamed73,90073,900
Maryjo Zogman73,90073,900
Joseph Barnard73,80073,800
Rohan Dhawan73,50073,500
Chaz Curtiss73,30073,300
Fadi Barakeh73,20073,200
Phuoc Nguyen72,50072,500
Brett Maistri72,50072,500
Edward Mallon72,50072,500
David Grey72,40072,400
Ryan Hazzard72,20072,200
Tyler Cornell72,100-19,900
David Labchuk72,00072,000
Pim de Goede71,70071,700
Robert Minion71,30071,300
Michal Danka71,00071,000
Dario Delpiano70,80070,800
James Juvancic70,80070,800
Mitchell Johnson70,80070,800
Darin Feinstein70,80070,800
Tommy Hoard70,40070,400
Tai Nguyen70,00070,000
Owen Crowe70,00070,000
Jared Griener69,9008,900
Drieu Brucker69,10069,100
Benjamin Scholl68,70068,700
Jared Bluestein68,60068,600
Matthew Brooks68,50068,500
Wissam Abraham68,30068,300
Michael Katz68,00068,000
Peter Braglia67,70067,700
Glenn Miller67,2000
Paul Koskovich67,00067,000
Mark Radoja67,000-15,700
Ryan Fee67,0000
Cameron Tullis66,90066,900
Christopher Mccoy66,80066,800
Kao Saevang66,60066,600
Gang Wang66,10066,100
Julien Ehrhardt64,30064,300
Michael Moore64,2000
John Courtney64,10064,100
Yu Chen63,80063,800
David Kalet63,80063,800
Antonio Lievano63,60063,600
Matt Baier63,60063,600
Felipe Davila63,40063,400
Simon Bellavance63,30063,300
Gerard Cassis63,20063,200
David Greenberg63,1002,900
Tara Snow63,100100
Paul Leckey63,00063,000
William Brown62,80062,800
Matthew Hopkins62,7000
John Hesp62,60062,600
Delmiro Toledo62,60062,600
Tomas Jozonis62,50012,500
Kenneth Paxinos62,50062,500
Grzegorz Witkowski62,20062,200
Jesse Simonelli62,10062,100
James Brown62,00062,000
Bradley Hinson61,90061,900
Chong Cheng61,90061,900
Philip Tom61,80061,800
Jason Lester61,30061,300
Mikhail Semin61,30061,300
Dwight Fruit60,80060,800
Jonathan Krela60,70060,700
Joseph Deforca60,30060,300
David Gutfreund60,20060,200
Jorn Walthaus60,00028,000
Masoud Mike Moshayedi60,00060,000
Lohrasb Jafari59,60059,600
Benjamin Laska59,60059,600
Sebastien Garrasi59,30059,300
Jason Nicks59,3000
Tim Hickling59,00059,000
Jorge Alberdi58,80058,800
Kyle Broom58,70058,700
Bas De Laat58,60058,600
DID NOT REPORT 158,60058,600
Jack Duong58,30058,300
Matthew Sides58,30058,300
Philip Long58,30058,300
Giovanni Di Donato57,90057,900
Mark Adkins57,80057,800
Kathryn Cappuccio57,70057,700
Yueqi Zhu57,50057,500
Ramin Hajiyev57,5004,500
Scott Neuman57,1000
Dylan Nguyen56,90056,900
Babak Badkoubei56,90056,900
Cody Garner56,70056,700
David Augustine56,70056,700
Ryan Mackinnon56,70056,700
Ognjen Sekularac56,2008,200
Simon Boss56,10056,100
Forouzan Sotoudeh56,00056,000
Joseph Comins56,00056,000
Adeeb Harb56,00056,000
Quang Vu55,90055,900
Silvio Crisari55,900900
Brian Siegel55,90055,900
Steven Rash55,80055,800
Steven Warburton55,7005,700
Tom Bedell55,60055,600
Joseph Jordan55,40055,400
Conor Beresford55,40055,400
Frank Williams55,00055,000
Alexander Morgovsky54,80054,800
Duane Graff54,70054,700
Adam McLaughlin54,7000
Ryan Jones54,50054,500
Alexander Schneider54,30054,300
Andrew Graham54,200-70,800
Chris Cornell54,20054,200
Arnold Spee54,10054,100
Kevin Song53,90053,900
Kathy Chang53,70053,700
Ted Weinstock53,60053,600
