Live Reporting

  • BUY-IN: $1,500ENTRIES: 905
  • PRIZEPOOL: $1,221,750REMAINING: 1
  • LEVEL: 31
  • SB/BB: 120000/240000ANTE: 0

James Woods and Dmitry Savelyev Chop

Friday, June 2, 2017 3:29 PM Local Time

Men Nguyen raised from middle position and was called by James Woods on the button and Dmitry Savelyev in the big blind.

The flop came     and Savelyev checked. Nguyen bet. Woods called and Savelyev followed.

The turn brought the   and the action was once again checked to Nguyen who bet. Woods then immediately raised. Savelyev paused for a moment and called. Nguyen matched the raise.

The   completed the board and Savelyev and Nguyen checked. Woods fired out one last time and Savelyev called. Nguyen folded.

Woods tabled      for a straight and the high hand. Savelyev rolled over      and took down the low with his ace-deuce.

James Woods38,000-6,300
Dmitry Savelyev29,000-1,000
Men Nguyen10,000-25,500

Grand Opening of King's Lounge

Friday, June 2, 2017 3:28 PM Local Time

Scott Courtois Doubles Through Paul Tedeschi

Friday, June 2, 2017 3:09 PM Local Time

Paul Tedeschi

Scott Courtois opened from the hijack seat. Action folded to Paul Tedeschi. He raised from the small blind. Benny Glaser folded his big and, with action back on Courtois, he called.

The flop came     and Tedeschi bet. Courtois called. The turn was the   and Tedechi bet again. Courtois raised. Tedeschi raised again and Courtois put in the rest of his chips to call.

Tedeschi turned up      for three pairs. Courtois only showed the  . When the   hit the river, Courtois fanned out the rest of his hand, showing      for a rivered straight and nut low. He took down the whole pot and doubled up through Tedeschi.

Paul Tedeschi47,00014,300
Scott Courtois27,400-5,500

Bryce Fox Trumps Osama Aweida

Friday, June 2, 2017 2:53 PM Local Time

On a flop of     Osama Aweida bet from the small blind and was called by Daniel Colpoys who was seated under the gun. Bryce Fox then raised from middle position. Aweida committed his remaining 2,700 and was all in. Both opponents called.

The action was checked after the   fell on the turn before the   completed the board. Colpoys checked then mucked after Fox fired out a final bet.

"Aces full," announced Fox, before tabling      for a full house.

Aweida stood up from his chair and reluctantly turned over his      for a lesser full house before exiting the tournament floor.

Bryce Fox30,000-9,200
Daniel Colpoys9,000-12,300
Osama Aweida00

Brandon Shack-Harris Eliminates Scott Nickleach

Friday, June 2, 2017 2:46 PM Local Time

Brandon Shack-Harris

Scott Nickleach was standing up from the table and gathering his belongings after he committed the last of his chips and finding himself up against Brandon Shack-Harris.

Shack-Harris had      tabled and took down the pot after the board ran out       winning with top two pair.

Brandon Shack-Harris46,0003,900
Scott Nickleach00

Allen Kessler Hits the Rail

Friday, June 2, 2017 2:33 PM Local Time

Allen Kessler bagged up a short stack last night and he wasn't able to run it up here today. He posted his bust-out on Twitter:

Allen Kessler00

Chainsaw Report: Week One

Friday, June 2, 2017 2:30 PM Local Time

Hani Awad Gets Scooped by James Uschuk

Friday, June 2, 2017 2:28 PM Local Time

James Uschuk raised from the button. He was called by Hani Awad from the big blind.

The flop came     and Awad bet. Uschuk raised and after some thought Awad called. The turn was the   and Awad led with a bet again. Uschuk moved all in an Awad called.


Uschuk turned the nut straight and it held through the   on the river. He earned a full double and Awad was forced to send over the chips.

Hani Awad23,000-700
James Uschuk15,0005,400

Anthony Mender Scoops Jeff Lisandro

Friday, June 2, 2017 2:22 PM Local Time

With the board showing     , Dan Santoro checked from the small blind. Anthony Mender bet from the big blind and was matched by Jeff Lisandro in the cutoff. Santoro folded his hand.

