2011 World Series of Poker®

Licensee Guidelines

World Series of Poker Satellite Location Chip Logo Illustrator (vector art)

4-Color Satellite Location Chip Logo Vector Illustrator eps file

Chip Color Breakdowns:
Black - C40 M30 Y20 K100
Red - C0 M100 Y100 K0

Ribbon Color Breakdowns:
Grayscale gradient

  • For use on specialty items that require vector art only.
  • Graphic effects stripped down for specialty printing.
  • Reproduce the Satellite Location Chip logo as shown including the use of the ® registration symbol.

World Series of Poker Satellite Location Chip Logo JPEG File Interchange Format

4-Color Satellite Location Chip Logo Interchange JPEG file

Chip Color Breakdowns:
Black - C40 M30 Y20 K100
Red - C0 M100 Y100 K0

Ribbon Color Breakdowns:
Grayscale gradient

  • Low res version with enhanced shadows.
  • Reproduce the Satellite Location Chip logo as shown including the use of the ® registration symbol.


  • Preserving the Value of Trademarks Through Proper Usage
  • The trademarks, service marks and trade names of Caesars License Company, LLC and its affiliates (Caesars) are among their most valuable assets. Improper use of a trademark can cause it to lose value and, in extreme cases, can result in the loss of trademark rights altogether. These guidelines have been prepared to provide licensees and authorized third parties that use Caesars names and marks (the "Caesars Marks") with guidance as to proper usage. Caesars requires that all who use the trademarks use them properly, in accordance with these guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the proper use of any Caesars Mark or think a Caesars Mark is being misused, please contact Caesars IP Department by email at HarrahsIP@harrahs.com.

  • What is a Trademark/Service Mark?
  • A trademark is a word, symbol, design or phrase (slogan or tagline) or any other device, or a combination of any of these elements, used by a company to identify its products and to distinguish them from those of others. A service mark serves the same identification function as a trademark, and differs only in that a service mark is used in connection with services instead of products. The same guidelines and legal principles apply to both trademarks and service marks and often the terms "trademark" and "mark" are used to apply to both products and services.

  • To Whom Do These Guidelines Apply?
  • These guidelines apply to all of Caesars trademark licensees and to any authorized third party that uses a Caesars Mark. Particular trademark licenses or other agreements may contain terms concerning trademark usage that are in addition to or that vary from those in these guidelines. To the extent that is the case, you should follow the specific terms contained in your license or agreement in addition to those in this document. In the event there are any inconsistencies between these guidelines and your license or agreement, the terms of your license or agreement will prevail.

General Rules of Trademark Usage

  • Make the mark conspicuous each time it is used.
  • This may be done by prominent placement or sizing of the mark, setting it apart from other text, or by using:
      Initial Caps: World Series of Poker
      Quotation Marks: "World Series of Poker"
      Bolded Type: WORLD SERIES OF POKER

  • Use a trademark as an adjective (brand) followed by an appropriate noun (generic term).
  • Do not use a trademark as a noun or verb, and do not pluralize a trademark or turn it into a possessive.

      DO: Enter the 2010 World Series of Poker® tournament.
      DO: Enjoy the WSOP program on television.
      DON'T: Join us for the World Series tonight.
      DON'T: The WSOP's players are the best in the world.

  • Use the appropriate trademark symbol frequently, with each prominent appearance of the trademark and at least once per page.
  • Use the appropriate trademark designation (®, SM or TM). The superscript is used for federally registered trademarks and is used in connection with goods or services covered by the registration.
    For marks that are not federally registered (including state registered marks), use a superscript "TM" (when the mark refers to a product) or "SM" (when the mark refers to a service).

  • Always use the appropriate trademark symbol on logos each time they are reproduced.

  • Never portray any of the Caesars Marks in a negative light and never deride them, make puns of them or distort their meaning in any manner.

  • Do not use any trademark that is confusingly similar to any of the Caesars Marks.

  • Acknowledgement of Caesars ownership of its trademarks.
  • Whenever you use any of the Caesars Marks, include the following trademark attribution: World Series of Poker ® and WSOP ® are trademarks of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Use of Licensed Caesars Marks

  • Use only those trademarks that your company is specifically licensed to use. Do not use a word mark in any logo or stylized form unless your license specifically gives you the right to use the mark in that form.

  • Use trademarks only on the products and only in connection with the specific services for which they are licensed, and only for marketing and promotional activities specifically covered in your license.

  • NEVER use a Caesars Mark as an element of your company's corporate name, or any corporate identifier. All licensees and all third parties are strictly prohibited from using all or any part of a Caesars Mark, including stylizations and design elements, as part of their company name, "doing-business-as" name, product or service name, Internet domain name, or in any manner that suggests an affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement by Caesars.

  • The Caesars Marks may be used only by the licensed satellite partner and only on web sites approved by Caesars. Any offline use of the Caesars Marks, and any additional online use, including online advertising placements, require the written consent of Caesars. All inquiries relating to offline or additional online trademark usage should be sent to Caesars at the following email address: satellitelicenses@caesars.com. The licensed satellite partner's affiliates, agents and representatives are not licensed or authorized to use the Caesars Marks except as expressly permitted herein or as Caesars may otherwise permit in writing.

  • The Caesars Marks may not be altered or modified in any way, including proportion, color (outside logo specifications), word elements, design elements, typeface, type size, etc. The marks may not be animated, morphed, or distorted in any way, and no words, names, or design elements of any kind may be added to or displayed as a part of the Caesars Marks.

  • The WSOP acronym and the WORLD SERIES OF POKER non-stylized word must not be used in the official names or headlines of any contests or promotions.

  • The WSOP acronym and WORLD SERIES OF POKER non-stylized word may not be used in any design or in any stylized format and must be presented in the same type size, and coloring as the remaining text of the sentences in which the marks are used.

  • WSOP bracelets may not be displayed in whole or in part.