Craig Vieregg53,40053,400
James Grogan53,10053,100
Assani Fisher53,10053,100
Austin Hermiz53,00010,000
Daniel Reijmer53,00012,300
Kenneth Christopher52,70052,700
Clayton Hamm52,500-11,000
Brian Altman52,200-32,800
Richard Harroch52,20052,200
Hoang Pham52,20052,200
Cline Young51,90051,900
Timothy Dail51,60051,600
Gleb Kovtunov51,40051,400
William Conway51,30051,300
Niklas Astedt50,900-20,700
Chad Power50,900-49,100
Jean Ledoux50,40050,400
Tony Phan50,40050,400
Zorlu Er50,20050,200
Jennifer Shahade50,10050,100
Anatoly Korochenskiy50,00050,000
Gregory Blair49,90049,900
Mark Vanderloo49,80049,800
Arthur Peters49,60049,600
Glenn Cozen49,20049,200
Lauren Monosson48,5008,500
Nicholas Nicolaou48,20048,200
Patrick Nordgren48,20048,200
Pierre Merlin48,1000
Marc Davidson48,10048,100
Adam Mcdaniel47,80047,800
Shiv Bhandari47,70047,700
Brandon Hall47,20047,200
William Gottman47,00047,000
Randy Pfeifer46,90046,900
Sebastian Langrock46,900-3,100
Montgomery Cole46,90046,900
Leonardo Mendoza46,80046,800
John Grue46,70046,700
Harold Lilie46,60020,600
Dobromir Nikov46,40046,400
Scott McKernan46,4000
Sergei Nikiforov46,30046,300
James Lempke46,30046,300
William Mcphillips46,30046,300
Harry Johnson46,10046,100
Tom Schneider45,900-10,100
Dwayne Buth45,90045,900
Andy Bloch45,8000
Mark Zullo45,800-19,200
Yotam Shmuelov45,50045,500
Joseph Beasy45,40045,400
Maxime Adam45,10045,100
Roy Thung45,00045,000
Mikhal Khabarov45,00045,000
David Lee45,00045,000
Kin Wong44,60044,600
Pascal Lefrancois44,4009,400
Robert Chow44,20044,200
Maxime Fortindemers44,20044,200
Chris Hunichen44,0000
Patrick Oakes43,80043,800
David Hipperson43,60043,600
Mark Owens43,60043,600
Allen Kennedy43,3000
Roberto Leosmaldonado43,20043,200
Dhani Suleman43,00043,000
Doug Polk42,7000
Stanley Tang42,60042,600
Kris Lozano42,60042,600
Karapetyan Arman42,40042,400
Paul Deng42,20042,200
Alexander Roumeliotis42,20042,200
Grayson Nichols42,00042,000
Dmitry Ponomarev42,000-8,000
Zachary Mcdiarmid41,40041,400
Pratyush Buddiga40,7000
Ardit Kurshumi40,60040,600
Sermod Talia40,40040,400
Jeremy Peters40,3000
Francisco Neto40,200-800
Brandon Newsome40,100-200
Brent Roberts40,00040,000
Michael Andrews39,90039,900
Victor Cianelli39,400-600
Michael Ferry39,10039,100
Jefferson Han38,70038,700
Ralph Wong38,40038,400
Sebastian Ruiz38,40038,400
Glenn Harter38,20038,200
Richard Lee38,10038,100
Tom Love38,10038,100
John Beauprez38,000-13,700
Jonathan Cohen37,90037,900
Alistair Hill37,40037,400
David Gunas37,20037,200
Mike Schneider (MN)37,20037,200
Leonard Burris37,00037,000
Martin Jacobson36,8000
Jason Gray36,70036,700
James Akenhead36,7004,700
Charles Carragher36,60036,600
Emil Ekvardt36,5000
Xenos Schirmer36,40036,400
Hoflehner Helmut36,20036,200
Steve Gee36,00036,000
Ilkin Amirov36,00036,000
Charles Dolan35,70035,700
Zachary Resnick35,60035,600
Jérome arnould35,5000
Mark Johnson Jr35,10035,100
Kenny Tran35,00035,000
David Gerassi34,40034,400
Istvan Toro34,40034,400
Sean Spector34,30034,300
Eric Bischoff34,20034,200
Joshua Mountain34,10034,100
Hansam Kim33,90033,900
Michael Vik33,60033,600