The   completed the board and Mender bet. Lisandro called but let go of his hand when Mender tabled      to scoop the pot with a three and four for the low and a queen and eight making two pair for the high.

Anthony Mender26,000-16,500
Jeff Lisandro13,000-13,000

Day 2 of Event #4: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Set to Begin

Friday, June 2, 2017 12:27 PM Local Time

Tuan Le has one of the biggest stacks coming into Day 2

Welcome back to Day 2 of Event #4: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better. Yesterday players played through the first 10 levels and leading the final 254 was WSOP Circuit ring winner Rex Clinkscales. He hasn't locked up his first bracelet yet, but he will look to carry his day 1 lead into a strong finish here in Event #4.

Hot on his heels are several who have already locked up their first WSOP gold bracelets, including Hani Awad, John Monnette, Mike Wattel and Tuan Le. Rounding out the top five stacks coming into the day is Clinkscales (96,200), James Chen (92,400), Tuan Le (79,000), Chad Phillips (68,000) and Aaron Steury (64,100).

Players will play through a second set of 10 levels today. With 254 players to start the day, they are just over 100 eliminations away from bursting the money bubble. The 905 entrants created a prize pool of $1,357,500 and a first-place prize of $238,620. A minimum cash in today's event will take home $2,253.

Also, don't forget that PokerNews has activated the MyStack App for this event, allowing you to directly adjust your chip counts in our live reporting blog using your iPhone or Android phone.

You can download the app for iPhone or Android now to get started. Then, create a new PokerNews account or update your current one to start updating your status immediately. Your followers can see all the live action that you're involved in.

Click here to download the My Stack app for iPhone, or click here to download the My Stack app for Android.

Play is set to begin at 2 p.m. PDT and PokerNews will be here with live updates for all the action so be sure to check in.

