Live Reporting

Roy Daoud Bubbles 2015 WSOP Main Event

Friday, July 10, 2015 9:57 PM PST

Action folds to Josh Ladines in the small blind, who pushes out about 60,000 which is enough to put Roy Daoud all in in the big blind.

"Let's sweat it together," said Ladines as Daoud sweats looks at his first card.

Ladines leans over Daoud's shoulder as Daoud sweats his hole card.

"It's a five," said Daoud.

He looks at his second one and immediately goes into the tank for a few moments. After just under a minute in the tank, Daoud calls.

"You're in good shape," said Ladines who flashes the  .

It's discussed amongst the table that Daoud has pocket fives and several minutes go by while other hands finish and the ESPN cameras get in position to film the hand.

Everything is set and Jack Effel comes over to the table and announces the action. Daoud shows    and is in good shape against Ladines'   .

Roy Daoud

The flop is     and Daoud is still in the lead. The table lets out a groan as the   falls on the turn and Daoud could be eliminated if a nine falls on the river and his pair is counterfeited. The river is the   and the whole area erupts as Daoud takes a bad beat on the bubble of the Main Event to become one of the 2015 WSOP Main Event bubble boys ...

Josh Ladines - 424,000
Roy Daoud - Eliminated