Paul Evans33,50033,500
Anthony Richard33,20033,200
Don Carrillo32,90032,900
Frank Stepuchin32,90032,900
Mariano Cafagna32,80032,800
Tom McEvoy32,80032,800
Fred Goff III32,800-7,200
Angelo Cusinato32,70032,700
Paul W Lee32,70032,700
Jesper Hougaard32,700-54,100
Simon Berg32,50032,500
Hamza Firdawcy32,30032,300
David Mills32,10032,100
Hoan Nguyen32,100-10,900
Kyung Cha32,10032,100
Richard Sperberg31,80031,800
Said Abuqartoumy31,80031,800
Oysein Kristoffersen31,70031,700
Nick Jivkov31,500-25,500
Anthony Forsyth-Forrest31,30031,300
Thomas Roupe30,50030,500
Kenneth Stacy30,40030,400
Brooks Floyd30,30030,300
Divakaran Marella30,00030,000
Anthony Hope29,80029,800
Kevin Laird29,60029,600
Hakim Zoufi29,600-40,400
Manuel Mutke29,50029,500
Jane Hitchcock29,40029,400
David Farber29,10029,100
Andy Park28,90028,900
David Reijmer28,90028,900
Igor Merda28,80028,800
Mitang Soni28,50028,500
Kenneth Stead28,50028,500
Andrew Rubinberg28,40028,400
David Malka28,40028,400
Scott Deladurantaye28,40028,400
Mimi Luu28,30028,300
Michael Partipilo28,20028,200
Dwight Derringer28,00028,000
Jack Yohe28,00028,000
James Hundt28,00028,000
Chad Eveslage27,90014,650
John Bonora27,90027,900
Greg Feirman27,80027,800
James Barron27,50027,500
Ankush Mandavia27,00014,000
Gennady Kalin26,90026,900
David Cabrera Polop26,80026,800
Benoit Lam26,600-6,400
Peter Kotsiopoulos26,30026,300
Peter Treglia25,90025,900
Boo Jonsson25,90025,900
Adam Singer25,50025,500
Babak Razi25,50025,500
Greg Jennings25,50025,500
Alan Percal25,50025,500
Thomas Winters25,20025,200
Raymond Ezzie24,7000
Tobias Hariefeld24,60024,600
Marcelo Drumm24,50024,500
Ronald Cook24,50024,500
Sergon Toma23,50023,500
Michael Maresca22,90022,900
Scott Tuchman22,6000
David Jenson22,60022,600
Abrahim Aboukhalil22,30022,300
Oscar Kemps22,30022,300
Terry Grimes22,20022,200
Albert Ng22,200-7,300
Christopher Miltenberger22,20022,200
Jamie Brown22,20022,200
Phia Xiong22,10022,100
Rajasekhara Munnangi21,20021,200
Joe Tehan21,100-50,900
Dapeng Mu21,00021,000
Joseph Brown20,90020,900
Thiago Grigoletti20,90020,900
Todd Hansen20,400-94,600
Joseph Casale20,30020,300
David Weinstein20,20020,200
Javier Montano19,100-19,100
Matthew Reed18,80018,800
John Hemme18,60018,600
Dennis Berglin18,60018,600
John Kammer18,40018,400
Marcos Rogerio18,00018,000
Matt O'Donnell17,70017,700
Vince Saiki17,60017,600
Dixon Ruecker16,40016,400
Joshua Field16,4001,375
Garrett Beckman16,00016,000
William Kraybill15,70015,700
Scott Hanna15,700-2,800
Stefan Jedlicka15,2000
Chris George14,800-139,200
Andreas Olympios14,70014,700
George Wedemeyer14,60014,600
Sam Soverel14,50014,500
Timothy Vukson13,30013,300
Luigi Knoppers13,20013,200
Lander Lijo11,60011,600
Andrew Phillips11,400-100
Paul Balzano11,40011,400
Michael Wolf11,400-35,100
Jessica Dawley10,0000
Andrew Gerl9,0009,000
Neil Talento8,5008,500
Paul Lackey8,5008,500
Klas Lofberg7,6007,600
Jeffrey Pollard7,5007,500
Kevin Rabichow6,4006,400
Thomas McTeer5,900-149,100
Osman Ihlamur5,8005,800
Louis Dragas5,4005,400
Samuel Ganzfried5,3005,300
Wesley Clark5,2005,200