Complete Table Draw for Day 2

Friday, June 2, 2017 12:26 PM Local Time

RoomTableSeatPlayerFromChip CountBig Blinds
Miranda6001Claiborne CarterELK GROVE, CA, US28,10023
Miranda6002Shirley RosarioDOWNEY, CA, US61,00051
Miranda6003Colin WickersheimSAN DIEGO, CA, US33,30028
Miranda6004Kevin GerhartBrunswick, OH, US18,90016
Miranda6005Frank YakubsonLakewood, CO, US37,80032
Miranda6006James MccarthyEllijay, GA, US27,90023
Miranda6007Daniel WeinmanATLANTA, GA, US49,00041
Miranda6008Michael CoombsBremerton, WA, US10,1008
Miranda6009Cole JacksonSeattle, WA, US14,70012
Miranda6011Christian MarcosLAS VEGAS, NV, US28,20024
Miranda6012Valentin VornicuSAN DIEGO, CA, US17,10014
Miranda6013Wellington DraperSAN FRANCISCO, CA, US19,50016
Miranda6014Quinn DoEL MONTE, WA, US3,6003
Miranda6015Scott CourtoisLas Vegas, NV, US32,90027
Miranda6016Benjamin TangNORTHRIDGE, CA, US40,70034
Miranda6017Paul TedeschiBastia, , FR32,70027
Miranda6018Benny GlaserSouthampton, GB19,40016
Miranda6019Robert WittmanDUBUQUE, IA, US20,80017
Miranda6021Michael ThorpeRenton, WA, US42,20035
Miranda6022Alfredo UrtubianegueruelaLa Rioja, , GS8,5007
Miranda6023Humberto BrenesSan Jose, CR48,10040
Miranda6024James DouglasHAWTHORNE, CA, US56,60047
Miranda6025Paul SokoloffTORONTO, ON, CA17,40015
Miranda6026Leonard St, Germain 47,60040
Miranda6027David MoskowitzSUNSET BEACH, CA, US2,2002
Miranda6028Dana KellstromSTEVENSON RANCH, CA, US10,0008
Miranda6029Rich SklarCortlandt Manor, NY, US17,40015
Miranda6031Derek RaymondPORTLAND, ME, US18,00015
Miranda6032Dana DavidsonWHEELING, IL, US38,80032
Miranda6033Ryan HughesPHOENI, XAZ, US33,40028
Miranda6034Scott PackerSANTA ANA, CA, US29,00024
Miranda6035Dustin BushValencia, CA, US13,80012
Miranda6036Marco JohnsonWALNUT CREEK, CA, US19,40016
Miranda6037Bruce YamronNAPLES, FL, US61,10051
Miranda6038Aron DermerNJ, US26,40022
Miranda6039James GriffinWestfield, MA, US42,00035
Miranda6041Ken AldridgePleasant Garden, NC, US10
Miranda6042Forrest AuelPortland, OR, US60,70051
Miranda6043Marcus OsbornePOMONA, CA, US20,60017
Miranda6044Matthew SuelflowBRODHEAD, WI, US18,80016
Miranda6045Michael WoffordStockton, CA, US13,00011
Miranda6046Brian NadellVAN NUYS, CA, US25,70021
Miranda6047Steve LustigOCEANO, CA, US40,50034
Miranda6048Marc SuelflowBRODHEAD, WI, US28,20024
Miranda6049John BunchLAS VEGAS, NV, US11,60010
Miranda6051David CampbellBoulder, CO, US17,50015
Miranda6052William MigelyMILL VALLEY, CA, US5,6005
Miranda6053Dan HeimillerLAS VEGAS, NV, US15,00013
Miranda6054Jon SeamanSCOTTSDALE, AZ, US44,60037
Miranda6055Martin CorpuzMOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, US35,70030
Miranda6056Vincent HughesLondon, , GB14,20012
Miranda6057Avrum KatzLlano, NM, US31,60026
Miranda6058Hassan MechammilEncino, CA, US26,20022
Miranda6059Donald Dablaing 21,90018
Miranda6092Michael ParizonCANTON, MI, US41,50035
Miranda6093Christopher VitchPhoeni, XAZ, US46,60039
Miranda6094Abdel HamidCORPUS CHRISTI, T, XUS56,50047
Miranda6095Vasu AmarapuDorchester, MA, US21,70018
Miranda6096Ryan JonesBurlington, NC, US58,20049
Miranda6097George Dicambio 30,10025
Miranda6098Howell CheekSCOTTSDALE, AZ, US22,80019