Morten Mortensen Claims Chip Lead in Final Hand

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:54 PM Local Time

Morten Mortensen

In the final hand of the day, Morten Mortensen dragged a monster pot which gave him the end-of-day chip lead. The pot was already up over 35,000 as the board showed     . Mortensen bet 20,000, and his opponent went in the tank. Eventually, he moved all in for 52,000, and Mortensen called with lightning speed.

Morten Mortensen:   

Mortensen had his opponent drawing dead with the nut straight, making the   river meaningless. With the pot of more than 100,000 chips, Mortensen ended the day as the chip leader with 276,000.

Morten Mortensen276,00046,000

Er Busts to Khoroshenin

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:46 PM Local Time

In one of the last hands of the night, three players limped and Oleksii Khoroshenin raised to 3,000 on the button. Ronnie Brown called and Zorlu Er then shoved for his last 20,200 from the hijack. Khoroshenin called and Brown folded to set up the following showdown.

Zorlu Er:   
Oleksii Khoroshenin:   

The board came       and Er failed to get there, falling short of making Day 2.

Ronnie Brown180,000-10,000
Oleksii Khoroshenin125,000-10,000
Zorlu Er0-28,000

Donnacha O'Dea Bets and Wins

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:40 PM Local Time

Donnacha O'Dea

With about 16,000 already in the middle and the board reading     , Donnacha O'Dea bet 6,500 from the cutoff into his lone opponent on the button. After a few moments of thought, the button folded, and O'Dea took the pot to bolster his stack at the very end of play on Day 1a.

Donnacha O'Dea81,000-2,000

Updated Counts from Brasilia

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:31 PM Local Time

Chris George151,000-30,000
Jon Turner90,300-27,700
Mike Matusow89,5002,500
Hunter Cichy76,000-1,000
Tara Snow63,000-12,500
Tom Schneider56,00011,000
Pierre Merlin48,100-22,200
Pratyush Buddiga41,500-300
Chris Hunichen36,00011,550
Doug Polk35,100-3,900
Joshua Field15,025-10,975

Doug Polk's Nines Are Good

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:31 PM Local Time

Doug Polk, in the cutoff, opened to 1,200. Mike Matusow three-bet to 2,600 on the button. Polk called. The flop came     and was checked through to the   turn and   river. Polk checked.

''I have to look to see if I can bet,'' commented Matusow.

''It's 50/50'' answered Polk.

Matusow peeked at his cards and threw in a bet of 1,600. After a few seconds of reflection and of talking to Matusow without getting an answer, Polk continued, ''I'm such a nice guy, I am gonna pay you off''. He proceeded to call.

''I have ace-high'' said Matusow, tabling   . Polk showed   , laughed, and commented, ''This was a beautiful bet!'' raking in the pot.

Mike Matusow87,00035,000
Doug Polk39,00016,900

Yang No More

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:27 PM Local Time

After previously escaping from elimination, Jerry Yang failed to hold up in his next all-in showdown. The camera crews were just finished filming, and the board was already rushed away with Steven Warburton stacking chips in the nine seat.

Apparently, it was a three-way all in with Warburton as shortest stack and pocket jacks. Yang had the second-biggest stack and   , while a third player in the hand had pocket nines. Warburton scored a triple-up, while Yang found no help for the smaller side pot to join the rail in the last level of the night.

Steven Warburton50,00050,000
Jerry Yang0-21,000

Filatov Wins Another Before the End of the Day

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:25 PM Local Time

With about 7,500 in the pot, the flop was    . There were three players in the hand, and the first player to act led out for 3,100. Anatoly Filatov was to his left and raised to 8,000. The third player in the pot folded, and the initial bettor made the call.

The turn brought the  , and the action was checked to Filatov. He bet 12,000, and that was enough to get his opponent to lay his hand down.

Anatoly Filatov168,50022,000

Yang Bluffs Away Stack, Doubles After

Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:10 PM Local Time

At the tail end of a big hand with Jon Turner, Jerry Yang bet 11,000 on the river of a       board, and Jon Turner called. Yang was caught bluffing with   , and Turner had that beat with    for two pair.

Two hands later, Yang open-shoved his last 9,875, and the player one seat over called. The rest of the table folded, and the cards were tabled:

Jerry Yang:   

The     flop gave Yang the lead, and he stayed in thanks to the   turn and   river.

Jon Turner118,00032,000
Jerry Yang21,000-7,675

Patrick Korsar Drops One

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:59 PM Local Time

With around 6,000 in the pot, the flop came    . Patrick Korsar was on the button and was heads-up with the player in the cutoff. The action was checked to Korsar, who bet 2,500, and his opponent called. The turn was the  , and the cutoff checked again. Korsar made a large bet of 16,800, and his opponent didn't waste much time making the call. The river landed the  , and both players checked.