Miranda6099Jeffery StepaniukRegina, SK, CA40,20034
Miranda6101James MaddenJacksonville, FL, US20,20017
Miranda6102Randall Holland 30,20025
Miranda6103Henrik KarlssonLINHOPING, , SE29,60025
Miranda6104Craig HauglandBISMARCK, ND, US23,00019
Miranda6105Ger XiongSummers, AR, US17,20014
Miranda6106Ziya RahimRESTON, VA, US54,60046
Miranda6107Richard BaiSCHAUMBURG, IL, US59,90050
Miranda6108Philip KranzWESTMONT, IL, US21,00018
Miranda6109Nicholas KileyUtica, NY, US38,20032
Miranda6111Christopher CareyEFLAND, NC, US30,20025
Miranda6112Jason AdamsVancouver, WA, US21,60018
Miranda6113Glenn CozenSouth Pasadena, CA, US14,80012
Miranda6114Lu YuanSan Francisco, CA, US27,20023
Miranda6115Robert ManginoPLANTATION, FL, US26,30022
Miranda6116Gary VickMIKADO, MI, US3,0003
Miranda6117William KoppBrecksville, OH, US19,00016
Miranda6118David ClarkSt Augustine, FL, US27,70023
Miranda6119Everett JollySurprise, AZ, US23,00019
Miranda6121Michael FilippoItasca, IL, US23,90020
Miranda6122Stephen DarbyAndalusia, AL, US3,5003
Miranda6123Gwen HerrickROYAL CENTER, IN, US27,90023
Miranda6124Aaron DuczakKAMLOOPS, BC, CA15,30013
Miranda6125Matthew SmithCAYCE, SC, US9,6008
Miranda6126David LeviLAS VEGAS, NV, US25,60021
Miranda6127Petleshkov ViliyanPlovdiv, BG9,7008
Miranda6128Daniel ChioElk Grove, CA, US19,80017
Miranda6129Jose RazocabreraBAKERSFIELD, CA, US22,60019
Miranda6132Michael ApaADDISON, IL, US4,7004
Miranda6133Matt SchultzUS28,30024
Miranda6134James DennigTroy, MI, US34,20029
Miranda6135William SheppardRIVERSIDE, CA, US5,9005
Miranda6136Michael JacobsLOS ANGELES, CA, US15,60013
Miranda6137Greg JamisonLAS VEGAS, NV, US17,80015
Miranda6138Annand RamdinBron, XNY, US20,00017
Miranda6139Robert StevanovskiCORNELIUS, NC, US28,40024
Miranda6141Mark JenkinsHENDERSON, NV, US22,90019
Miranda6142Jeff LisandroSydney, AU26,00022
Miranda6143Todd IckowVALPARAISO, IN, US6,7006
Miranda6144Donald MaloneyGlendale, AZ, US22,10018
Miranda6145Dan SantoroNORTH BELLMORE, NY, US11,90010
Miranda6146Anthony MenderLAS VEGAS, NV, US42,50035
Miranda6147Donald SikesCLAXTON, GA, US33,60028
Miranda6148Chris WallaceSAINT PAUL, MN, US10,1008
Miranda6149Colin YorkLAS VEGAS, NV, US23,30019
Miranda6181Christopher DzoanIrvine, CA, US12,00010
Miranda6182Dmitry SavelyevSAN BRUNO, CA, US30,40025
Miranda6183Rick MillerManor, T, XUS44,40037
Miranda6184Benjamin LudlowNew York, NY, US57,10048
Miranda6185Men NguyenBELL GARDENS, CA, US35,50030
Miranda6186Seyed TabibHarlingen, T, XUS25,00021
Miranda6187David LuttbegSAN DIEGO, CA, US41,00034
Miranda6188Benjamin ZamaniBOCA RATON, FL, US45,00038
Miranda6189James WoodsLos Angeles, CA, US44,30037
Miranda6191Joseph MichaelAUSTIN, T, XUS6,9006
Miranda6192Edward FishmanABSECON, NJ, US19,60016
Miranda6193Brett JungblutWHITEHOUSE STATION, NJ, US33,90028
Miranda6194Gasem HaldyLos Angeles, CA, US56,60047
Miranda6195Chad PhillipsLAS VEGAS, NV, US68,00057
Miranda6196Dale BeaudoinBAR HARBOR, ME, US47,20039
Miranda6197Rex ClinkscalesLAS VEGAS, NV, US96,20080
Miranda6198Pj ChaVIRGINIA BEACH, VA, US14,10012
Miranda6199Andreas KlattJACKSONVILLE, AR, US36,40030
Miranda6201Sean ValentineYorba Linda, CA, US27,40023
Miranda6202Jim CollopyWASHINGTON, MD, US31,30026
Miranda6203Jim NassiriLos Angeles, CA, US1,7001
Miranda6204Scott BullerLINCOLN, NE, US45,70038
Miranda6205Jeffrey CalkinsNEW YORK, NY, US61,10051
Miranda6206Qinghai PanIRVINE, CA, US19,10016
Miranda6207Jeffrey DameGilroy, CA, US58,00048
Miranda6208Bob Coates 25,00021
Miranda6209Andrew RubinbergChicago, IL, US14,50012
Miranda6211Bryce FoxPITTSBURGH, PA, US22,10018
Miranda6212Tai NguyenOLYMPIA, WA, US43,30036
Miranda6213Bruce WaltersPASADENA, T, XUS26,80022
Miranda6214Matthew PaolettiPerkasie, PA, US20,10017
Miranda6215Osama AweidaBROOMFIELD, CO, US8,1007
Miranda6216Kevin BiernackiWORCESTER, MA, US35,40030
Miranda6217Daniel ColpoysGLOUCESTER, MA, US21,30018
Miranda6218Tom LoveMARIETTA, OH, US17,50015
Miranda6219Scott FitzhughChagrin Falls, OH, US17,10014
Miranda6221Anthony FarrellROCKLAND, MA, US29,10024
Miranda6222Lawrence MichaelSAN DIEGO, CA, US28,40024
Miranda6223David DesorcyCHARLESTON, SC, US23,90020
Miranda6225Lawrence BergLAS VEGAS, NV, US28,30024
Miranda6226Ron WareLAS VEGAS, NV, US32,70027
Miranda6227Brendan TaylorPASADENA, CA, US29,00024
Miranda6228Larry WrightFREEDOM, ID, US47,70040
Miranda6229Tri PhanLake Forest Park, WA, US11,2009
Miranda6231Herbert TapscottHARTSELLE, AL, US18,90016
Miranda6232James NgoMILPITAS, CA, US18,20015
Miranda6233Mike PuskarichNORTH LAS VEGAS, NV, US15,80013
Miranda6234James HoleskoTroy, IL, US45,00038
Miranda6235Nick PolydorosSCOTTSDALE , AZ, US10,0008
Miranda6236Ryan PalufHIGHLAND HIGHTS, OH, US38,90032
Miranda6237Micah BrooksPHOENI, XAZ, US16,00013
Miranda6238Jonah SeewaldCENTENNIAL, CO, US26,60022
Miranda6239Larry Ziman 31,90027
Miranda6271Daniel HarmetzSACRAMENTO, CA, US25,00021
Miranda6272Scotty BowieNewnan, GA, US23,30019
Miranda6273Shane DouglasPRIEST RIVER, ID, US28,00023
Miranda6274Cat Antoniuk 43,90037
Miranda6275Jack AbramcykNew York City, NY, US17,60015
Miranda6276Bruno FitoussiSCEAU, , XFR33,90028
Miranda6277Jared HemingwayGREENVILLE, T, XUS29,90025
Miranda6278Mike WattelCHANDLER, AZ, US12,20010
Miranda6279Bonnie RossiFederal Way, WA, US29,80025
Miranda6281Matthew SchultzSAN DIEGO, CA, US20,70017
Miranda6282Mark CunninghamTULSA, OK, US6,4005
Miranda6283Matthew LansdonBiloxi, MS, US32,30027
Miranda6284John ZaleskiBOISE, ID, US15,70013
Miranda6285Frank FediSag Harbor, NY, US29,00024
Miranda6286James RiceDenver, CO, US5,7005
Miranda6287Alex FerrariLOS ANGELES, CA, US42,00035
Miranda6288Viktor CelikovskyPrague, CZ41,40035
Miranda6289Eric JudgeSOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA, US9,9008
Miranda6291Trent WyattFORT WAYNE, IN, US48,30040
Miranda6292Josh ShaferOrange, CA, US31,00026
Miranda6293Thomas SamuelSACRAMENTO, CA, US36,90031
Miranda6294Alan HardcastleMOUNTAIN HOME, AR, US59,20049
Miranda6295Dustin SitarLAS VEGAS, NV, US35,30029
Miranda6296Bruce MerlAlamo, CA, US8,4007
Miranda6297Allen KesslerLas Vegas, NV, US8,7007
Miranda6298Stacie BoehmSHERIDAN, WY, US11,3009
Miranda6299Jason LesterAVENTURA, FL, US15,90013
Miranda6301Brandon Shack-HarrisCHICAGO, IL, US42,10035
Miranda6302Lori BerumenLAS VEGAS, NV, US34,50029
Miranda6303Lars GronningAustin, T, XUS14,00012