The cutoff tabled    for a full house on the flop, and Korsar chuckled a bit as he tossed his cards into the muck.

Patrick Korsar137,700137,700

Bloch's Eights are Enough this Time

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:58 PM Local Time

Andy Bloch bet an unknown amount with a T5,000 chip into a pot of about 10,000 after one check on a     flop. The player on the button made it 12,000, and Bloch called after the third player folded. Both remaining players checked the   turn, with Bloch's opponent asking to see his stack. Two more checks followed on the   river.

Bloch turned over the  . When his opponent didn't move, Bloch showed the   behind it and took the pot.

Andy Bloch64,00020,750

Updated Counts from Brasilia

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:57 PM Local Time

Chris George181,00023,000
Darren Grant162,600-12,400
Hunter Cichy77,000
Tara Snow75,5004,500
Pierre Merlin70,3004,800
Tom Schneider45,000-3,000
Pratyush Buddiga41,800-200
Jerry Yang28,675-10,325
Joshua Field26,000-19,700

Some Counts

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:53 PM Local Time

Arthur Morris148,000
Jon Turner86,000-4,000
Silvio Crisari55,000-6,300
Mike Matusow52,0006,000
Doug Polk22,100-3,900
Stefan Jedlicka17,000-17,000

Ross Busts One

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:51 PM Local Time

Mike Ross, who finished as the runner-up in Event #21: $1,500 8-Game Mix 6-Handed, sat down in Level 4 and has since steadily increased the stack.

With already more than two times the starting stack, Ross just tangled with a short stack, and the latter was all in with    after a flop of    . Ross looked him up with   , and the   turn and   river gave him the better hand, as the two pair of his opponent were counterfeited.

"Did you actually lose a hand all day?" someone at the table asked, and Ross just grinned.

Michael Ross [Mike Ross]162,00012,000

Grafton Pulls Away

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:48 PM Local Time

Sam Grafton appears to be the current chip leader on Day 1a with less than one hour remaining on the clock, however, several players in the Brasilia Room may become contenders for the top spot tonight. Furthermore, nine tables remain in the Amazon Room, including big stacks Rifat Palevic and Morten Mortensen.

Sam Grafton240,00062,000
Darren Grant175,00044,000
Lloyd Mandel160,000-3,375
Richard Seymour105,00037,000
Qui Nguyen90,00024,400

Bloch Hands Out a Double

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:45 PM Local Time

After an open from the hijack to 1,200, Andy Bloch made it 3,350 to go in the small blind. The hijack shoved all in for 11,800, and Bloch called in short order.


Bloch flopped an  , but it was accompanied by the   and the  . The   turn and   river did nothing to help him further.

Andy Bloch43,250-12,350

Smurfit Takes a Big Chunk from Hunichen

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:44 PM Local Time

With about 5,000 chips already in the pot on a     flop, action checked to Chris Hunichen in the hijack, and he bet 2,200. Alan Smurfit raised to 7,000 from the cutoff, a player in middle position folded, and Hunichen called after a few moments of contemplation.

The turn brought the  , and both players checked.

The   fell on the river, and Hunichen bet 8,000. Smurfit raised to 25,000, and after sighing and re-checking his hole cards, Hunichen folded.

Smurfit took the pot to put his stack over the 100,000-chip mark.

Alan Smurfit105,00019,000
Chris Hunichen24,450-19,550

Eldridge Shows the Brunson

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:43 PM Local Time

David Eldridge bet 1,500 from an early position with the board reading     . An opponent who checked in the big blind raised to 4,000, and Eldridge called. Both players checked the   river, and Eldridge's    bested his opponent's   .

David Eldridge156,000-5,400

Honeyman and Kelly No More

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10:34 PM Local Time

Dylan Honeyman started well into Day 1a and quickly almost doubled his stack, but the seat that formerly belonged to the Australian is now empty while Ryan Hall dominates the action with a massive tower of chips.

One table over, a limped pot ended up with Matthew Kelly running out of chips. On a     flop, Kelly shoved his last 9,000 with   , and Vincent Liu called in the big blind with the dominating   . Kelly picked up more outs on the   turn with a gutshot straight draw, but the   river was a blank to eliminate Kelly.

Ryan Hall180,0000
Vincent Liu113,000113,000
Dylan Honeyman0-31,000
Matthew Kelly0-9,000