Miranda6304Jacob Elmore-DahlPortand, OR, US24,10020
Miranda6305David WhiteMIDLAND, T, XUS5,1004
Miranda6306James ChenPITTSBURGH, PA, US92,40077
Miranda6307Rex LlorenBREMERTON, WA, US48,20040
Miranda6308Jesse MartinSHREWSBURY, MA, US35,60030
Miranda6309Scott NickleachDecatur, GA, US13,50011
Miranda6311Andrew RennhackSEATTLE, WA, US17,20014
Miranda6313George BoyceGREENBELT, MD, US28,60024
Miranda6314Roscoe LightScottsdale, AZ, US33,80028
Miranda6315John ParrettMurfreesboro, TN, US10,9009
Miranda6316Jeff ShulmanLAS VEGAS, NV, US10,7009
Miranda6317Kyle LomanHAVERHILL, MA, US17,90015
Miranda6318Kevin Brewer 50,40042
Miranda6319Tuan LeLOS ANGELES, CA, US79,00066
Miranda6321David (Wes) SelfFLORENCE, AL, US31,20026
Miranda6322Prince DocnesSanta Cruz, CA, US45,20038
Miranda6324Carol FuchsLOS ANGELES, CA, US32,40027
Miranda6325Andrew BarberSACRAMENTO, CA, US5,8005
Miranda6326Wayne DiepMonterey Park, CA, US5,9005
Miranda6327Kashif TararLas Vegas, NV, US5,2004
Miranda6329James UschukGrand Ledge, MI, US9,6008
Miranda6361Vladimir ShchemelevSt Petersburg, RU10,6009
Miranda6362Lance AllredTOLUCA LAKE, CA, US9,9008
Miranda6363Mark BixlerScottsdale, AZ, US24,60021
Miranda6364Gina HechtLOS ANGELES, CA, US9,5008
Miranda6365Gaurav KalroLas Vegas, NV, US21,90018
Miranda6366Michael GrossLas Vegas, NV, US15,70013
Miranda6367Marshia ShuttBOONE, NC, US34,50029
Miranda6368Jordan RichPORTLAND, OR, US42,30035
Miranda6369Adam HamanLas Vegas, NV, US12,40010
Miranda6371Daniel RatiganSEATTLE, WA, US14,30012
Miranda6372Ken TranKirkland, WA, US21,40018
Miranda6373Christopher LogueLAKESIDE, T, XUS43,50036
Miranda6374Tobias HausenOCKFEN, DE10,2009
Miranda6375Aaron SteuryFORT WAYNE, IN, US64,10053
Miranda6376David WonnenbergMandan, ND, US16,70014
Miranda6377Anuj BahlWoodinville, WA, US5,6005
Miranda6378Daniel BuzgonMARLTON, NJ, US20,60017
Miranda6379Hani AwadLAS VEGAS, NV, US23,70020
Miranda6381Frank RussomannoNEWARK, NJ, US25,10021
Miranda6382Bruce LevittBEVERLY HILLS, CA, US32,40027
Miranda6383Christopher GentilePLAINFIELD, IL, US17,20014
Miranda6384James Van AlstyneLAS VEGAS, NV, US21,70018
Miranda6385Ray Medlin Jr,Manassas, VA, US20,20017
Miranda6386Sun QiangGlen Head, NY, US50,00042
Miranda6387Claudangelo BeaudouinKISSIMMEE, FL, US17,70015
Miranda6388Chip JettHENDERSON, NV, US9,2008
Miranda6389Jim HaganBRANDON, FL, US41,30034
Miranda6391Jessie BryantCONWAY, AR, US25,10021
Miranda6392Michael GambonyGurnee, IL, US26,70022
Miranda6393Anthony ArvidsonSCOTTSDALE, AZ, US23,70020
Miranda6394Jon TurnerHENDERSON, NV, US26,60022
Miranda6395Timothy MaloneRENO, NV, US10,4009
Miranda6396Doo PaikSanta Ana, CA, US17,10014
Miranda6398Bradley VinerNORTHWOOD, , GB40,70034
Miranda6399Daniel MaorSan Jose, CA, US30,70026
Miranda6401Kate HoangFederal Way, WA, US26,90022
Miranda6402Jason TrittipoClayton, NC, US14,10012
Miranda6403David BachATHENS, GA, US16,60014
Miranda6404Erle MankinSACRAMENTO, CA, US23,10019
Miranda6405Kirk AtamianBoston, MA, US6,6006
Miranda6406Brian KelleySHREVEPORT, LA, US25,00021
Miranda6407Octaviano DuranPalm Springs, CA, US24,20020
Miranda6408Denny AxelLAS VEGAS, NV, US43,30036
Miranda6409John MonnettePALMDALE, CA, US27,30023